A Roiling Original

maps and walkthrough

A Roiling Original is a Glulx text adventure game written with Inform 7 and is © 2013 by Andrew Schultz. It was entered in Spring Thing 2013 and took 2nd place out of 3 entries. In this game you'll solve anagrams. Lots and lots of anagrams.

A Roiling Original is also a sequel to Shuffling Around which was entered in IF Comp 2012 and took 7th place out of 28 entries. I'm calling this series "Yorpwald Wordplay", where Yorpwald is the name of the very surreal city wherein both games take place.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game. Note that the author plans a post-comp release of A Roiling Original that will include new content.

Walkthrough: IntroStoresStore KStore HStore PStore UStore VStore WStore YFinale: Store T

Intro at the Roman Manor

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

CAUTION 1: This game is heavily into anagram puzzles and often displays words in all capital letters, boldface, or italics to indicate which words are anagrammable. Blind players will have a significant disadvantage if their Glulx interpreter or screen reader does not indicate which words are styled differently from the surrounding text.

CAUTION 2: Contrary to how this walkthrough is presented, this particular game cannot accept more than one command per input line. The game will complain if the input string contains a period (except at the end).

Dusty Study

> open door. (Urgent Gunter enters and we enter a conversation menu.)

> 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. (When Gunter leaves, it's pitch dark!)

> lamp. (+1; anagram of "palm")

> i. x me. x diorama. x notice.

> x platform. farm plot. x plot.

> x pavement. event map. x map. (This map refers to the game structure of the previous game, "Shuffling Around".)

> x pedestal. steel pad. x steel pad.

> x crabgrass. brass crag. x crag.

> x latches. x paper. satchel. (+1; anagram of "latches")

> x purse. x device. x logo. read sticker. x switch. push switch. (The device shows which items (or words) are anagrammable. Very handy.)

> x notepad. take it. (The notepad is a great idea but stunningly useless. The game makes very little use of it, and foolishly erases info when it thinks it's no longer relevant. The command "pad [something]" is shorthand for "consult notepad about [something]".)

> x chair. x bookshelf.

> x ten beams. x tables. x giant pin. painting. (+1; anagram of "giant pin")

> x painting. (Describes a stable and a basement, hint hint.)

> stable. (+1; anagram of "tables".)

> basement. (+2; anagram of "ten beams".)

> in. (Note: if you go down to the basement now, you'll miss the content in the stable. Not that there's much there, mind you.)

An aside about your device, the Letters Settler:

When you SCAN something, if it can be anagrammed into something else, the Letters Settlers provides a hint what the target word(s) are by displaying a list of colours, one colour per letter.

There is no requirement to use the device at all, but chances are, if you weren't using a walkthrough, you'd need to use the device whenever you get stuck. Don't forget the switch that points out every anagrammable item near you!


> x pram.

Relive it? yes

> ramp. (+1; anagram of "pram")

> d.


> x plates. staple. (+1; anagram of "plates") x staple.

> x plaster. stapler. (+1; anagram of "plaster") x stapler.

> x paperwall. put staple in stapler. staple paperwall. (+1)

> in.

Collapsed Old Places

> x curtis. x rifle. x elmo. flier. (+1; anagram of "flier". Now talk with Elmo.)

> 1. 1. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 1. 1.

Stores Region

As in Shuffling Around, the Trips Strip of alphabetic stores serves as the hub of the game. The player is required to complete at least two of the regions associated with stores P, U, V, W, and Y before tackling the final region associated with store T. All game content associated with stores H, K, and N is very optional and doesn't count towards unlocking the final region.

Trips Strip

> x ads. (You can examine it several times to read more ads.)

> x store t. otters. (+1. I think you'll want the otters available as early as possible, even though we can't enter them for ages yet.)

> x otters.

The otters' motto helps show your progress. With every region you complete, another word in the motto is rendered in boldface. When all the words in the motto are in boldface, then the otters can be entered to the final region. Your energy is drained if you attempt to enter the otters too soon. An italic word in the motto means a region is open but uncompleted.

NOTE: After you complete two of the main sections, Elmo will leave something new here: a chapter patcher. If you turn it on, you will destroy all remaining stores and thus (in theory) make the otters harmless right away. I will assume you do not want to skip anything and will ignore the patcher.

BUG: Don't use the patcher if you haven't turned store T into otters! The patcher will destroy store T as well, and you'll never be able to finish the game!

