Key & Compass presents:
The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo Episode 42 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Books
by Gilles Duchesne

The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo Episode 42 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Books is a Hugo interactive fiction game and is © 2001 by Gilles Duchesne. It was a participant in the Douglas N. Adams Tribute Speed-IF event.

In this tribute to Douglas Adams, you once again play as Captain Speedo, the hero of a popular sci-fi radio series. In the last episode, our hero's spaceship was captured by the evil crime lord, Lord Feeblekaterbrop. Powerless to fight him, you must now follow his order to find his childhood blankie hidden somewhere in this space complex.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


AnteChamber Bar TransportTube Bay View Feeble-katerbrop'sZoo in u u in out d d out

Ante Chamber

Your mission: find the gold-threaded blankie!

> x captain. i. x poem. x pack.

> x tables. x machines. x throne. x lord. out.


> x bartender. x counter. ask bartender about drinks.

> x drinks. take drinks. d. d.

Bay View

> x ship. x door. x button. push button. in.

Feeblekaterbrop's Zoo

> x cage. x monster. x drapes. take drapes.

The announcer announces the death of Douglas Adams. Suddenly everything pales in comparison to Douglas Adams's work.

> i. x captain. x poem. x pack. x blanket.

> x monster. out.

Bay View

> x ship. x door. u. u.


> x android. x drinks. in.

Ante Chamber

> x lord. give blanket to lord.

The actor playing Lord Feeblekaterbrop leaves the set, overcome by the sad news.

The game has ended.





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