Key & Compass presents:
Save Princeton
by Jacob Sager Weinstein and Karine Schaefer

Save Princeton is a TADS 2 former shareware interactive fiction game and is © 1991-2002 by Jacob Sager Weinstein and Karine Schaefer. In 2004, Mike Caesar ported the game to Inform 6 and the Z-machine.

In this game, you're a tourist at Princeton University, NJ, but the guided tour bores you, so you wander off into a dormitory. After hearing some unexpected gunfire outside, you soon learn that an invading army has taken over the campus. Someone brave needs to save Princeton, and that someone is you!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the TADS 2 original, Version 2.0 of the game. This solution also works for the Inform 6 port, Release 21.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a former shareware interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Holder Hall and nearby archways

HolderCourtyard SmallBedroom(Eric's) Boys'CommonRoom Archway(Holder) Entryway BigBedroom(Jacob's) BetweenHolder +Campbell SmallBedroom(girls') Girls'CommonRoom Archway(Campbell) SecondFloorLanding BigBedroom(girls') JolineCourtyard u d

Map 2: Princeton Campus

Diningroom WPRB Kitchen RockefellerCollegeCommonRoom Entry InsideNassauHall FirestoneLibrary Archway(bicycles) HolderCourtyard AlexanderHall NassauHall East PyneArchway FirestonePlaza HolderHall +archways JolineCourtyard WestCollege CannonGreen Path BlairArch OutsideWitherspoonHall Clio Hall Whig Hall Murray-Dodge HideouslyDeformedMonstrosity Corner ofProspectAve. Outside ofTiger Inn DinkyStation OutsideDillonGym Lobby ofWhig Hall CafeKitchen WaWaMarket 222Witherspoon Lobby ofDillon Gym Murray-DodgeCafe In frontof 222Witherspoon InsideDillon Gym (barricaded) (only formembers) (locked) (no point) (barricaded) d u w/e u n d u (closedchapel)

Map 3: Firestone Library

Library,Top Floor Photo-graphicServices Library,Lobby Somewherein the Bowelsof Firestone FirestonePlaza Library,B Floor (any directionbut down) (go 10 times,any directions) (any directionbut up) d u u d

Map 4: Inside Nassau Hall

NassauHall Main Lobby,NassauHall Outsidethe Officeof the King ThroneRoom u n

Walkthrough the introduction? yes

During an Orange Key Tour, you break away and while on your own, you hear gunfire outside. When it dies down, you sense a tension in the air.

Common Room

In the TADS version, you'll sometimes get a yes/no question if you want to continue reading some of the longer items inside the envelope. Just answer YES to those prompts.

> take envelope. open it.

> read information. read credits.

> read list. read sheet. verbose.

> x disk. take it.

> x messy desk. x pictures. x tidy desk.

> x posters. x Punisher. x Nimrod. x Elle.

> x newspapers.

> s.

Big (relatively) Bedroom

> x Jacob. x desk. x computer.

> x posters. x corpse. x rocket.

> ask Jacob about violin. (got it from Eric)

> ask Jacob about Eric. (a New Yorker)

> ask Jacob about Karine. (a nerd)

> ask Jacob about Otis. (he snores)

> ask Jacob about Chris. (a Republican)

> ask Jacob about computer.

> give disk to Jacob. (+5)

> take violin. play violin.

> n. w.

Small Bedroom (Eric's)

> x Eric. x desk. x window. x homework.

> x poster. x stickum. x laundry.

> give violin to Eric. (+5)

> take stickum. (no: too sticky to take from the poster)

> take poster. (+5)

> e. sw. u. ne.

Girls' Common Room

As you enter, three girls tell you that an army has invaded the campus and holed up in Nassau Hall. Someone brave needs to oust them and restore Harold T. Shapiro, the president, to his rightful place. This is clearly the main goal of the game.

> x Lisa. x puzzle.

> x Whitney. x seat. x window.

> x Melisande. x novel.

> x key. take it. ask Lisa about key.

> w.

Small Bedroom (Lisa and Ashley's)

> take hairdryer. x it. (has square hole in handle)

> x lamp. x socket.

> e. s.

Big Bedroom (Whitney and Melisande's)

Only here for completeness.

> n. sw. d.


If you try to go west, you learn there's a door. If you try to examine the door, you learn there's two: wooden and metal. The metal door is open; the wooden door is closed and locked.

> unlock wooden door with key.

> open wooden door. drop key.

> w. n. n. d.


If you stay here for several turns, you'll hear some minor hints about the game from the speaker.

> search couch. (+10; you find earplugs)

> u. s. w.

Archway (bicycles)

At turn 80, your stomach grumbles.

> x bikes. n.

