Key & Compass presents:
Sentencing Mr Liddell
by I-K. Huuhtanen

Sentencing Mr Liddell is a Glulx interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by I-K. Huuhtanen. This story was entered in IF Comp 2011 where it took 19th place.

In this surreal story inspired by Alice in Wonderland, you play as Alistair Liddell, owner of the hat shop founded by your father forty years ago and where you employ your Uncle Marty and Cousin Dermot. But now it's closing time and you promised to take Catherine and your two-year old daughter Liz to the funfair. But on your way there, you and Cat have a spat and then Liz's stroller rolls away and falls into the river!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction story. Please make an honest effort to play the story before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: From Hat Shop to Train

Street TheLiddellHat Shop RiverWalk RiverWalk RiverWalk OverflowChamber Underwater Underwater Vestibule d u

Map 2: The Train

d u Unfinished Tunnel(North of train) Unfinished Tunnel(North of train) Unfinished Tunnel(North of train) UnfinishedTunnel(The tailof train) Roof above thePassenger Car Roof above theFuneral Car Roof above theLuggage Van Roofabove theTender On topof theLocomotive UnfinishedTunnel(in frontof theloco-motive) Vestibule Corridor PassengerCompart-ment Vestibule FuneralCar Vestibule LuggageVan LocomotiveCab PrivateCompart-ment Unfinished Tunnel(South of train) Unfinished Tunnel(South of train) Unfinished Tunnel(South of train) u d


The Liddell Hat Shop

> x me. (Carrying nothing.)

> x uncle. x Dermot. x hats. x counter.

> take keys. x samples. x invoices. x register.

> x bin. take ticket. x ticket.

> x crumpled papers. w.

The Street (in front of the Hat Shop)

> lock door. x Cat. x Liz.

> look. x wheel.

If you just go "south", Cat complains about how pushing the stroller is always her job.

> push stroller south.

River Walk (three locations)

As you go west, you and Cat will have a spat about your Sunday plans.

> push stroller west.

> push stroller west.

Cat grabs the stroller and pushes it back all the way east.

> e. e.

Cat is crying on the bench. Any attempt to do anything with the stroller only hastens its fate.

> sit on bench. (The stroller is beginning to move towards the river!)

> grab stroller. (It disappears under the water!)

> dordive. (Even though you can't swim...)

Underwater (two locations)

Interestingly, you can't drown nor return to Catherine.

> e. u.

Overflow Chamber

> n. (You're now on the platform.)

> x guard. enter train.

Vestibule (west end of train)

> show ticket to guard. (He leaves.)

> e. s.

Private Compartment

Your old school teacher Mr Larvington is here and wants to see your paper.

> i. show ticket to teacher. i.

You now have a pen and school assignment; he suggests you listen.

> x pen. x assignment.

> ask Larvington about Liz. n. e.

Passenger Compartment

Note that during this scene, if you try to go west from here with the pig, it will escape you and you'll have to pick it up again.

> take pig. ("Now, make it shut up.")

> x Mother. x pig. again.

Your brother Leo enters. He wants you to hit the pig. You can delay a little.

> x Leo.

> take sweater. x sweater. knit sweater. (Mother grabs it from you.)

To end this scene, you must actually hit either the piglet or Mother. If you want to hit the pig, you must be carrying it and Leo must be present. If you want to hit Mother, take the pig (so she can't shield herself with it) and hit Leo first so he doesn't stop you.

The piglet, frightened, becomes Liz, who runs east.

> e.

Vestibule (middle of train)

> x placard. ("Private Party")

> ask Cat about Liz. ask Cat about Mother. ask Cat about Leo.

> ask Cat about assignment. show paper to Cat. ("What is the Object?")

A queue of people in black enter to the east. Cat is fading.

> write we.

> x queue. w. w. w.

Vestibule (west end of train)

> enter queue. e. e. e.

Vestibule (middle of train)

Cat fades away fully, saying "you'll be late."

> e.

Funeral Car

Funeral Director wants to see some identification.

> show paper to director.

You're admitted fully into the funeral car.

> x poppies. (The flowers are speaking! The word "us" is emphasized.)

> z. z. z. (The word "we" is emphasized.)

> take flowers. ("No, not us! Let us live!")

> write live. read paper.

> ask flowers about Mother. ask flowers about Leo.

> ask flowers about Father. ask flowers about Liz.

> w. (Can't leave.)

> x director. ask director about flowers. ("They live here.")

> ask flowers about deceased. ("That is what we live on")

> search flowers. (You find your father.)

> sit. x Father. (Several things happen; duck!)

> duck.

