Key & Compass presents:
Quest for the Magic Healing Plant
by Adam G. Crutchlow

Quest for the Magic Healing Plant is an AGT text adventure game and is © 1995, 1996, and 2002 by Adam G. Crutchlow. The AGT version was released in 1995. A port to Inform 6 was released in 1996, and another port to ADRIFT 3.9 was released in 2002.

In this simple game, you play as a father whose daughter Crystal is very ill. You've heard that there's a magic plant nearby that can cure any illness, but you've never seen it. It's Crystal's last chance. Find that magic plant and cure her.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the Inform 6 port, Release 2 of the game.


enter cave enterwall out DarkCave GloomyForest GloomyForest GrassyHills Mountains MountainPath GloomyForest GloomyForest NorthRoad SecludedLake Edge ofForest GloomyForest GloomyForest(at pit) RoadJunction Fountain Edge ofForest GloomyForest GloomyForest North-EastRoad Bend EastRoad EastRoad EastRoad EastRoad EastRoad'sEnd DarkWood Woodland SmallClearing Woodland Woodland SmallCottage Woodland Woodland Woodland out e s You havedied


Small Cottage

This game is very simple and sparse. The biggest obstacle to success is just mapping all the outdoor locations.

> x Crystal. x beds. x table. x oven. x window. out.

Small Clearing

> e. s. s. w.

Woodland (south of cottage)

> x knife. take knife.

> e. n. n. n. e.

East Road (at sign)

> read sign. e.

East Road's End

The orc can't hurt you. You can kill him only if you're carrying the knife.

> x orc. kill orc. (+10)

> e.

Dark Wood

> read carving. ("Walls have ears")

Follow the road west, then north into the mountains.

> w. w. w. w. w. w. n. n. n.


> x cave. enter cave.

Dark Cave

> x bits. search bits. (+10)

> x coin. take coin.

> out. w. w. w.

Gloomy Forest (northwestern corner)

> x fire. search fire. (+10)

> take note. read note. ("only the rare magic clover plant will cure any ill")

> se. se. e. e.


> x fountain. x water. drink water.

> put coin in fountain. (+20)

> x flute. take flute. play flute.

Ignore the pit in the forest; entering the pit is deadly.

> w. w. w. w.

Edge of Forest

Remember the clue that "walls have ears"?

> x wall. play flute. (+20)

> enter wall.

Secluded Lake

The torn note lets you know what you're looking for.

> x lake. x plants.

> x clover. take clover. (+20)

> e. e. e. e. se. se. s.

Small Cottage

> give clover to Crystal. (+50)

*** You have won ***






You have so far scored this-much out of a possible 140, in this-many turns.

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