Key & Compass presents:
Ramón and Jonathan
by Daniele A. Gewurz

Ramón and Jonathan is a Z-machine interactive fiction story written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by Daniele A. Gewurz. It was an entry in IF Comp 2002 where it took 38th place.

This small story takes place on space station Tithonus. The main tribunal has just read its verdict: Ramón and Jonathan, also known as the People's Friends, the hangman who killed so many people, are formally condemned, but they will also go unpunished. The trial audience is angry, but only your friend, Iliana of the "Justice Now" movement, is equipped to do anything about it.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Hangar TribunalHall Defend-ants' Cage WhiteCorridor Gettingout


Tribunal Hall

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x Iliana. (She pulls an object from her belt.)

> x object. (It's a grenade.)

> ask Iliana about grenade. (She gives it to you.)

> x bench. x cage. x Ramon. x Jonathan. x policemen.

> ask Iliana about justice.

> ask Iliana about hangmen.

> ask Iliana about equipment.

By this time, men in black are freeing Ramón and Jonathan and tying up the warders. Don't worry that we're being tardy. I'm trying squeeze as many details out of this story as I can.

> x smoke grenade. x revolver.

> x radio set. x belt.

> ask Iliana for smoke grenade.

> ask her about smoke grenade. (Activated by dropping it.)

> ask her about mib. (She thinks they're minions of the hangmen.)

> drop smoke grenade.

> throw grenade at gate. (The gate is blasted open!)

> e. e. ne.


Curious about the shuttle? Go ahead and explore it, if you like:

> x field. x shuttle. enter shuttle.

> x Jonathan. x Ramon. x Joe. x Jack. x Jim. x controls.

> out.

But the Commander is who you really want to speak with:

> x MiBorx Commander. (He wants to talk to you. He sounds Terran.)

> ask him about hangmen. ask him about Earth.

> ask him about Tithonus. ask him about justice.

> tell him about me.

> ask him about prosecution.

He asks you to come along to Earth to testify. Will you?

> yes

*** You have won ***





From the response to CREDITS:

[The author is enormously indebted to Graham Nelson (not personally, alas), to many frequenters of the newsgroups and it.comp.giochi.avventure.testuali, and to his betatesters Maria Cristina Valsecchi (who deserves an honourable mention), Tommaso Caldarola, Francesco Cordella, Maurizio Paoluzi, Marco Saccone, and Pierluigi Zezza.]


Note: The shuttle won't leave at any pre-set time. There's no ending where shuttle takes off just because you wasted too many turns.


All three items are initially held by Iliana, but you can't see them at first. You'll see the explosive grenade (as a small metallic object) first when she stands up. You can ask for it or about it then, and she'll give it to you.

For the other two items, you must learn they exist first. Ask her about the hangmen, and she'll mention she has equipment. Then ask her about equipment, and she'll tell you what she has. Now you can ask for the smoke grenade and the revolver, and she'll give them to you. Iliana won't part with her radio set or her utility belt, though.

Dishonorable mention:


The response to SCORE is blunt:

Scoring some kind of points is about the last thing on your mind just now.

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