Key & Compass presents:
by John Eriksson

Rent-a-Spy is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by John Eriksson. It was an entry in IF Comp 2002 where it took 15th place.

You are Jane O'Connor, a professional spy employed by Rent-A-Spy. Your boss, Mr. Graham Darcy, has assigned you a new mission: secretly infiltrate Meramax's research facility and return with hard evidence proving they're developing a warfare virus. Be careful! Leave no traces of your visit!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Outside the gate

Outsidethe maingate Toolshed TruckBed On theroad Smallpath enter truck

Map 2: Third basement floor

Elevatorat floorB3 Elevatorroof (B2) Elevatorat floorB2 Elevator lobbyThird basementfloor Elevator lobbySecond basementfloor Corridor Showerroom Corridor Lockerroom Under-groundparkinggarage Under-groundparkinggarage TruckBed Truckcabin (sauna) push b2 d d push b3 u u

Map 3: Second basement floor

Officesupplyroom CopyRoom Elevatorat floorB3 Elevatorroof (B2) Elevatorat floorB2 Elevatorroof (B1) OfficeCorridor OfficeCorridor Corridor Elevator lobbySecond basementfloor Largeoffice Secretary'soffice Elevator lobbyThird basementfloor push b2 d d u push b3 u u d

Map 4: First basement floor

Elevatorat floorB2 Elevatorroof (G) Ventilationshaft Office Elevatorroof (B1) Elevatorat floorB1 Medicallab 2 Medicallab 1 Elevator lobbyFirst basementfloor Elevatorat floorB3 u u d enter vent d pushb2 s push b3

Map 5: Vents, Morgue, and Out

Patientroom Exam-inationRoom Ventilationshaft Ventilationshaft Ventilationshaft Emptyroom The blackbody bag Ventilationshaft Morgue MorgueRefrig-erator Medicallab 2 Epilogue Hallway Outsidethemorgue enter vent u close bag open bag.g. g. kick hatch s d enter truck


General note: Don't leave traces of your espionage! Leaving something out of place or not the way you found it can result in a loss of points or a failure of your mission.

On the road

> x me. i. e.

Small path

> x junk. search it. x sand.

> x shed. unlock shed with wire. n.

Tool shed

> x crate. open crate. x sack. take it. close crate.

> s.

Small path

> close shed. lock shed with wire.

> fill sack with sand.

> w.

On the road

> x road. put sand on road.

> z. (If necessary, continue to wait for the truck to arrive.)

> enter truck. (+5)

Truck bed

You hear the truck passing the gate, entering a tunnel, then a hall. Then you hear the driver leave and walk away.

> out.

Underground parking garage (west)

> x truck. x gateway. e.

Underground parking garage (east)

> x door. x panel.

> x buttons. (Buttons 2, 4, 6, and 7 are used.)

> push 2467 on panel. (+5)

> open door. n.

Corridor (south of detector)

> close door. x note. x detector. x lamp. e.

Locker room

> x clothes. search clothes. (You find and take keys.)

> n.

Shower room

> x thermometer. (80°C)

> s. w.

Corridor (south of detector)

> open door. s. close door. w.

Underground parking garage (west)

> unlock door with keys. enter cabin.

Truck cabin

> open glove. x screwdriver. x lunchbox. open it.

> take screwdriver. close glove. out.

Underground parking garage (west)

> close door. lock door with keys. e.

Underground parking garage (east)

> push 2467 on panel. open door. n.

Corridor (south of detector)

> close door. e.

Locker room

> put keys in clothes. w.

Corridor (south of detector)

> throw screwdriver over detector.

> throw wire over detector.

> n.

Corridor (north of detector)

> take all. n. n.

Elevator at floor B3

> x panel. x slot. s. u. w.

Corridor (on second basement floor)

> x door. unlock door with wire. (+5)

> w.

Office corridor (east)

> close door. listen.

> x plant. x pot. x painting.

> n.

