Key & Compass presents:
Puddles on the Path
by Anssi Räisänen

Puddles on the Path is an ALAN 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2003 by Anssi Räisänen. It was an entry in Spring Thing 2003 where it tied for 3rd place.

In this game where proverbs are magical spells, you play as an apprentice to Larumis the Sorcerer. After two years in his service, you're on the road home for a well-earned summer vacation when, through an iron gate in a stately stone wall, you see a mysterious garden. You forgot all about curiosity killing the cat.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.0 of the game.


(caughtby guard) out the grass isalways greeneron the other sideof the fence homo homini lupus n n push button In ADark Cave In TheLargeCave In TheAbandonedStorageRoom OutsideTheGarden In TheGarden In TheTinyCave At TheElevator In TheRoundCave In TheElevator At TheGuards'Hut In ADark Pass PassEntrance BeyondThe Chasm At TheWideChasm At TheMouth OfThe Tunnel At ASmallBrook In TheNarrowTunnel jump overchasm (to castle) (to home) (win)


REMINDER: When playing ALAN games, you can only enter one command at a time, and you can't end a command with a period.

Outside The Garden

> x me. i. x backpack. open it. x sandwiches.

> x gate. x garden. (You see a golden egg!)

> x egg. take egg.

You'll be using the magic of proverbs.

> x tree. open gate. x nest.

> x bushes. x flowers. x castle.

> x grass. (hmmm)

Unfortunately, it's essential to see the game's list of possible proverbs so you get the phrasing exactly right.

> help. credits. RECALL PROVERBS.

> the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

You use the Transfer Spell and are now...

In The Garden

> x tree. x nest. climb tree. shake tree.

> x birds. put egg in nest.

Eventually a guard appears, accuses you of theft, and the king has you sent to an underground cell...

In A Dark Cave

You no longer have your backpack or the egg.

> x torch. x door. x floor.

> take torch. burn door.

> search floor. (Found a diary!)

> x diary. (locked) x lock.

By the way, I could also unlock the diary with the torch, which I'm sure is a bug.

> you cannot tell a book by its cover. (You use the Unlocking Spell.)

> read diary. ("Magic word: GHOTI")

> ghotiorfish. (Door opens.)

> out. (You leave the torch and diary behind.)

In The Large Cave

> x rose. (Most arrows red; south arrow is green.)

> x smoke. x crack.

> e.

In An Abandoned Storage Room.

> x tools. x torches. (You take ane.)

> x torch.

> w.

In The Large Cave

> x boulder. push boulder.

Use the Dislocation Spell to move the boulder blocking the southwest exit.

> a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Use the Kindling Spell to turn smoke into fire.

> there is no smoke without fire

> put torch in fire. (It's now lit.)

> x torch.

> sw.

In The Tiny Cave

> x crystal. take it. ne. se.

In The Round Cave

The panther is afraid of the flaming torch.

> x panther. take yellow crystal. (It's too far away.)

> when the cat is away the mice play. (Mice free the crystal from the wall.)

> take yellow crystal. x it.

> nw. s.

At The Elevator

> x elevator. x pillars. x dent.

> x left dent. (round)

> x right dent. (square)

> put yellow crystal in left dent.

> put blue crystal in right dent.

> in.

In The Elevator

The elevator won't work unless you've placed the crystals.

> x button. push button.

In The Narrow Tunnel

> n.

At The Mouth Of The Tunnel

> x plaque. x moon.

> e.

At A Small Brook

> x brook. (Debris blocks its original path.)

> x crack. look in crack. x sword. take sword. (too far)

> x debris. move debris.

> look in crack. take sword.

Yes, it's unlikely that a real metal sword would float in water, but this is a fantasy game, remember. Deal with it.

> w. w.

At The Wide Chasm

> x glint. x chasm.

> x ground. search ground. take pole. x pole.

> jump over chasm.

Beyond The Chasm

> take head.

> two heads are better than one. (Duplication Spell)

> x heads.

> e. n.

Pass Entrance

> x statues. (left missing spear; right missing sword; both missing heads)

> read plaque. (pull the spear to leave)

> n. (Blocked by invisible barrier.)

> put head on left statue. put head on right statue.

> put sword in right statue. put pole in left statue.

> pull pole. (The invisible barrier is gone.)

> n.

In A Dark Pass

> n. (Angry dogs surround you!)

> let sleping dogs lie. (Anaesthetizing Spell)

> n.

At The Guards' Hut

> n. n. (Guards surround you!)

> homo homini lupus. (Transformation Spell)

*** All's well that ends well ***





[(c) 2003 by Anssi Raisanen.
This game was written using ALAN v2.8.
Further information about the ALAN system can be obtained from the World Wide Web Internet site

Special thanks to Thomas Nilsson and Goran Forslund for ALAN.

Thanks to Steve Griffiths for Library 0.3.1.

Many thanks to Jennifer Vaughan and J.P. for betatesting the game. All remaining errors and incongruities are entirely my own fault.

Comments, questions, bug reports etc. can be sent to]





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