Key & Compass presents:
Rings for Bony Fingers
by John Olsen

Rings for Bony Fingers is a MS-DOS interactive fiction game written with The Quill and is © 1992 by John Olsen. It was sold as shareware and as Volume 1 of the "Nightmares From The Crypt" collection. The other games in this collection are Ghost Rider of El Diablo and Dr. Death's House of Horrors.

You are being buried alive! Can you escape your coffin of death? If so, your nightmare has only begun. Descend the Steps of Doom. Enter the crypt in search of the ten rings of Zoltan. Elude the walking skeleton. And if you heed the words of the whispering skull, you may awake from this chilling nightmare.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 3.0 of the game. I played this game in 2018 using the DosBox emulator program.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Low Room Bottomof Pit BurialVault InsideCrypt InsideZoltan'sCoffin OutsideCrypt Bottomof Steps MoonlitPath Low DampRoom One End ofa SmallCave Hilltop NW CornerofGraveyard NE CornerofGraveyard DeepestCatacombs SmallCave InsideYourCoffin SW CornerofGraveyard SE CornerofGraveyard End ofRock Cave u d d d d d u enter coffin u u u u


To escape this nightmare, you must place the ten rings of Zoltan on the fingers of his headless skeleton.

Darkness (Inside Your Coffin)

> open coffin. open coffin. (You fall out.)

Darkness (Small Cave)

> n. u.


Ignore the ghost for now.

> e.

NW Corner of Graveyard

> exam tombstone. ("Joseph")

> s.

SW Corner of Graveyard

> take spike. exam spike.

> exam marker. (Has your name!)

> e.

SE Corner of Graveyard

> exam grave. ("Unknown Patriot")

> exam vase. take topaz. wear topaz.

> exam flowers.

> n.

NE Corner of Graveyard

> take whistle. exam whistle.

> drop whistle. (You don't need it.)

> n.

Moon-lit Path

> take wrapper. exam wrapper. ("SNICKER")

> drop wrapper. n.

Outside Crypt

> pry door. (using the spike)

> n. d.

Burial Vault

> exam coffin. (It'x Zoltan's.)

> exam wall. push wall. (North passage is now open.)

> n.

Low Room

CAUTION: If you pull the hook, the floor opens and you'll be hanging from the hook above a pit! To close the pit, put the torch in the bracket.

> take torch. exam torch.

> take jade. exam jade. wear jade.

Head back to your coffin:

> s. u. s. s. s. w. w. d. s. u.

Inside You Coffin

CAUTION: You have only one turn to read the writing!

> read writing. ("May the ghost of Ator watch your corpse rot!")

Your torch sets the coffin on fire!

> d. u.

> take bronze. exam bronze. (A key was under the silk.)

> d.

Small Cave

> dig. (You find a diamond ring.)

> take diamond. exam diamond. wear diamond.

> dig. (This time, you find a way south.)

> s.

End of Rock Cave

> exam box. open box. (Locked.)

> exam fedora. (You don't need it.)

> exam rope. take rope.

> n. n. u.


> exam ghost. ("Speak my name and receive my gift.")

> say Ator. (He leaves, dropping a sapphire ring.)

> take sapphire. wear sapphire. exam sapphire.

> e. e. n. n. n. d.

Burial Vault

> pry coffin. (with spike. An undead skeleton emerges! Run!)

> n.

Low Room

> pull hook. (The skeleton falls into the crypt.)

> put torch in bracket. (The pit closes.)

> tie rope to hook. take torch.

> pull hook. d. (via rope)

Bottom of Pit

> take skull. listen. ("Carry me, and I'll help you. Beware of the Steps of Doom... my coffin.")

> u.

Low Room

> put torch in bracket. take torch.

> s.

Burial Vault

> drop spike.

> enter coffin.

Inside Zoltan's Coffin

The way down appears if you're wearing the sapphire ring.

> exam garnet. take garnet. wear garnet.

> d.

Bottom of Stone Steps

If you have the torch, the rats shouldn't attack you.

> listen. ("Beware of snakes. Wear the diamond ring. It will protect you, but only briefly.")

> take pearl. wear pearl.

> s.

Low Damp Room

CAUTION: Wearing the diamond ring only protects you from the snakes for a short time. If the snakes are approaching you, go north immediately!

> exam snakes.

> exam designs. (Portrays a swinging blade from the ceiling.)

> take emerald.

> listen. ("Put me on the floor by the marble door.")

Unfortunately, the snakes are moving. Retreat briefly.

> n.

Bottom of Stone Steps

> wear emerald. s.

Low Damp Room

NOTE: You can't just drop the skull. You must specify the floor as its destination.

> put skull on floor. (The marble door opens.)

> crawl south. (to evade the swinging blade trap)

Deepest Catacombs

CAUTION: Immediately kill any spiders that crawl on you! If you don't, they bite you and you die! They attack every third turn.

> take opal. wear opal.

> kill spider.

> unlock strongbox with bronze key.

> take turquoise.

> kill spider.

> wear turquoise.

> take silver key.

> kill spider.

Note that the swinging blade trap is only triggered when going south into the catacombs. Don't crawl when going north.

> n. n. u. out.

Burial Vault

> drop bronze key.

Head back to the cave where you found the rope:

> u. s. s. s. w. w. d. s. s.

End of the Rock Cave

> unlock box with silver key. drop silver key.

> take ruby. wear ruby.

Unfortunately, you can't examine the ruby ring. The game thinks you're trying to interact with the rubble, even when you're nowhere near the rubble.

Head back to the skeleton in the pit:

> n. n. u. e. e. n. n. n. d. n. pull hook. d.

Bottom of Pit

Drop all ten rings:

> drop topaz. drop emerald.

> drop pearl. drop sapphire.

> drop ruby. drop diamond.

> drop garnet. drop jade.

> drop opal. drop turquoise.

You're waking up! You've won!

Congratulations on surviving your Nightmare from the Crypt.
You have taken several turns.





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Note that you have a carrying capacity of five items. Wear things whenever possible.


When you have all ten rings, go to the bottom of the pit where Zoltan's skeleton fell and drop all the rings there to win the game.

Useful items
Useless items

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