Copy Room

> x machine. open machine. x paper. (signed by Amy Bird.)

> s. s.

Secretary's office

> x vase. smell roses.

> look under keyboard. read note. put note under keyboard.

> turn on computer. x screen.

> type coin on keyboard. (+5)

> type amy on keyboard.

Yes, we're leaving the computer on, because we'll come back here later.

> n. w.

Office corridor (west)

> x painting. x sign. n.

Office supply room

> x disc. take disc. s. s.

Large office

> x painting. x carpet. x desk. x safe.

> n. e. open door. e. close door. e.

Elevator lobby - Second basement floor

> open door with screwdriver. n.

Elevator roof

> x hatch. open hatch. d.

Elevator at floor B3

> push B2. u.

Elevator roof

> open door with screwdriver. s. (+5)

Elevator lobby - First basement floor

> w.

Medical lab 1

> x funnel. x flask. x rubber. x rack. x test tube.

> take funnel. take rubber.

> put funnel in rubber. x scope.

> n.


> x diagrams. x desk. x book. ("Dr. Ivan Suvago")

> s. w.

Medical lab 2

> x machine. x vent.

> e. e.

Elevator lobby - First basement floor

> push button. n.

Elevator at floor B1

> push b2. s. w. open door. w. close door. s.

Secretary's office

> type suvago on keyboard. (His son's name is David.)

> turn off computer.

> n. w. s.

Large office

> unlock safe with scope. (+5)

> x letter. (Minister of defense is pleased with tests of A22-Z.)

Let's go make a copy of this letter, then put it back.

> take letter. n. e. n.

Copy Room

> copy letter. i. (You now have a copy and the original.)

> s. w. s.

Large office

> put original letter in safe.

> close safe. lock safe.

> n. e. open door. e.

Corridor (on second basement floor)

> close door. lock door with wire. e. n.

Elevator at floor B2

> u.

Elevator roof

> close hatch.

> open door with screwdriver. s. w.

Medical lab 1

> disassemble scopeortake funnel from scope.

> put funnel and rubber on table.

> n.


> turn on computer. x screen.

> type david on keyboard. (+5)

> put disc in drive.

> turn off computer.

> s. w.

Medical lab 2

> enter vent. (Can't reach.)

> stand on machine. enter vent. (Decimeter short.)

> stand. e. n.


> take book. s. w.

Medical lab 2

> put book on machine.

> stand on book. enter vent.

Ventilation shaft (south)

> n. e.

Ventilation shaft (east)

Hear two men drop a body and someone else drag it away.

> w. w. w.

Examination room

You cannot unlock the white door with the wire.

> x bench. look under bench. (nothing)

> x desk. open drawer. look in it. close drawer.

> n.

Patient room

> x man. look under bed. take bag. x bag.

> s. e. e. e. e.

Empty room

> open bag. drop bag. push button.

> enter bag. close bag.

The black body bag

> open bag. g. g.

Morgue Refrigerator

> look. (Can't see anything.)

> out. open hatch. (Can't reach it.)

> kick hatch. (+5)


The red metal door goes back to the empty room; you don't need to return there.

> look. take bag. close refrigerator.

> u.


> open door. e.

Outside the morgue

> close door.

> x guard. x truck. x barrels.

> throw wire at barrels.

> throw screwdriver at barrels. (The guard goes to check.)

> enter truck. (+60)


Mr. Darcy tells you what the FBI has done in response to your hard evidence, and congratulates you on a perfect job.

*** THE END ***





All endings end with THE END and differ only with the assessment of how well you did, and what happens next.

As near as I can tell, your character cannot die nor put herself into an unwinnable situation. The clearest example of this is in the empty room, where pushing the button summons attendants a few turns later. If you don't have the bag when they're about to walk in, you manage to scoot into the vent in time. And if you have the bag, but you're not inside it, you play dead and fool them. In no case do they find you and identify you as an intruder.



This is the response to SCORE:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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