BUG: Actually, if any of stores P, T, U, V, W, or Y are still standing and unopened, you're still in trouble. The otters will still drain you if any useful store is destroyed.

You know what? Just IGNORE that buggy chapter patcher. Forget it exists.

Continue with: Store N or K, Store H, Store P, Store U, Store V, Store W, Store Y, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Tokers Region (STORE K and STORE N)

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

Trips Strip

> x store n. nestor. (+1)

> x nestor. ask nestor about nestor. stoner.

> x store k. tokers. (+1)

> x smoke. enter smoke.

Cruelest Lectures

> x guardian.

Do you take it? yes

> x reflections. x lecturer.

> enter passage.

Care to continue? yes

> outside. (+1; anagram of "Studio E", "tedious", "I USED TO".)

Continue with: Store H, Store P, Store U, Store V, Store W, Store Y, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Others Region (STORE H)

NOTE: The Others Region wasn't implemented in the Spring Thing 2013 release, but is expected in a post-comp release.

Trips Strip

>x store h. others. (+1 point)

>enter hoster.

Continue with: Store N or K, Store P, Store U, Store V, Store W, Store Y, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Presto Region (STORE P)

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

CAUTION: Creating the vortex to the Presto Region also adds a curst crust to your inventory, but the crust is meant to be used only in the Presto region. If you do not enter the vortex but visit another region instead, you will lose the crust as part of the game's inventory cleanup proceedures on your return to Trips Strip. (Fortunately, the crust seems to be unnecessary towards solving the Presto region, so it's not a fatal bug to lose the crust before you have a chance to use it.)

NOTE: The crust is a hint machine while in the Presto region. You can eat the crust up to 50 times; if there's an unused curse to say, the response to eating the crust will suggest one. Not necessarily for the current room, though.

QUESTION: What are "Permadust", "Spumed Tar", "Purest Dam", "A Dumpster", and "a red stump" are all anagrams of?

Trips Strip

> x store p. x poster. presto. (+1)

> x crust. x vortex. listen to it. enter vortex.

Spumed Tar

We seem to be going for loud words, exclamations, and mild expletives in this region.

> x lamb. balm. blam. (+1)

> x plebe. bleep. (hmph. We're too civilian.)

> x hump. umph. (+1)

Austerer Treasure

> x censer. screen.

> x urn. run.


> goldurn. (+1; merger of "gold" and "urn")

> screen. e.

Spumed Tar

BUG: The game somehow thinks you're wearing a star now; but that's a bit later.

> s

Purest Dam

(SERIOUS BUG: "arts" crashes Glulxe; avoid that anagram.)

> x yak. x yoke. x dart. drat. (+1)

> x star. tsar. rats. (+1)

> x dam. mad.

> s.

A Dumpster

> x rickey. crikey. (+1)

> x leo. ole. (+1)

> x dumpster. n. n.

Spumed Tar

> bleep. (+1; anagram of "plebe")

> e.

Marines Seminar

> take gun. x it. x serial number. ("B15I14G".) bingo. (+1; anagram of "BOING" from the serial number, replacing 15 with O (the 15th letter of the alphabet) and 14 with N.)

> put dart in gun. w.

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

The room marked "L" is called Maze Entry. All other rooms are called Another Maze Room.

Spumed Tar

There is an optional 25 room maze originally north of the Tar. If you follow the lettered path, then go north of the room with the V tile, a robot dreidl will return you to Spumed Tar.

> x maze. mazel tov. (+1; anagram of "volt maze")

> n. (Someone shoves you back; you need more people.)

> s. s.

A Dumpster

> whassup. (+1; anagram of "washups". Ugh.)

> n. n.

Spumed Tar

> n. (Oh, and you need to be able to find your opponents in the ether.)

> there. (+1; anagram of "ether". Wasn't it a "mist" or "cloud" before? Grr.)

> n.


This puzzle isn't fair at all, in my humble opinion.

> x hedron. scan hedron. ("RRYR"?)

> n. ("Not unless you thaw ...")

> what. (+1; anagram of "thaw")

> n. (You see a partial computer in a shack and need to get rid of your assistants.)

> look. x sign.

You need 2 of the 3 following anagrams to get rid of Rickey and Leo:

> n.

Hacks' Shack

> x flea. leaf. (+1) x leaf.