During the fight, Father may grab items from you before you have a chance to give them to him. This is fine.

> x tarts. take tarts. (Marty won't let you.)

> look. take tray.

> give tray to Father. x table.

> x Dermot. take teacup. give cup to Father.

> search poppies. take saucer. give it to Father.

> z. z. (The Director offers you an Egg.)

There's some evidence that you may be able to throw a tart instead of the Egg at this point, but I never found a way to convince Marty to give me a tart.

> x egg. take egg. throw egg.

> x egg. (It's Liz.)

> e. e. (Leo has grabbed the Egg and escapes east.)

Vestibule (near east end of train)

> e.

Luggage Van

> take Leo. ("I'll play you for it.")

He wants to play rock-paper-scissors? It's not explicitly clear that's what's happening.

> show paper to Leo.

He plays scissors. Then he sics the Guard on you before escaping. Guard wants to see your luggage before you can leave to the south

> x luggage. (It's your inventory.)

> s. (Guard points to plaque: "Leave Your Baggage")

> drop all. s.

Unfinished Tunnel (South of Train) (middle)

> x tender. w.

Unfinished Tunnel (South of Train) (west end)

> x pile. x headstone.

> x carving. ("h! such a n" and "You woke me out of o".)

> x smaller piece. ("ice dream")

> take it. x roots.

> nw. ne. e.

Unfinished Tunnel (North of train) (middle)

> take scissors. e. se. sw.

Unfinished Tunnel (South of Train) (east end)

> n. (Larvington wants to see your court documents.)

> w. n.

Luggage Van

Note: "Take all" doesn't work in this game.

> take paper. take pen.

> write dream. (Clued from the rock.)

> w. w. w. w. w. s.

Private Compartment

> x skylight. stand on desk.

> open skylight. break skylight with rock.

> u. e. e. e.

Roof above the Tender

> d. e. se. sw.

Unfinished Tunnel (South of Train)

After you show the paper, they become "the court documents".

> show paper to Larvington.

> n.

Locomotive Cab

> show paper to teacher. (You haven't collected all the words.)

Sadly, Liz won't talk to you, nor let you take her.

> x Liz. x shovel. x coal. x furnace.

> s. w. n. w. w. w.

Vestibule (middle of train)

Catherine is back. "Having trouble?" Note which words are in italics.

> ask Cat about Liz. ask Cat about paper. ask Cat about Catherine.

> ask Cat about Leo. ask Cat about Mother. ask Cat about Father.

> ask Cat about Marty. wake.

> write life.

Return to the locomotive cab...

> w. w. s. stand on desk. u. e. e. e. d. e. se. sw. n.

Locomotive Cab

"Now we leave." The door is shut and the train starts moving.

> save.

> show paper to teacher. SPACE

You must now write a three-word sentence using your collected words. Your sentence determines your final options in the boat and what they mean.

When the story ends, you may SENTENCE yourself again to see another ending, but it's a little buggy. I suggest you RESTORE the story from a saved position instead.

Ending 1: Both you and Liz die

Locomotive Cab

YOUR SENTENCE > we live dream

> yes. SPACE

(back underwater)

> u.

Drifting down the stream

> stay. (You both stay on the boat.)

The game ends here.

Ending 2: You live, but Liz dies

Locomotive Cab

YOUR SENTENCE > we live dream

> yes. SPACE

(back underwater)

> u.

Drifting down the stream

> swim. (You swim to shore, leaving Liz on the boat.)

River Walk

The game ends here.

Ending 3: Liz lives, but you die

Locomotive Cab

YOUR SENTENCE > dream us life

> yes. SPACE

(back underwater)

> u.

Drifting down the stream

> stay. (Liz swims to shore. You stay on the boat.)

The game ends here.

Ending 4: Both you and Liz live

Locomotive Cab

YOUR SENTENCE > dream us life

> yes. SPACE

(back underwater)

> u.

Drifting down the stream

> swim. (Both you and Liz swim to shore.)

River Walk

The game ends here.




From the MENU options:

About the game

Sentencing Mr Liddell is an interactive fiction by I-K. Huuhtanen. First public release is for 17th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, 2011.

The game is loosely based on the Alice books by Lewis Carroll and often quotes them, but is not an adaptation of those novels. Knowing your Alices will enhance your reading experience, but is in no way required to play the game.

Some useful commands:

If you are new to IF, you might want to take a look at the 'Introduction to interactive fiction' in the Main Menu.

Sentencing Mr Liddell is written in Inform 7. The following extensions are included:

A great many thanks to the beta testers:

For any feedback, please do email the author at email redacted


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