Rockefeller College Common Room

> x salesman. x metal box. (has loose cash)

> take cash. (you get a dollar)

> take shirt. (no: $12 each)

> w. n.

Dining room

You don't need to take the food; just smell it.

> x food. smell it. (+5; never hungry again)

> take glass.

> s. e. s. e. e.

Alexander Hall

I'd like you to take the guided tour that starts here.

> x sign. ("Orange Key Tours meet here every twenty minutes.")

> z. (Repeat waiting, if necessary, until the tour guide and tour group arrives.)

> x tourists. x guide. ("I'm Dave")

> x umbrella.

> w.

Holder Courtyard

> look through window. z.

> s.

Archway (Holder)

> ask Dave about umbrella. ("makes me stand out")

> z.

> s.

Between Holder Hall and Campbell Hall

Note that the guide's not watching where he's going at this point.

> x students. z.

> s.

Archway (Campbell Hall)

Note that the jock is strong.

> x jock. z.

> s.

Joline Courtyard

> x cover. move cover. (can't: You need someone stronger than you to do it.)

> se.


When you first arrive here, a drunk student headbutts the lamp post.

The tour ends here. Guide says Nassau Hall would normally be included, but the invaders are there.

> take umbrella. (You can't have it.)

> ask guide about invaders. (Can't talk about that.)

Everyone leaves.

> s.

Blair Arch

> x board. x staples.

> s.

Dinky Station

> x machines. x tray. read USA Today.

You don't need the newspaper, but you do need the change.

> put bill in tray. (+5)

> open machine. take copy. x it. drop it.

> look in return. take coins. x coins.

> sw.

WaWa Market

> x battery. (40 cents)

> x oreos.

> x MPHBSD. ("Multi-Purpose Historic-Building-Storming Device")

For what it's worth, there's no penny in the game, so even if you still had the dollar bill, you can never afford either the oreos or the MPHBSD. Also, if you try to buy the battery with the dollar, the clerk won't let you because she's out of change.

> take battery. buy battery. (+5; using the coins.)

> x receipt. put it in envelope.

> put battery in dryer.

> ne. n. n. nw. n.

Archway (Campbell)

> show poster to jock. (+1)

> s. (The jock follows you.)

Joline Courtyard

> turn on dryer. (Do this first; you won't have time to do it later.)

> put poster on cover.

> dry stickum with dryer. (+9; the jock takes the manhole cover away)

> turn off dryer.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the tour group arrives.)

When the tour group arrives, the tour guide falls in and leaves his umbrella behind.

> take umbrella. (+5)

> x tour group.

The tour group is following you now, because of the umbrella. Lead them to Nassau Hall.

> se. se. ne. ne. (+5)

Nassau Hall

The tour group gets rid of the guard before they disperse.

> u.

Main Lobby, Nassau Hall

> x names. x panel. (needs 4-digit code)

> drop umbrella.

> n. e.

East Pyne Archway

> x flyers. x graffiti. g. g.

> e.

Firestone Plaza

> x cathedral.

> n.

Lobby, Firestone Library

> x files. u.

Top Floor, Firestone Library

Note: all compass directions (and "up") lead to "Somewhere in the Bowels of Firestone".

> x sign. ("Photographic services... moved to B Floor")

> d. d.

B Floor, Firestone Library

Note: all compass directions (and "down") lead to "Somewhere in the Bowels of Firestone".

> x sign. ("Photographic services... moved to upper level")

Time to brave the maze, even though you have no idea what the correct route is:

> w.

Somewhere in the Bowels of Firestone

> w. w. w. w. w. e. e. e. e.

After 10 turns of wandering in the "bowels", the author takes pity on you and moves you to...

Photographic Services

> x camera. take it.

> x metal sign. x paper sign. (They're in Rangoon now.)

> x scraps. x shelves.

> n. (You're carried directly to...)

Lobby, Firestone Library

> s. s. d.

Murray-Dodge Cafe

> x candles. x bottles. x wax. x mural.

> listen to music.

> n.

Murray-Dodge Cafe, in the Kitchen

> x bookshelf. x books. x sculpture.

> x bowl. x dough. x tray.

> take dough. put dough on tray.

> turn on oven. open oven.

> take tray. put tray in oven.

> close oven. look in oven. open oven.

> take tray. put tray on table. turn off oven.

> look on tray. take cookies. x cookies.

> s. u. e.

Hideously Deformed Monstrosity

CAUTION: If you headbutt a streetlight without any protection for your head, you crack your skull open and die.

> x window. (It's the school of architecture.)

> x streetlight.

> e. e.

Outside of Tiger Inn

By the way, you can't go inside the inn since it's closed to non-members during initiation night.

> x man. photograph man. (+5)

> x picture.