> x disk. kids. skid. (+1) x skid.

> x coal. cola. (+1) x cola.

> x fount. futon. (+1) x futon.

> x trim socks. rom sticks. (+1) x rom.

> x gum. mug. (+1) x mug.

> put cola in mug.

> x table. x textbook.

> x clock. x dripping clock. x clock sap. caps lock. (+1)

> pull skid s. g. g.

Purest Dam

> put leaf on skid. (The yak gets on too.)

> pull skid n. g. g.

Hacks' Shack

> show textbook to yak. (How to guess this, I don't remember. Yoke falls off, and yak leaves.)

> x yoke. keyboard. (+1; anagram of "bored yak" and "drab yoke")

> x keyboard. put caps lock in keyboard. put keyboard on table.

> screen. (+1; anagram of "censer")

> put screen on table.

> disk. x drive. put disk in drive.

> x blue button. reboot. (+1; anagram of "To be or"; you'll auto-insert the ROM sticks at this time.) x orange button.

> x scratch paper. x signature. compile. (compile error; anagram of "MEL COPI")

> sleep. (using the futon)

> drink cola. x screen. compile. (+1)

> debug. (+1; anagram of "budge"; Presto node done!)

Note: At the end of a section, your inventory will be emptied of everything except the notepad and Letters Settler.

Continue with: Store N or K, Store H, Store U, Store V, Store W, Store Y, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Routes Region (STORE U)

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The Routes region specializes in prepositions.

CAUTION: This region makes much more sense if you first enter the church and read the list (and learn what you're looking for) before you summon the giant or do anything else. When the giant is present at the Poison Stripe, the player is trapped there, unable to visit any other locations, until the giant goes away. And the giant won't go away until you've obtained what you need from him.

Trips Strip

> x store u. routes. (+1)

> enter routes.

Poison Stripe

> x church. x old church. x church sign. inside. (+1; anagram of "DIE SIN")

Cleric Circle

> x priest. x list. ask horbert about list. out.

Poison Stripe

> x store. across. (+1; anagram of "Oscar's")


> x oscar. x runed book. under. (+1; anagram of "runed")

> out.

Poison Stripe

> x restaurant. past. (+1; anagram of "Pat's")


> x sign. x seed pit. despite. (+1; anagram of "seed pit" or "PETS DIE")

> x mushrooms. x pat. ask pat about mushrooms. out.

Poison Stripe

(Bug: ASK GIANT ABOUT anything results in a request to report the bug.)

> x worst ad. towards. (+1; anagram of "worst ad" or "RADWOST")

> x bench. against. (+1; anagram of "A GIANT'S". The giant arrives.)

> x giant. listen to giant. astride. (+1; anagram of "tirades")

> x elbow. below. (+1; anagram of "elbow")

> x pipe. opposite. (+1; anagram of "pipe soot")

> x soot. inside.

Cleric Circle

Brother Horbert takes all the reagents, mentions the name Orandu Logan, then runs off.

> out.

Poison Stripe

"You can see a huge thing form above here."

> from. (+1; anagram of "form")

> x bean. beneath. (+1; anagram of "THE BEAN")

Unearthed 'n Underneath

> until. (+1; anagram of "unlit")

> x cracks. around. (+1; anagram of "Orandu")

> along. (+1; anagram of "Logan")

Ripe Pier

> x sign. aboard. (+1; anagram of "abroad")

Rigged Red Gig

> x controls. within. (+1; anagram of "Hit Win")

> x reef. through or between. (+1; anagrams of "Thor hug" and "new beet" respectively.)

Routes node done!

Continue with: Store N or K, Store H, Store P, Store V, Store W, Store Y, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Troves Region (STORE V)

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

This is my least favourite region of the game, where it seems (initially) that anagrams aren't important anymore (but in fact, they still are) and where both clues and explicit hints are very difficult to decode. The location "Bad Velour Boulevard" in particular is so badly presented, I almost wanted to stop playing because I didn't know what the author wanted from me.

Trips Strip

> x store v. x voters. troves. (+1)

> x troves. take troves.


The Ethics Itches book offers hints for this region. Maddeningly unhelpful hints. What isn't obvious is that we're looking for emotions.

> x potholes. x ethics.

Do you wish to go ahead? yes

> hate. (+1; anagram of "heat". Bogeyman steals your moneybag.)

> look. care. (+1; anagram of "race" which was in italics.)

