Key & Compass presents:
Santa's Trainee Elf
by Garry Francis

Santa's Trainee Elf is an online web browser interactive fiction game written with Adventuron and is © 2020-2021 by Garry Francis. It was a participant in the Adventuron Christmas Jam 2020.

In this pleasant Christams game, you play as Eldrid, a 16-year-old elf in Santa's Workshop. It's the day before Christmas Eve, and Santa wants you to complete some last minute chores, mostly making toys for the children on his list. He also wants you to ask Mrs Claus in the kitchen and Volodar in the stable if they something done as well.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 0.0.8 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Upstairs

Lavatory Elves'Bunkroom LoungeRoom 🎁 🎁 DiningHall UpstairsHallway UpstairsHallway Kitchen DownstairsHallway Pantry (no entryto Santa'sbedroom) d u

Map 2: Downstairs

FabricSupplies WoodworkSupplies ToyStorage SuppliesHallway SuppliesHallway AssemblyArea Barn MetalworkSupplies CraftSupplies DownstairsHallway DownstairsHallway UpstairsHallway Classroom Mailroom OutsideSanta'sWorkshop d u

Map 3: Outside

InsideCoal Mine OutsideCoal Mine Dump ReindeerStalls Hay Loft VegetableGarden Mailroom InsideStable SW ofWorkshop OutsideSanta'sWorkshop OutsideStable NorthPole u d


There's some preliminary instructions and prompts, mostly about sound and screen sizing, before the game proper begins.

Lounge Room

> x me. x Santa. talk to Santa. (You get a list.)

> x list. read list.

> x beard. x suit. x belt. take belt. (denied)

> x fireplace. x mantel.

> x candle. take it. light it.

> x decorations. x tree. x presents.

> e.

Dining Hall

> x balloon. take it.

> x tables. x bottle. take it. x cork.

> x benches.

> s.


> x Mrs. talk to Mrs. (She wants gingerbread.)

> x utensils.

> s.


> x shelves. x tin. x carrots.

> x box. open it. x cookies.

> climb shelves. (failure)

> close box. stand on box. x shelves. (Still can't see the gingerbread.)

> get off box. take box. take tin.

> n. w. w. n.

Elves' Bunkroom

> x bunks. x bunk.

> x pillow. x sheets. x blanket.

> get on bunk. (You find a spring.)

> x spring. take it.

> open locker. x jumper. take it. wear it.

> n.


> x toilet. x paper. x cabinet. open it.

> x basin. fill bottle.

> x basket. x tissues. x cylinder. take it.

> s. s. e. d. s.


> x Neldor. talk to Neldor. read list.

> ask about Afram. (He gets a pop gun.)

> ask about Arya. (She gets a piggy bank.)

> ask about Cindy. (She gets a skipping rope.)

> ask about Jennifer. (She gets a jack-in-the-box.)

> ask about Li. (He gets a kite.)

> ask about Oliver. (He gets a lump of coal.)

> ask about Samantha. (She gets a teddy bear.)

> x twine. take it.

> x letters. read letters. x mailbags.

> n. w. s.


> take book. x book. read book.

> open book. read book.

> read about pop gun. (Made from block of wood, wooden dowel, plastic pipe, string, and cork.)

> read about piggy bank. (Made from clay, water, mould, and paint.)

> read about skipping rope. (Made from wooden rod and rope.)

> read about jack box. (Made from box with hinged lid, cardboard cylinder, spring, and sock puppet.)

> read about kite. (Made from wooden strips, linen, and twine.)

> read about teddy bear. (Made from fluffy fabric, stuffing, and cotton thread.)

There's other entries you can read, but since you're only allowed to make toys for the children on your list, the other entries are a lot less helpful right now.

> x blackboard. draw on it.

> x desks. x chairs. x bookcase.

> n. e. n.

Assembly Area

> x elves. x tools.

> e.


> x sleigh. x presents.

> w. n.

Toy Storage

Drop off your excess inventory here.

> drop candle. drop bottle. drop balloon.

> drop box. drop tin. drop spring.

> drop cylinder. drop book. drop twine.

> x shelves.

> x puppet. take it. wear it. drop it.

> x skates. take it. x yoyo. take it.

> play with yoyo. cut string with skates.

> x string. drop skates. drop yoyo.

> s. w. n.

Woodwork Supplies

> x Brayern. talk to Brayern.

> ask for block. x it. take it.

> ask for dowel. x it. take it.

> ask for rod. x it. take it.

> ask for strip. x it. take it.

> s. s.

Craft Supplies

> x Arlayna. talk to Arlayna.

> ask for clay. x it. take it.

> ask for glue. x it. take it.

> ask for paint. x it. take it.

> n. e. n.

Toy Storage

> drop block. drop dowel. drop rod. drop strip.

> drop clay. drop glue. drop paint.

> s. w. w. n.

Fabric Supplies

> x Liluth. talk to Liluth.

> ask for fluffy fabric. x it. take it.

> ask for linen. x it. take it.

> ask for thread. x it. take it.

> s. s.

Metalwork Supplies

> x Jandor. talk to Jandor.

Surprisingly, you don't need anything from Jandor.

> n. e. e. n.

Toy Storage

> drop fabric. drop linen. drop thread.

> take candle. take carrots.

> s. s. s.


It's very cold outside. You must be wearing the jumper when leaving the building.

> s.

Outside Santa's Workshop

> x snow. w. n.

