Key & Compass presents:
Santa's Sleigh Ride
by Molly Geene

Santa's Sleigh Ride is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2008 by Molly Geene.

In this very small and easy game, you play as Santa Claus. You have just one last house to deliver presents to, the Madisons', and then you and your trusty Reindeer Brigade can fly home for a well-deserved rest.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 4 of the game.


Rooftop LivingRoom u d


> about. credits. x me. i.

You can examine a lot of things, but the only thing you need to examine is your sleigh to notice the stick in it:

> x bag. x wii. x Barbie. x Batman. x comic.

> x bone. x j bag. x k bag.

> x reindeer. x Dasher. x Rudolph.

> x sleigh. x book. x blanket. x mug. x stick.

> x snow. x chimney.

Time to get to work:

> d. x junk. take stick. clean junk with stick. (+1)

> put stick in sleigh.

> d.

Living Room

Again, you can examine a lot, but you can skip this part:

> x dog. x boy. x couch. x tree. x lights. x ornaments.

> x walls. x fireplace. x j stocking. x k stocking.

Back to work. Give the dog her gift first or you won't be able to put anything under the tree:

> give bone to dog. (+1)

> put Wii under tree. (+1)

> put Barbie under tree. (+1)

> put Batman under tree. (+1)

> put J bag in J stocking. (+1)

> put K bag in K stocking. (+1)

The boy suddenly wakes up, but you signal him to stay quiet.

> u.

As you fly off, the boy and his sister wave at you from outside.

*** Merry Christmas! ***




The response to CREDITS:

The main writer of this IF is Molly Geene. She wrote the code for this game with Inform 7, a program written by Graham Nelson, with David Kinder's Windows front-end. She used the extensions "Bulk Limiter" and "Underside" by Eric Eve and "Plurality" by Emily Short. She drew the cover art with an anonymous internet reference. She'd like to thank all the posters who have helped her over the years at the Usenet group, including David Kinder and Jim Aiken. She'd also like to thank her beta-testers Kevin Cogger and Philip Armstrong, and the people at the two forums she shared an early build with, The Return of Talking Time and Truth and Beauty Bombs. Finally, she'd like to thank Santa Claus, because without him this game wouldn't be possible. For bug reports or any other reason she can be reached at email redacted.



You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 7, in some turns.

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