Bad Velour Boulevard

Except these aren't emotions, so I guess I don't know what the real theme is.

Bugs: The bee is takeable. The ethics book has no hints when the live bee is around.

> x post. x verbose.

Listen more carefully? yes

> observe. (+1; anagram of "verbose")

> spot. (+1; anagram of "post")

> look. x evil bee. believe. (+1)

> look. x vile bee. ss. (The bee's head is visible!? That's not clued elsewhere!)

> x bee's head. scan head. read ethics. g. reason. (+1; I have no idea which ass on the bee's head we get "reason" from. This puzzle is a complete failure, and I can't even begin to guess what the author was thinking of.)

> x live bee. ss. scan cellar. recall. (+1)

Boredom Bedroom

> x sad pier. x diapers. x spider. despair. (+1; anagram of "sad pier", "diapers", "a spider")

> look. x note from dale. deal. (+1)

> x brochure. desire. (+1; anagram of "RESIDE")

Perky Crass Skyscraper

> x building. x statue. aspire. (+1; anagram of "praise")

> x strive. (+1; anagram of "rivets")

> look. stew. (+1; anagram of "west" which was in italics)

Very Top

> x door. x big desk. ignore. (+1 anagram of "REGION")

> x checklist. x lager. glare. (+1)

> x meal. bolster. (+1; anagram of "lobster")

> x salt. last. (+1)

> look. resign. (+1; anagram of singer)

Troves node done!

Continue with: Store N or K, Store H, Store P, Store U, Store W, Store Y, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Towers Region (STORE W)

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

Ooh, this region is a bit of a slough. It's fairly straightforward though, except when I tried to toast some eclairs and was told I didn't have to do that because I already had x-ray vision, which had to be the most unintentional what-the-f**k moment ever in the game. (X-ray vision?! What x-ray vision?)

Most connections between rooms are blocked by some creature that can be anagrammed away based on some keyword in their descriptions. Keywords are often highlighted by use of italic text. If you're trying for a high score for this region, examine the scope at Scope Copse to help you find missed creatures.

Trips Strip

> x store w. towers. (+1 point; anagram of "store W")

> x towers. enter towers.

Danger Garden

You'll need to deal with the serpent before you can do much anything else. When the serpent is gone, "Danger Garden" becomes "Gander Garden", but no geese are actually present.

> x toaster. x strudel. x serpent.

> decoil. docile. (+1; anagram of "coiled")

> take all. eat strudel. put strudel in toaster. (You can now XRAY things, at least while in the Towers. And the strudel is gone.)

> n.

Scope Copse

> x scope. (Shows an ASCII art representation of the Towers geography, with x's where there's still creatures or things blocking pathways. Unfortunately, the author didn't use a proportional font for this.)

> x prefect. porcine. (+1; anagram of "poncier")

> x banana. punier. (+1; anagram of "unripe")

> x gnome. greyed. (+1; anagram of "greedy")

> w.

Shaven Havens

> x machine. e. n.

Ruffian Funfair

> x bot. weirder. (+1; anagram of "rewired")

> x hulk. clumsy. (+1; anagram of "muscly")

> x icesheets. mistier. (+1; anagram of "rimiest")

> x icesheets. n.

Anemic Cinema

> x nebula. unable. (+1; anagram of "nebula")

> x thug. weariest. (+1; anagram of "sweatier")

> x yapper. angstier. (+1; anagram of "angriest")

> x cinema. w.

Outer Route

> x loaves. (This is just another item for the toaster, and only if you don't have xray vision yet.)

> e. n.

Savager Ravages

> x duck. take duck. (We need to befriend it somehow.)

> s. e.

Salted Deltas

> x deacons. holiest. (+1; anagram of "hostile")

> x orc. marginal. (+1; anagram of "alarming")

> e.

Actionless Coastline

> x pirates. pastier. (+1; anagram of "pirates")

> x kid. ask kid about himself. s.

Heron Isle Shorelien

> x ghost. resealed. (+1; anagram of "released")

> x men. warms. (anagram of "swarm") grandiose. (+1; anagram of "organised")

> w.

Dopiest Topside

> x man. himself. (+1; anagram of "Flemish")

> x saver. take it. x dagger. take it. s.

Unblest Sunbelt

> x salesmen. drained. (+1; anagram of "dandier")

> x pulses. unreal. (Bug: This ought to work, but doesn't; anagram of "neural".)

