Key & Compass presents:
Secret of the Starry Depths
by Felix Pleşoianu

Secret of the Starry Depths is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2020 by Felix Pleşoianu (as "No Time To Play"). The game was originally created as a demo for the experimental authoring system Adventure Prompt; it was later ported to Inform 6.

In this short game, you play as a wannabe cave explorer. You've heard there's a treasure to be found in a nearby cave system. It seems like an easy enough challenge, so you decide to give it a go.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the Inform port, Release 1 of the game.


path takenby floatingitems Lowercavern Hiddennook Leftriverbank Karstspring Rightriverbank Roadside Aerie Uppercavern d d u u


Right riverbank

> x me. x tent. x river. x boat. x cave. x forest.

> enter tent. x lantern. take it. (+5)

> out. s.


> x SUV. n.

Right riverbank

> ne. (not swimming in cold river)

> enter boat. ne.

Left riverbank

> out. x hole. e.

Karst spring

> take ball. x it. w. n.

Darkness / Upper cavern

> turn on lantern.

> x rope. x shelf.

> d. (Not with lantern in hand.)

> put lantern on shelf.

> d. (+5)

Lower cavern

> x lake. x maze.

> wors. (No progress)

> nw. (more promising, but still no)

> throw ball at lake. (darker spot carried east?)

> u. s. e.

Karst spring

Aha. The ball floated to here.

> take ball. w. n.

Upper cavern

> take lantern. u.


> x map. (+5)

> d.

Upper cavern

> put lantern on shelf. d.

Lower cavern

> x passage. (goes northwest)

> nw.

Hidden nook

> x chest. take chest. (+5)

> se.

Lower cavern

> u. (Not with the chest.)

> throw chest at lake. (+5; it's carried east.)

> u.

Upper cavern

> take lantern. s. e.

Karst spring

> turn off lantern. take chest. w.

Left riverbank

> enter boat. sw.

Right riverbank

> out. s.


> open SUV. put chest in SUV.

Surprise. You're on camera!

*** And that's when things started taking a turn for the weirder... ***




The banner text reads:

Secret of the Starry Depths
An Interactive Showcase by No Time To Play
Free and open source under the Artistic License 2.0
Release 1 / Serial number 202005 / Inform v6.33 Library v6.12.2 S



You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 25, in several turns.

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