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Poppet is a Quest interactive fiction game and is © 2019 by Bitter Karella. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it took 9th place.

In this fantasy game, you play as a rag doll named Poppet. You wake in absolute darkness which alarms you. You should be in Polly's bed, ready to protect her, and you should never have slept. And you soon discover the house is in a severe state of decay. What happened? Where is Polly and her family? How long did you sleep?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.0 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Closet Lavatory Bedroom Hallway Hallway Sewingroom Nursery Spaceunder thestairs Office Westfoyer Foyer Pantry Kitchen Diningroom Parlour Den Hallway Basement d u u d



> help. x me. i.

> s. (You find a doorknob.)

> turn doorknob. (You're in a closet.)

> s.


> x bed. x pillow. x window. x wallpaper. x coats.

> n.


> x morning coat. search morning coat. (You find and take a matchbook.)

> s. e.

Hallway (upstairs, west end)

> x cat. take whiskers. (No reason to.)

> x carpet.

> n.


> x toilet. x bathtub.

> x perfume. take it.

> s. s.

Sewing room

> x drawing. (Art by Polly of her toys.)

> x dummy. x fan. x shelf.

> x hat box. (Out of reach.)

> x machine. (Not functional.)

> x sewing box. (Need a tool to open its clasp.)

> n. e.

Hallway (upstairs, east end)

> x gap. x bookshelf. x window seat.

> s.


> x footprints. (Indications of a scuffle.)

> x Birgitta. (asleep or dead)

> x dollhouse. (facade revealed)

> x facade. take it.

> x carriage. (A pushcart)

> x mural.

> n.

Hallway (upstairs, east end)

> use facade on gap. d.


Juliette, a china doll, greets you. She fears that Polly is grown up. But she says she has a way to keep the magic alive, then leaves.

> x cabinet. open it.

> x buttonhook. take it. x shoelace. take it.

> x bannister.

Head back to the sewing room:

> u. w. s.

Sewing room

> use buttonhook on sewing box. take scissors. take needle.

> use perfume on fan. (The fan is now full.)

> use matchbook on fan. (The fan blows the hat box off the shelf.)

> x hat box. use scissors on hat box. x face.

Head back downstairs and continue exploring:

> n. e. d. s.


> x painting. (It's of Polly's grandfather, aka "Opa".)

> x divan. (Note crumpled paper)

> read paper. (Animations may be fueled with fear and quelled with aid.)

> x fireplace. x ashes. x poker. x curtains.

> take poker.

> w.

Dining room

> x table. x chairs. x fireplace.

> w. (Some force of repulsion is keeping you out.)

> s.

Hallway (downstairs)

> x grate. (No reason to enter there now.)

> w.


> x animal. (It's moving, has gash in its side, has sharp claws)

> x chair. x fireplace. x rug. x heads.

Remembering the paper in the parlour, you can offer to sew up the gash in the animal, quelling the animation that Polly's fear granted it.

> speak to animal. use needle on animal.

After repairing the animal, it becomes lifeless and you spot a copper key in its mouth.

> take copper key.

> e. n. n.

West foyer

> x can. take it. (You kick it instead.)

> x graffiti. ("Westside Ha")

> x door. x tiny door.

> n. (tiny door is locked)

> w. (also locked)

Make sure you explicitly refer to the copper key

> unlock door with copper key. w.


Note: "open drawer(s)" doesn't work.

> x figure. (It's a medical skeleton.)

> x desk. open desk. (You find an envelope.)

> x envelope. ("Polly, Age 6")

> open envelope. (You find baby teeth which you keep.)

> x tome. read tome.

There's eight topics which you can 'ask' the tome about by chapter number. Read all the chapters:

> ask tome about 1. (re cures)

> ask tome about 2. (re creating poppets)

> ask tome about 3. (re concealed shoes as wards)

> ask tome about 4. (re creating an oracle)

> ask tome about 5. (re toads)

> ask tome about 6. (re creating a charm of disguise)

> ask tome about 7. (re creating a necklace of protection)

> ask tome about 8. (re finding lost things)

> x cabinet. open cabinet. take brass key.