> w. w.

Shaven Havens

> put dagger in machine. (+1; ragged dagger becomes an I ZOMG Gizmo)

> x gizmo. e. e. e.

Campiest Campsite

> x admirer. married. (+1; anagram of "admirer". He/she also goes from explicitly gender-neutral to explicitly female, which is jarring.)

> x yurts. rusty. (+1; anagram of "yurts")

> s.

Lost Lots

> x eclairs. (Yes, a third item for the toaster. The author really wants us to have xray vision, which we haven't needed yet.)

> n. e.

Obscurest Subsector

> x gaol. goal. x gate. cut gate.

> x dr yow. xray yow. wordy. {+1; anagram of "Dr Yow")

> push retape. (You've recorded Yow talking on the saver.)

> w. w. w. n. n. n.

Savager Ravages

> push repeat. (The lone duck will follow you to Dr Yow.)

> s. s. s. e. e. e.

Obscurest Subsector

> unlocked. (+1; anagram of "lone duck". The duck unlock's Yow's gaol with his foot!)

> w. n. n.

Actionless Coastline

> ask kid about yow. (Smart kid will follow you.)

> s. s. e.

Obscurest Subsector

> rowdy. (+1; anagram of "Dr Yow")

> attentive. (+1; anagram of "tentative". Kid heads for Coastline; Yow and duck leave for parts unknown.)

> w. n. n.

Actionless Coastline

> give gizmo to kid. x skis.

> x turbos. robust. (+1)

> x blaster. stabler. (+1)

> wear skis.

Servant Taverns

You can't tackle Rodney right away; deal with at least two of his men first. And deal with Daltho after Rodney's gone. Note that Rodney will have four followers, but not always the same four.

> u. d.

> x rodney. yonder. (+1)

> x daltho. (+1; anagram of "dying")

> ask daltho about himself. out.

Mislit Limits

> x clear catsup. x curst palace. spectacular. (+1)

Towers node done!

Continue with: Store N or K, Store H, Store P, Store U, Store V, Store Y, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Oyster Region (STORE Y)

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

Trips Strip

> x store y. oyster. (+1 point; anagram of "store Y")

> enter oyster.


> x jukebox. x warning. x doorfish. x Casper. x Capers. x stein. x tines.

> scan Capers. (This gives such a bizarre reading, I didn't understand what the author was trying to say.)

Do 2 of 3 of the following to annoy everyone in the bar:

> scram. (+1 point; anagram of "Marc's")

Heros' Shore

> x river. x message. x clam. x sign.

> calm. (+1 point; anagram of "clam")

There are at least two ways to cross the river:

Anger Range

> x carps. x pikes. x trout.

> scrap. —or— spike. (+1 point; anagrams of "carps" and "pikes" respectively)

> x red letters. unearth. (Doesn't work yet; you need a shovel.)

> e.

Bluefish Fishbowl

> listen. seek. (+1 point; anagram of "eeks")

Bluefish Fishbowl (Aunt Tuna's home)

> look. x trout. x tuna. x desk. x drawer. x tray.

> tutor. (+1 point; anagram of "trout")

> eat. (+1 point; anagram of "tea")

> x pearl.

> reward. (+1 point; anagram of "drawer")

> x wrap. warp. (Aunt Tuna scolds you; this isn't the right location for "warp".)

> w. w.

Acher's Arches

> x sardine. wrap. (+1 point; anagram of "wrap")

> x ruby.

> search arches. (+1 point; "search" is an anagram of "arches")

> x gleaner. n.

DIE THOU hideout

> x maw. in. enlarge. (+1 point; anagram of "gleaner")

> x gleaner. (You now know how to get to Oyster D.)

> s. e. n. (Note that the ruby nips you when in the Anger Range.)

Lapsin Plains

> x denim. portal. (+1 point; anagram of "ol' trap")

> x skis. kiss. (+1 point; anagram of "skis")

> x huts. x door. open door. (Note that "open" is an anagram of "nope" and "peon".)

> x message. x knob. bonk. (+1 point; anagram of "knob")

> x crate. trace. (+1 point; anagram of "crate")

> react. (+1 point; another anagram of "crate")

> in.

Shovel Hovels

> x heaps. shape. (+1 point; anagram of "heaps")

> x digger. out. s. w. n.

