Key & Compass presents:
The Prize
by Simon Vigonski

The Prize is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2012 by Simon Vigonski.

This game is told in the third-person. The adventurer has finally arrived in the hidden and forgotten valley where the tomb of the Alchemist lies. What secrets are locked inside the tomb? Such knowledge is a prize much worth having for the man who would be the Second Alchemist.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Crypt Corridor Chamber ofStrength Chamber ofGrowth Chamber ofMovement Chamber ofBreath Chamber ofAlchemy Chamber ofFlow OpenField TombEntrance Shoreof theWaterfall ValleyEntrance WindyCave Maze ofPassages d u


Note: This game is told in the third-person, and for a good reason.

Maze of Passages

> listen. (wailing sounds fake)

> x wallsorx valley.

> x maze.

> n.

Windy Cave

> x hole. x wind. x outcropping. x building.

> enter hole. (out of reach)

> get on outcropping. (out of reach)

> climb wall. (can't)

> n.

Valley Entrance

> x bird. (red; a tireless guardian)

> x statues. (have spears; not stopping intruders)

> x building. x trees. (No two the same.)

> x field. x waterfall.

> n.

Tomb Entrance

> x vines. x plaque. x bolts.

> e.

Shore of the Waterfall

> x poolorx clifforx bottomorx waterfall.

> touch water. (cold)

> w. w.

Open Field

> x shoot. (An inch tall, with two tiny leaves.)

> e. n.

Chamber of Alchemy

> x slab. x book.

> look up essences in book. look up catalysts in book.

> look up alchemist in book. (nothing)

> look up holy bird in book. look up holy tree in book.

> look up growth in book. look up movement in book.

> look up breath in book. look up breath of ages in book.

> look up flow in book. look up strength in book.

> look up seals in book.

> take book. x pedestal.

There are five side chambers, one per essence. Let's start with the western one and go clockwise.

> w.

Chamber of Breath

> x battle. e. nw.

Chamber of Strength

> x battle. se. n.

Chamber of Growth

> x battle. s. ne.

Chamber of Movement

> x battle. sw. e.

Chamber of Flow

> x battle. w. d.


> x torches. touch flames. (not hot)

> x door. (Blocked by all five essences.)

> look up barrier in book. (Different from seals.)

> x field battle. x city battle.

> u. s.

Tomb Entrance

> draw growth from vines.

> w.

Note that drawn essences dissipate when you leave a location. You must use them where you drew them.

Open Field / Under the Holy Tree

> draw growth from tree.

> transmute shoot.

The tree grows huge. It has an acorn. The bird lands on the branch. A feather falls.

Because the bird has landed, the Movement barrier on the crypt door is gone.

> take feather. x it.

> x tree. x acorn.

> se.

Valley Entrance

> draw movement from feather.

> transmute statue. (One statue is now a golem.)

> golem, hit statue.

The other statue is broken, as is its spear. Because both statues are gone, the Strength barrier on the crypt door is also gone.

> x spearhead. take it.

> golem, nw.

> nw.

Under the Holy Tree

> golem, take acorn.

> golem, give acorn to me.

> golem, e.

> e.

Tomb Entrance

> draw strength from spearhead.

> transmute vines. (They are now stone.)

Because the vines no longer grow, the Growth barrier on the crypt door is gone.

> golem, take plaque. (It can't unfasten the bolts.)

> golem, hit plaque. (It starts to ring.)

Alas, the golem can't really help you any further.

> s. s.

Windy Cave

> cut me with head. (Blood drips.)

> draw flow from blood.

> transmute outcropping. (It falls, leaving a humming pebble.)

Because the wind no longer sings, the Breath barrier on the crypt door is gone.

> take pebble.

> n. n.

Tomb Entrance

> draw breath from pebble.

> transmute bolts. (The plaque falls.)

> take plaque. hit plaque.

> draw breath from plaque.

> draw strength from plaque.

> transmute blood. (It freezes; he's no longer bleeding.)

> e.

Shore of the Waterfall

> hit plaque.

> draw breath from plaque.

> draw strength from plaque.

> transmute water. (It freezes, leaving an ice shard.)

Because the waterfall no longer flows, the Flow barrier on the crypt door is gone. And that was the final barrier.

> take shard. x it.

> w. n. d. n.


> x orb. take orb.

> look up black orb in book. (The sixth essence is Lies.)

> x sarcophagus.

Make notes on which essences the bowls are sealed with; it's randomized!

> x nw bowl. x ne bowl. x sw bowl. x se bowl.

Note: The plaque is too large to fit into a bowl, and blood won't count as Flow when put into a bowl, but you can and must use all your other catalysts.

Place all the catalysts in the bowls that represent opposing forces for the seals. Assume that the wheel of essences is as arranged by the chambers upstairs; see Essences.

Example 1:

> put shard in NW. (Flow opposes both Growth and Strength.)

> put feather in NE. (Movement opposes Breath.)

> put pebble in SW. (Breath opposes both Growth and Movement.)

> put head in SW. (Strength opposes both Flow and Movement.)

> put orb in SE. (Lies opposes everything.)

> put acorn in SE. (Growth is the only other essence not in SE seal.)

Example 2:

> put feather in NW. (Movement opposes both Breath and Strength.)

> put acorn in NE. (Growth opposes Breath.)

> put pebble in SW. (Breath opposes both Growth and Movement.)

> put head in SW. (Strength opposes both Flow and Movement.)

> put orb in SE. (Lies opposes everything.)

> put shard in SE. (Flow is the only other essence not in SE seal.)

When all your sources are placed correctly:

> transmute sarcophagus. (The seals are gone. Everything in the bowls is gone too.)

> open sarcophagus.

*** You have been resurrected. ***




The response to CREDITS is the same as VERSION:

The Prize
An Interactive Fiction by Simon Vigonski
Release 1 / Serial number 120827 / Inform 7 build 6G60 (I6/v6.32 lib 6/12N)
Identification number: //BA883774-4EF2-4485-9B9C-F8F826E58AC3//
Standard interpreter 1.1 (4F) / Library serial number 080126
Standard Rules version 2/090402 by Graham Nelson
Custom Library Messages version 4/120212 by Ron Newcomb (with special thanks to David Fisher)
Pronouns version 4 by Ron Newcomb


Growth Strength Movement Breath Flow








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