Key & Compass presents:
The Sealed Room
by Robert DeFord

The Sealed Room is an ALAN 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2012 by Robert DeFord. It was entered in IF Comp 2012 where it took 28th place.

In this tiny game, you play as a man who briefly meets an old man on a park bench before he inexplicably teleports you away. When the magical mist dissolves, you find yourself in an exit-less stone chamber with a unicorn and a dragon who have wounded each other. Perhaps if you talk to them, you can find a way out of this sealed room.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.2.5 of the game.


Limbo Stonechamber

Stone chamber

First, let's see what's here.

> x me. i. (carrying nothing.)

> x unicorn. x gashes. x pouch. x horn.

> x dragon. x hole. x stripes. x scales. x wings. x teeth. x claws.

> x floor. x red stain. x purple stain.

> x ceiling. x design. x walls.

Talk to the unicorn:

> talk to unicorn. ask unicorn about himself. (He's Izzy.)

> ask izzy about me.

> ask izzy about unicorns. ask izzy about gashes.

> ask izzy about dragon. ask izzy about dragons.

> ask izzy about our location. ask izzy about hole wound.

> ask izzy about red stain. ask izzy about purple stain.

> ask izzy about design. ask izzy about advice.

> ask izzy about help.

New items are now visible? Sorta? You can't ask about them, nor see them in the descriptions of the room, Izzy, or pouch, but they're there, nonetheless.

> x small purse. x beef jerky.

Talk to the dragon:

> talk to dragon. ask dragon about herself.

> ask dragon about me.

> ask dragon about dragons. ask dragon about hole wound.

> ask dragon about unicorn. ask dragon about unicorns.

> ask dragon about our location. ask dragon about gashes.

> ask dragon about red stain. ask dragon about purple stain.

> ask dragon about design. ask dragon about advice.

> ask dragon about help.

Time to try some actions:

> ask unicorn for jerky. ask unicorn for purse.

> open purse. x artifact.

> show artifact to unicorn. (He doesn't know what it is.)

> show artifact to dragon. (It's a gateway stone. Rub it.)

> give jerky to dragon. (She gives a gold bar in exchange.)

> x gold bar.

By the way, the purse, jerky, and artifact are now valid topics, once you've acquired them. However, the gold bar isn't a topic.

> ask dragon about jerky. ask dragon about artifact.

> ask dragon about purse. ask unicorn about purse.

> ask unicorn about jerky. ask unicorn about artifact.

Anyway, let's get out of here.

> rub artifact. (New dark patch on north wall.)

> x patch. x slot.

> tell unicorn about patch. (He gives you a gold coin.)

> tell dragon about patch.

> open door. (It wants two gold items.)

> put coin in slot. put bar in slot. x door.

> n.


The old man's voice tells you to continue exploring if you like, and to QUIT when you want to return to the park bench of the prologue. There really isn't much more to see or do, though.

> x mist. x rectangle.

> quit.






Also, you can acquire the leather pouch simply by asking the unicorn for it, but I'm sure this is a bug.

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