Key & Compass presents:
The Sea of Night
by G. Kevin Wilson

The Sea of Night is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 1997 by G. Kevin Wilson.

You play as a cargo driver of a one-person spaceship, The Shooting Star. While en route to Io, your ship collides with something and you crash inside the landing bay of an alien ship. Your future is about to change.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


enterhole enterribcage blink In thedark (crash landing) A Low Hill,on Earth TorusRoom NorthHallway TheSphereRoom Room ofHoles NorthJunction CentralHall WeirdRoom PoolRoom SouthJunction SouthHallway TheShootingStar LandingBay

The Shooting Star, in the Captain's Chair

After eight turns, your ship will collide with a meteor, which will set you on a collision course with a large black object. Timing is critical, but there's enough time (barely) to both figure out what to do and save yourself.

> x panel. x monitor. x dice. x door.

> x chair. x nav-com. x viewport. x me. (Collision!)

> x monitor. wear belt. x button. open shield. push button.

> x panel. push decelerate. g. g. z.

Landing Bay, in the Captain's Chair

Your ship is a total wreck and there's nothing to salvage. You're seriously hurt and need medical aid.

> x me. remove belt. stand. n. n. e.

Pool Room

The whole ship is organic, so the sickbay is somewhat more creepy than you'd like, but you're in no position to be fussy.

> x tube. x pool. x cilia. take tube. wear tube. enter pool.

> x me. w. n. n. w.

The Sphere Room

Learn the language.

> x sphere. enter it. e. s. s. w.

Weird Room

The organic version of a captain's chair.

> x ribcage. enter it.

In the Dark

Within the simulation, you can ask "Star" about several topics, eg: Star, mobius gate, wrist recall device, food, beetle, food, Z29, me, pool, sphere, etc. You can also order Star to do a few things. BLINK to leave the simulation.

> ask Star about food. ask Star about gate. ask Star about device.

> Star, open gate.

>> Z29

> blink. e. n. n. e.

Room of Holes

> beetle, fetch C-462. take bracelet. w. n. n.

Torus Room

> x torus. enter hole.

A Low Hill, on Earth

At least two ways to win.

> down.orturn bracelet. enter gateway.

*** You have won ***

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