Vegetable Garden

> x garden. x pole. take it. x spade.

> n.


You need the the spade when digging.

> x dump.

> dig snow. x pipe. take it.

> dig snow. x mould. take it.

> drop spade.

> n.

Outside Coal Mine

> x mine. x shovel. x pickaxe. x barrel.

> n.

Inside Coal Mine

You need the lit candle to see in the mine.

> read sign. x coal. take it. (+5)

> s. s. s. s. e. s.

North Pole

> x pole. read sign.

> n. e. n.

Inside Stable

Volodar won't let you go past him unless you have the carrots.

> x Volodar. talk to Volodar.

> x brazier. x ladder.

> n.

Reindeer Stalls

> x reindeer. x stalls. x rope. take it.

> x Dasher. x Dancer. x Prancer. x Vixen.

> x Comet. x Cupid. x Dunder. x Blixem.

> feed reindeer. (+10, using the carrots)

> s. u.

Hay Loft

> x haystack. (You find a needle.)

> x needle. take it. take hay. x hay.

> d. s. w. n. n. n. n.

Toy Storage

> drop candle. drop rope.

> drop hay. drop pipe.

Fix the mould:

> take glue. fix mould.

> x mould. drop glue. drop mould.

Burst the balloon:

> burst balloon. (with the needle)

> x rubber. drop needle.

For the pop gun:

> take block. take dowel. take pipe.

> take string. take cork.

> s.

Assembly Area

> make pop gun. (+5)

> take gun. x it. shoot it.

> e.


> put coal in sleigh. (+5)

> put gun in sleigh. (+5)

> w. n.

Toy Storage

For the kite:

> take strip. take linen. take twine.

> s.

Assembly Area

> make kite. (+5)

> take kite. x it.

> s. s. s. s.

North Pole

> fly kite.

> n. n. n. n. e.


> put kite in sleigh. (+5)

> w. n.

Toy Storage

For the teddy bear:

> take fabric. take hay. take thread.

> s.

Assembly Area

> make teddy bear. (+5)

> take bear. x it. hug it.

> e.


> put bear in sleigh. (+5)

> w. n.

Toy Storage

For the tin drum:

> take tin. take rubber. take paint.

> s.

Assembly Area

> make drum. (+5)

> take drum. x it. play it.

> e.


> put drum in sleigh. (+5)

> w. n.

Toy Storage

For the skipping rope:

> take rope. take rod.

> s.

Assembly Area

> make skipping rope. (+5)

> take rope. x it. use rope.

> e.


> put rope in sleigh. (+5)

> w. n.

Toy Storage

For the piggy bank, assuming you still have the paint:

> take clay. take bottle. take mould.

> s.

Assembly Area

> make piggy bank. (+5)

> take bank. x it.

> e.


> put bank in sleigh. (+5)

> w. n.

Toy Storage

For the jack-in-the-box:

> drop bottle. drop mould.

> take box. open box.

> take cookies. eat cookies. drop cookies.

> take puppet. take cylinder. take spring.

> s.

Assembly Area

> make jack box. (+5)

> take box. x it. open it. close it.

Take the jack-in-the-box to the pantry:

> s. u. e. s.


> drop box. stand on it.

> open it. x gingerbread.

> take box. close it.

> n.


> give gingerbread to Mrs. (+10)

> w. d. n. e.


> put box in sleigh. (+5)

With all your chores done, Christmas goes well and you have won.


see some amusing things to try? YES

The game restarts from the beginning.



After you win the game, the game asks if you'd like to see some suggestions of amusing actions you can try in this game. Answer YES to see this response:

Firstly, make sure you examine yourself and every noun in every header and room description.

Try unusual verbs like BREAK, DANCE, EAT, HIT, KICK, KISS, PRAY, SHOUT, SING, SWIM (indoors and outdoors), TOUCH (hot things) and magic words like XYZZY.

Try burning things.

Try deflating, cutting and stepping on the balloon or bursting it with the lit candle.

Try examining, opening and cleaning the windows in the hallways.

Try opening the door to Santa's bedroom.

Try standing on your foot locker and taking the things from your bunk.

Try giving the cookies to the various characters.

Try talking to characters multiple times, especially Mrs Claus and Volodar before and after completing their chores.

Try asking Volodar about the reindeer.

Try using or playing with the various toys, e.g. wear the hand puppet, open the jack-in-the-box, hit the toy drum, fire the pop gun, fly the kite (indoors and outdoors).

Finally, for a bit of a giggle:


The game has artwork for every location in the game. Here are thumbnails of four of them. Please play the game to see the artwork in its intended sizes.




The response to CREDITS is:

Santa's Trainee Elf
Version 0.0.8
Copyright © 2021 Garry Francis
Compiled with Adventuron version 1.0.0 Beta 66u

This game was originally written for the Adventuron Christmas Jam, 17 November to 21 December 2020. See the jam page for the jam rules.

Game design, coding and graphics by Garry Francis.
Germania One Font by John Vargas Beltrán, licensed under the Open Font License.
Title screen adapted from an image by paci77.
Adventuron written by Chris Ainsley.


You have an inventory limit of ten items, not counting the jumper if you're wearing it. I suggest using the toy storage as the place to drop extra items in.

Items found upstairs
Items found downstairs
Items found outside, including mine and stable
Items made by you


The response to SCORE is:

You have scored your-score points out of 100 in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

Note that if you take something back from the sleigh, you lose the points you got for putting it there until you return it.

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