> x clothes. search clothes. (He stops you.)

> show picture to guy. (+10)

> search clothes. x pocket.

> x wallet. take wallet. open wallet.

> x ID. x U-Store card.

> w. w. w. w. w. w. se. s.

Lobby of Dillon Gym

> x Otis. x book. ask Otis about Otis.

> ask Otis about Jacob. ask Otis about Eric.

> s. (Otis blocks you. He wants to see ID.)

> show ID to Otis. (+5)

> s.

Inside Dillon Gym

If you spend enough turns here, you eventually hear Chris's stomach rumble.

> x Chris. x helmet.

> ask Chris about Jacob. ask Chris about invaders.

> ask Chris about Otis.

> give cookies to Chris. (+10; you get his helmet.)

> wear helmet.

Head back to the Tiger Inn:

> n. n. nw. e. e. e. e. e. e.

Outside of Tiger Inn

As far as I can tell, it's always this light that contains a small paper, but if I'm wrong, there are also streetlights at the Corner of Prospect Ave. and at the Hideously Deformed Monstrosity. But make sure you're wearing the helmet!

NOTE: In the TADS version, the paper is inside the light, but in the Inform version, the paper falls out.

> headbutt light. (+10)

> look in light.

> take small paper. read it. (It has a four-digit number.)

> put small paper in envelope.

> w. w. w. w. w. w. s.

A force pulls you upwards to...

In Front of 222 Witherspoon

> knock on door. ("Hang on. We're trying to solve an adventure game.")

> put glass to door.

> listen to glass. (anagram "efugd dovecer soore")

> say "fudge covered oreos". (+15; the door opens)

> n.

222 Witherspoon

> x Karine. x computer. ("burly guard... hypnotized")

> x Mayumi. x book.

> x tape player. x lava lamp. x desk.

> ask Karine about lava lamp.

> turn off lava. unplug lava. take lava.

> s. (Christmas lights force you to stay.)

> x lights. unplug lights.

> s. (Mellow music forces you to stay.)

> wear earplugs. turn off player.

> s. (+10)

In Front of 222 Witherspoon

> remove plugs.

> w. ne. ne. u.

Main Lobby, Nassau Hall

> x small paper. (Remind yourself what number to type.)

> type NUMBER. push enter. (+5; door is unlocked)

> open door. e.

Outside the Office of the King

> x guard. (ape-like)

> x uniform. x vest pocket. (can't: guard would object)

> x tall lamp. x socket. x furniture.

> ask guard about king. (can't: he can't talk)

> drop lava. plug in lava.

> turn on lava. (The burly guard is hypnotized.)

> x vest pocket. take all from it.

> x shades. x metal key. ("Clio Hall")

> wear shades. w.

Main Lobby, Nassau Hall

> remove shades.

> n. s. sw.

Clio Hall, Probably

> unlock door with metal key. (fail)

> e.

Whig Hall (You Think)

> knock on door. (Someone's locked in there.)

> unlock door with metal key.

> open door. drop key. s. (+5)

Lobby of Whig Hall

> x Hal. (He's following you now.)

> n. nw. n. u. e.

Outside the Office of the King

> wear shades. open door. s. (+10)

Throne Room

CAUTION: When Hal is about to make a speech, you need to wear the earplugs immediately, but the timing is different in the two versions.

> x Ash. (+5; TADS version)

Only in the Inform version, you get a second turn to do something, eg:

Hal is about to make a speech. You must not hear it!

> wear earplugs. (+25. Ash and wizened man are asleep.)

> remove earplugs.

> take crown. x it. wear crown.

> take trumpet. x it. play trumpet. (+25)

Students storm the room, tie up the invaders, and restore everything back to normal. Time to party!

In a total of several turns, you have achieved a score of 200 points out of a possible 200.
This makes you Savior Of The University. Mazel tov!
Thank you for playing Save Princeton. Come back soon!



Most characters are students at the university.


The credits are an object in the game, inside the important-looking envelope found in the first room:

>read credits
The authors of Save Princeton wish to thank the following:

Chris, Dave, Eric, Hal, Mayumi, and Otis, for providing us with inspiration for various characters.

Brian S. Kendig, for designing the icon in the Mac version.

Greg Weiss and Goodloe White for help with the distribution of the IBM version.

Michael J. Roberts, author of TADS, for providing support above and beyond the call of duty of a programmer.

And, of course, our beta testers, for all their help.



Items are listed in the order you acquire (or could acquire) them in this walkthrough.

You have a carrying capacity of 10 items, not counting things inside or on top of other things.


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 200, in several turns. This makes you your-ranking.

Points are awarded as follows:

Points are deducted as follows:

The known rankings are:

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