Key & Compass presents:
by Benjamin Sokal

Safehouse is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2010 by Benjamin Sokal. It was a participant in the PAX East 2010 Speed-IF event.

You play as someone named Jones and you're in your underground bunker, safe from the deadly Actinic rays. But you're so bored! Why did you forget your spellbook? At least you remember some of your spells.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.




> x me. i. x mangoes.

> x computer. x cans. turn on computer.

> spells. (You know FROTZ, GNUSTO, NITFOL, and POWER UP.)

> power up computer. x computer. (It's now broken.)

> nitfol. smell. gnusto cans.

> x hatch. open hatch.

The word "xyzzy" isn't clued within the game, but I guessed trying it anyway:

> xyzzy. xyzzy.

> x portal. enter it. (You arrive at the Revolutionary War.)

*** The game has ended. Poorly. ***

> undo

> frotz portal. enter portal. (No, it smells like lobster?)

> smell portal. (Huh. It really does smell like lobster.)

> frotz portal. smell portal. (Now it smells of fuel.)

> enter it. (You arrive at an airplane terminal.)

*** The game has ended. You can do better. ***

> undo

> frotz portal. smell portal. (Smells arid and of disease.)

> enter it. (You arrive at the Irish Potato Famine.)

*** The game has ended. Better find some potatoes. ***

> undo

> frotz portal. smell portal. (Popcorn!)

> enter it. (You arrive at a movie theatre.)

*** The game has ended. Good job. ***

Note that there are only the five portal settings. Frotzing the popcorn-smell portal will replace it with the gunpowder-smell portal. Also, I believe the game is doing a switcheroo with different portal objects when you frotz them, since you can't use "it" to refer to the current portal immediately after frotzing the previous portal.






And you're unwilling to pick up anything else. You'd rather use your lifting spell, except you don't have that either.


The spells in this game are:

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