Key & Compass presents:
Scary House Amulet!
by Ricardo Dague

Scary House Amulet! is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by Ricardo Dague (writing as "Shrimpenstein"). It was an entry in IF Comp 2002 where it took 31st place.

You have green hair! Your name is Britney!! Legend says there is a valuable, powerful Amulet in the house, which may be retrieved by anyone who is daring! Do you dare?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Map 1: House and Drive

u d take vine (you chickened out) On theDrive(by house) Pit On theDrive(junction) On theDrive(opening) On theDrive(creepy) On theDrive(insidethe gate) On theDrive(by hole) On theDrive(outsidethe gate) Under-groundRiver Forest(4 ways) In theHouse(attic) In theHouse(kitchen) In theHouse(basement) In theHouse(1st floor) d u

Map 2: The Forest

out IdyllicGlade Forest Forest Forest Forest(4 ways) Forest(sword) Forest Forest Forest On theDrive(opening)

Map 3: The Harpy's Lair

hit column take vine (carriedby harpy) On theDrive(any) On theDrive(by hole) Harpy'sLair(egg) Harpy'sLair Harpy'sLair(dead end) Harpy'sLair Harpy'sLair Harpy'sLair Harpy'sLair Harpy'sLair(column) Harpy'sLair(start) Under-groundRiver


On the Drive (outside the gate)

> x me. i. verbose.

> x gate. x house. x moon. x forest. x road.

> open gate. n. (Gate slams shut behind you!)

On the Drive (inside the gate)

> open gate. climb gate. (You can't.)

> ne. w. sw.

On the Drive (creepy)

> x creepy. nw.


CAUTION: Don't take the ring or slime at this time.

> x slime. x ring. x bones. (+1: found a lamp.)

> x lamp. turn on lamp. se. s.

On the Drive (by hole)

> x hole. look in hole.

> n. ne. n. n.

In the House (1st floor)

Peek around the house without doing much at first.

> x paint. x fixture. x floorboards.

> n.

In the House (kitchen)

CAUTION: The skeleton will kill you if you spend three turns in a row in the kitchen. It'll also block you from taking the phial.

> x skeleton. s. u.

In the House (attic)

> x ghost. ask ghost about anything.

> ask ghost about ring. ask ghost about bible.

> ask ghost about slime. ask ghost about house.

> ask ghost about ghost. ask ghost about skeleton.

> d. d.

In the House (basement)

> x spider. x bible. x bottle.

> take bottle. (The spider mocks you.)

> ask spider about spider. ask spider about bible.

> ask spider about ghost. ask spider about slime.

> ask spider about house. ask spider about skeleton.

> u. u.

In the House (attic)

> ask ghost about spider. ask ghost about pepsi.

> d. d.

In the House (basement)

> ask spider about pepsi.

> u. s. s. e. se.

Forest (4 ways)

The forest is a maze and has two items we want: a can of Pepsi and a sword.

> sw. n.

Idyllic Glade

> x pepsi. take can. (+1)

> pour pepsi into bottle. (There is no empty can.)

> x pepsi.

> w. se. ne. se.

Forest (sword)

> x sword. take sword. (+1)

> out.

On the Drive (opening)

Once you have the sword, it is now very likely that a harpy will snatch you up and take you to her lair. Wait for her.

> z. (Repeat waiting or wandering in the drive until a harpy takes you.)

Harpy's Lair (start)

The harpy's lair is another maze. It has one item you want: an egg. Unfortunately, a hatchling will show up in two turns to chase you. Fortunately, your sword can keep it away from you.

> x straw n. nw.

Harpy's Lair (egg)

If the hatchling is stopping you from taking the egg, try quickly going east and back west to try to lose him.

> x egg. take egg. (+1)

> se. e. sw. e.

Harpy's Lair (column)

If the hatchling is stopping you from hitting the column, try quickly going west and back east to try to lose him.

> hit column. (You fall into...)

Underground River

> z. z. z. take vine.

On the Drive (by hole)

> n. ne. n. n. n.

In the House (kitchen)

> throw egg at skeleton. x skeleton.

> x stove. x phial. take phial. (+1)

> s. s. s. sw. nw.


> throw phial at slimeorpour phial on slime.

> x slime. take ring. (+1)

> se. ne. n. n. d.

In the House (basement)

Now you must try to kill the spider (using the sword). It's randomized combat, so you could die. Note that "hp" means hit points; that is, your health is 10. Likewise, "opp" means opponent; the spider's health is also 10.

Type undo any time your HP is lower than the spider's or if you die. Note that going up and back down resets the battle.

The bottle of Pepsi is a trap for the spider. If the spider thinks it's about to lose, it will grab the bottle, drink the Pepsi, and die safely. If the spider dies without drinking Pepsi, you'll die too!

[hp:10, opp:10] > drop bottle. save.

[hp:10, opp:10] > kill spider. (Repeat until it's dead.)

> look. x spider. take bible. (+1)

> u. u.

In the House (attic)

> give ring to ghost. give bible to ghost. (+1)

> x amulet.

> d. s. s.

On the Drive (junction)

CAUTION: The bat will carry you to Hell in three turns if you fail to bribe him.

> x bat. give sword to bat. (It takes it and leaves.)

> e. sw.

On the Drive (inside the gate)

Note: The gate won't open from the inside unless you have the Amulet.

> open gate. s.

*** You have won ***







You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 8, in several turns.

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