Key & Compass presents:
Search for the Sacred Stone
by Mikel Rice

Search for the Sacred Stone is a MS-Windows text adventure game written with Visual Studio (I'm guessing) and is © 1986, 2005 by Mikel Rice.

In this old school text adventure, you play as a graduate student in Archaeology. One of your professors offers you an opportunity to earn valuable experience, prestige, and an early degree: bring back a rare blue-quartz diamond hidden deep in the jungle by a hostile tribe. You eagerly accept the dangerous challenge!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 0.33 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a text adventure game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Hotel and airport

In deeptrouble On thewrongplane On thewrongplane On thewrongplane In Chad'sfour-seatplane In yourhotelroom In anelevator(by room) Front deskRoyal RitzHotel Elmo'sPawn Shop Lobby ofRoyal RitzHotel In anelevator(by lobby) Outsidea smallpawn shop OutsideRoyal RitzHotel Bad partof town Insidea taxi Outsidethe Int'lAirport In anairportrestroom Airportconcourse Passengerself-service Airportmall Westdeparturearea Maindeparturearea Eastdeparturearea pushbutton pushbutton + entergate one entergate two + + enter taxi give bill to Fred entergate four entergate three

Map 2: Jungle

In Chad'sfour-seatplane Trapped ina bamboocage At thevillagefire pit Amidstvegetablegarden Center ofa nativevillage Near athatchedhut Inside athatchedhut Clearingby theriver floatingon theriver driftinglazilyalong bobbingin muddywater neardangerousrapids On bankof theriver Inside adimly litcave West endof a largemeadow East endof a largemeadow Outsideforeboddingcave In awoodedarea A standof trees inthe forest Perchedin largetree Perchedhigh intall tree jump jump×4 + + climb tree climb tree + + d d swing vine Cookingin boilingwater Someone'strophyhead Stuck inquicksand


Some notes about how to interact with this game.

Outside the Royal Ritz Hotel

> take note. read it. (The author thanks you for playing and mentions some of his other games.)

> i. exam gun. (not loaded)

> exam hotel. exam doorman.

> e.

Bad part of town

CAUTION: Don't go east from here.

> take newspaper. read it. (muggings nearby)

> unfold it. take stub.

> exam stub. read stub. (It's for item #1165 at the pawn shop.)

> w. w.

Outside a small pawn shop

Interacting with the preacher is entirely optional. His response to anything asked of him is a randomized bit of religious advice.

> exam preacher. talk to preacher. ask preacher about God.

> enter shop.

Elmo's Pawn Shop

> exam Elmo. exam CDs. exam Atari.

> talk to Elmo.

> pawn gun. take bill. exam bill.

> give stub to Elmo. take lighter. exam it.

> s. e.

Outside the Royal Ritz Hotel

> enter hotel. (You enter. The doorman welcomes you back.)

Lobby of the Royal Ritz Hotel

> exam elevator. (Its doors are open.)

> enter elevator.

In an elevator (by lobby)

> exam panel. push button. (You go to...)

In your hotel room

If you try to examine the bed, the game thinks you mean a straw mat elsewhere!

> exam dresser. open dresser. (You find your plane ticket!)

> take ticket. read ticket. (Note that it's for Gate Four.)

> e.

In an elevator (by room)

> push button. (You go down to...)

Lobby of the Royal Ritz Hotel

> n.

Front desk of the Royal Ritz Hotel

CAUTION: Don't ring the bell until you've got the plane ticket, the twenty dollar bill, and the cigarette lighter.

> exam invoice. exam bell. exam desk.

> ring bell. (Mr. Brooks says you're checked out and your taxi is waiting.)

Don't waste time; get into the taxi right away before it leaves:

> s. s.

Outside the Royal Ritz Hotel

A taxi is now here.

> enter taxi.

Inside a taxi

> exam Fred. give bill to Fred. (You get out at...)

Outside the International Airport

> s. w.

In an airport restroom

> exam sink. take key. exam key. ("26")

> e. e.

Passenger self-service area

> exam camera. exam lockers.