> e.

West foyer

> unlock tiny door with brass key. n.

The space under the stairs

> x gum. take gum.

> s. e. u. w.

Hallway (upstairs, west end)

Now that you know about making an oracle, you can take a whisker.

> take whisker.

> e. d. s. w.

Dining room

From chapter 3 of the tome, you may now suspect that a concealed shoe in the fireplace is stopping you from entering the kitchen.

> use poker on fireplace. (You dislodge a shoe.)

> x concealed shoe. take it.

> take ashes.

> w.


The dolls are making a pile of china.

> x pile. x Jingles. speak to Jingles.

> x Tomas. speak to Tomas.

> x Pirouette. speak to Pirouette. (She's faceless and can't talk.)

> use gum on face.

> use face on Pirouette. (She can talk now!)

> speak to Pirouette.

> x sink. open cupboard. x grease trap.

> x tutu. ask Pirouette about tutu. (You get some muslin.)

> ask Piroutte about china.

> w.


> x Winston. x thyme. x bay.

> take thyme. take bay.

> speak to Winston.

> ask Winston about Polly. ask Winston about Juliette.

> ask Winston about china. ask Winston about trapdoor.

> e.


You can't take any grease, but...

> use ashes on grease. use whisker on grease.

> use thyme on grease. (You create an oracle unguent.)

> x unguent. take it.

> e. n. w.


> use unguent on skeleton.

The skeleton is now an oracle. Ask it about everyone to get a cryptic hints about them.

> ask skeleton about Polly.

> ask skeleton about Juliette.

> ask skeleton about me.

> ask skeleton about skeleton.

> ask skeleton about Winston.

> ask skeleton about Pirouette.

> ask skeleton about Jingles.

Head back to the bedroom:

> e. e. u. w. w.


> use bay on pillow. (You're now sure something is in the downstairs hallway grate.)

> e. e. d. w. s. s.

Hallway (downstairs)

> open grate. (You find Jingles' bell!)

> x bell. take it.

> n. w.


> give bell to Jingles.

> ask Jingles about Juliette. ask Jingles about Winston. ask Jingles about china.

Now that Jingles has his bell, he'll let you take one piece of china.

> take china. take eye. (It's Juliette's missing eye.)

> use muslin on eye. (It's now a charm of deception.)

> w.


When you enter here, Winston believes you're Juliette and you send him away.

> d.


> x hole. x boy. speak to boy.

> ask boy about boy. (He's Owen. He wants to join the Westside Hawks gang.)

> ask boy about Juliette. (She tied him up.)

> x dress. ask boy about dress.

> x teapot. x toolbox. open it. take pliers. x pliers.

> ask Owen about Westside Hawks. ask Owen about spraypaint can.

> untie Owen.

Juliette arrives and stops you. She thinks Owen's fear awakened the old magic. Then there's a BUMP upstairs. Juliette says that's probably Birgitta wakening.

> untie Owen. (You can't. Juliette's magic on the ropes is too strong.)

Head to the nursery and Birgitta:

> u. e. e. e. n. u. s.


> speak to Birgitta. (She rejects this borrowed life and returns to a lifeless sleep.)

> n. d.


As you enter, Juliette asks you about Birgitta. You tell her what happened.

Juliette warns you not to let the boy go, and if you agree, to bring the teapot upstairs.

> s. w. s. w.


> take claw. (using the pliers. A loose claw is now here.)

> pick up claw.

> use claw on shoelace. (You have a claw necklace)

> use teeth on necklace. (You have a teeth n claw necklace)

> e. n. w. w. d.


I'm assuming you want the good ending? If you want the bad ending, just take the teapot to the kitchen.

> put shoe in hole. (To stop Juliette or the others from entering here.)

> give necklace to boy. untie boy.

Good night, Poppet.

*** Game Over ***



These are thumbnails of artwork in the game. To see the images at full size, please play the game.





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