DIE THOU hideout

We're setting a trap by burying the ruby here. And we need the digger to do it.

> bury. (+1 point; anagram of "ruby")

> s. e.

Anger Range

CAUTION: Don't unearth the ghost while holding the ruby nor bury the ruby here. The ghost will blame you for taking its ruby and you'll lose the game.

> unearth. (+1 point; anagram of "haunter" in red letters)

> assuage. (+1 point; anagram of "sausage")

> w. n.

DIE THOU hideout

The haunter follows you, finds its ruby buried here, blames the guards and takes its revenge (and the ruby). You can now enter the oyster's maw.

> in.

Oyster D

> x lever. revel. (+1 point; anagram of "lever")

> x toys. destroy. (+1 point; anagram of "Oyster D" or "red toys")

Oyster node done!

Continue with: Store N or K, Store H, Store P, Store U, Store V, Store W, or Store T (if you're ready for it).

Finale in the Otters Region (STORE T)

[ERROR: This map requires HTML5's canvas element.]

Trips Strip

I'm assuming that we turned store T into otters ages ago when we first entered Trips Strip. If you didn't do it then, do it now. And I hope you didn't destroy store T accidentally with the chapter patcher, because if you did, you're screwed.

> enter otters.

Bleary Barley

You don't have your full powers when you enter this region. I'm not sure what this prevents you from doing, exactly, although you will need your full powers before you can deal with Mr Lee at the Bran Barn. Your powers can be restored at the Loop Pool.

(Checking the author's walkthrough, our power is reduced to using adverbs as anagrams. Huh. Somehow, I never noticed that parts of speech had anything to do with the anagrams we use. And maybe, just playing this far made my brain numb to noticing if the surrealness had any patterns to it. You're lucky that I noticed that the regions even have themes.)

> barely. (+1; anagram of "barley")

> reedily. (+1; anagram of "Ed Riley")

> w.

Maiden Median

> x creeps. x damsel.

You can scan the creeps repeatedly and receive different scans. You need to solve 3 out of 5 anagrams based on the responses:

After the third correct anagram, the creeps will leave the maiden (Angelica) alone. She gives you some medals and a pill before she goes as well. The medals seem to be poorly coded; I don't know how to polish the medals. I only learnt what both medals say during the finale. The pill seems to disappear on its own at some point, and I haven't the slightest idea when or why or what it was for.

Oh, and "medals" is an anagram of "damsel".

> x medals. x pill. w.

Coevals' Alcove

> x merle. x elmer. seriously. (+1; anagram of "lousy rise")

> w. ask elmer about hydra.

> e. n.

Loop Pool

You need an antagonist (the hydra) to blame first.

> x pool. ask pool about itself.

> x sea cube. because. (+1; anagram of "sea cube")

> x eels. else. (+1; anagram of "eels". Also, your full powers are restored. Yay.)

> s. s.

Bran Barn

You need an antagonist (the hydra) to blame first.

> x mr lee. although. (+1; anagram of "GLOAT HUH" and other phrases)

> x pyx. however. (+1; anagram of "Veer how")

> n. e. n.

Less Nice Silences

> x imp. brutely. (+1; anagram of "butlerly")

> look. angrily. (+1; anagram of "rangily")

> n.

Wickeder Wire Deck

> x owls. slow. (+1; anagram of "owls")

> x satyr. artsy. (+1; anagram of "satyr")

> x badger. barged. garbed. (+1; anagram of "badger")

> x leopard. paroled. (+1; anagram of "leopard")

> x ocelots. coolest. (+1; anagram of "ocelots")

> s. s. s.

Southward Shout Ward

> x men. loathingly. (+1; anagram of "tallyhoing")

> stoically. (+1; anagram of "callosity")

> s.

Perverse Preserve

> x raptor. parrot. (+1; anagram of "raptor")

> x nails. snail. (+1; anagram of "nails")

> x pines. spine. penis. snipe. (+1; anagram of "pines")

> x thrones. hornets. (+1; anagram of "thrones")

> x corona. racoon. (+1; anagram of "corona")

When every animal is liberated, the parrot will want to follow you.

> n. n. w. w.

Coevals' Alcove

> raptor (+1; anagram of "parrot")

> w.

A Stocked Stockade

> x crone. look. i. x whistle. play whistle.

> quickly. (+1; anagram of "LUCKY" and "IQ" on medals. You win!)