> unlock locker with key. (A parachute falls out.)

> take parachute. exam it.

> w. s.

Airport mall

> read signs. ("We're expanding... etc")

> s. e.

East departure area

It is essential that you have the lighter, the ticket, and the parachute before boarding the plane.

> enter gate four.

In Chad's four-seat plane

Chad will be yelling at you, and complain about limited fuel, but this part isn't actually timed.

> exam Chad. wear parachute. jump.

Alas, you lose all your inventory on landing, and you find yourself...

Trapped in a suspended bamboo cage

> exam cage. break cage.

> exam rope. break rope.

> jump. jump. jump. jump. (The rope finally breaks. You land at...)

Center of a native village

Explore the village quickly, starting with west and going clockwise.

> w.

Amidst a vegetable garden

> take shovel. dig. (You find nothing.)

> e. n.

At the village fire pit

> exam pit. search pit. (Find damp wood.)

> take wood. exam wood.

> s. e. enter hut.

Inside a thatched hut

> exam mat. search mat. (You find nothing that way.)

> take mat. take axe. exam axe.

> w. w. s.

A clearing by a river

CAUTION: Going west or east from this clearing is deadly.

> exam log. exam river.

> cut log. (with axe; you make a canoe; the axe is gone)

> exam canoe. enter canoe.

In a dugout canoe drifting lazily along

> paddle west. (using the shovel as a paddle)

In a dugout canoe floating on the river

An unexaminable cliff and waterfall block any further travel west from here. The river must be flowing eastwards.

> paddle east. paddle east.

In a dugout canoe bobbing in muddy water

You do want to paddle south from here, but let's see what's further downstream first.

> paddle east.

In a dugout canoe near dangerous rapids

Oh. Just rapids. Sorry. Let's go back.

> paddle west. paddle south.

On the bank of the river

> exam puddles. s.

East end of a large meadow

I note that the field has "soft" dirt. That's a hint to try digging.

> dig. exam rock. take rock.

> s.

In a wooded area

CAUTION: Don't go east from here. There's quicksand!

Oh, here's where your lighter fell to.

> take lighter. exam trees. exam totem. (Warns against going east.)

> n. w.

West end of a large meadow

> exam hive.

> burn woodorburn mat. (You smoke the bees away from their hive.)

> take hive. (success!)

> e. s.

In a wooded area

> climb tree.

Perched in a large tree

> swing vine.

Perched high in a tall tree

> d.

A stand of trees in the forest

> exam ward. (Warns against traveling west.)

> n.

Outside a forebodding cave

> exam bear.

> give hive to bear. (You can't get close enough. Throw instead.)

> throw hive. (The bear takes it and leaves.)

> exam cave. enter cave.

Inside a dimly lit cave

> exam pedestal. (SACRED STONE on it!)

> exam stone.

> take stone. (A slab descends, blocking the entrance.)

> put rock on pedestal. (The slab goes away.)

> s.

Outside a forebodding cave

You are surrounded by unfriendly natives! You only have a few turns of freedom before they'll attack and kill you.

> exam natives.

> light lighter. (The natives run away from your weird fire power.)

Now it's just a matter of getting home with this Stone. Since you have absolutely no plan or tools for doing that, all you can do is head back the way you came and trust to luck.

> s. climb tree. swing vine. d. n.

East end of a large meadow

You hail a passing helicopter. It's your prof! You get fame and glory, a museum gets the Stone, and the United Nations get a filed complaint from the natives.

*** CONGRATULATIONS!! You have solved Search for the Sacred Stone! ***



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From the beginning of the game:

Welcome to "Search For The Sacred Stone" by Mikel Rice (!
Thanks to M. Scott Adams (Adventure International) for inspiring a life time of gaming goodness!
Thanks to Greg Stratkes and Dave Chester for their support, feedback and beta testing.
Junegull and Typodermic fonts © Ray Larabie; used with permission.


Many of the game's losing endings have pseudo-rooms associated with them.



There is no inventory limit in this game. Items are listed here in the order that you acquire them in this walkthrough.

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