Key & Compass presents:
by Christopher Lewis

Polendina is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2006 by Christopher Lewis. It was an entry in IF Comp 2006 where it took 27th place.

In this game, you play as an adult who inexplicably wakes up in an abbreviated and sparsely-furnished version of their childhood home. The story will touch on the dog you wanted but never had, the way your mom died, and your relationship with your dad afterwards.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


u u d d (viaplumbing) Roofof theworkshop Back partof theworkshop Bedroom Kitchen Front partof theworkshop Bathroom LivingRoom Pet Shop Culdesacat thewest end West MainStreet East MainStreet Culdesacat theeast end Emptyplay-ground middleof thetree Sewer Sewer Sewer Sewer Sewer d d u u


The bedroom

> verbose. x me. i. stand.

> x bed. look under bed. take phone.

> turn on phone. x phone. turn off phone.

> x nightstand. open drawer. x ring. take it.

The game will get increasingly abusive the longer you spend trying to open the door.

> x door. w. open door. knock on door.

> s.

The bathroom

> x toilet. x sink.

> turn on sink. wash ring. (It falls down the drain.)

> turn off sink. x drain. look in drain. (Empty.)

> n. e.

The kitchen

> x dishes. x bone. take it.

> x fridge. open it. close it.

> x counter. x sink.

> s.

The living room

> x couch. search couch. x card.

> x table. take dad's. x it.

> x photograph.

> s. (Force field stops you.)

> drop dad's. s.

West Main Street

There's a storm nearby.

> x house.

> w. x field.

> s.

An empty playground

> x tree. x kite. climb tree.

middle of the tree

> take kite. d.

An empty playground

> fly kite. (Needs string.)

> x bars. take bar. x bar.

> x swing. swing swing. climb bars.

> x sky.

> n. e. e. n.

Pet Shop

> x aquariums. search them. take key. x it.

> x cage. x dog. x leash.

> unlock cage with key. take leash.

> pet dog. play with dog.

> s. w. w. n.

The living room

> take dad's. w.

The bathroom

Forgive me. I know this action is unmotivated until we've explored the sewers, but doing it now will save us a bit of time. And yes, we could have done this before leaving the house, but then you would have missed Montmorency getting a drink from the toilet.

> put dad's in drain. (It's too big.)

> put dad's in toilet. flush toilet.

> e. s. e. e.

A culdesac at the east end of Main Street

> x cover. pry cover with bar. d.


The phone is your light source, but know that it will run out of power if you leave it on too long.

> turn on phone.

Sewer (five locations)

> w. w. n.

> take card and ring.

> x ring. read inscription.

I was confused at first, but that was the narrator speaking, not the protagonist, about giving the ring to his wife.

> wear ring.

> s. w. u.

A culdesac at the west end of Main Street

> turn off phone. x roof.

Carrying's dad's ID will let you get in the workshop.

> n.

The front part of the workshop

> x shepherd. x chain. x parts.

> give bone to shepherd. x body.

> n.

The narrator, who is also your father, kills Montmorency.

The back part of the workshop

> x body. x door. x ladder. x desk.

> x computer. x cable.

> ask dad about himself.

You can't disable the computer this easily:

> pull cable. turn off computer. break computer.

> u.

The roof of the workshop

> attach leash to kite. attach kite to generator.

> d.

The back part of the workshop

Huge crash above! Power goes out. South exit blocked. East door open!

> e. (Roof collapses behind you.)

The bedroom

> take note. read note.

Dad is dead, and you learn that you're an immortal robot now trapped in a fake world.

> w. x rubble.

> kill me. die. (You can't die.)

> sleep. (You don't sleep.)

> eat key. (You don't feel hunger.)

If you feel like exploring, you'll discover that most of the force fields are gone—except you'll still need your ID to enter the front door—and you can wander around all you want, but there's really nothing left for you to do.

> quit. (You can't die.)

The game has no ending; that's kinda the point. You'll have to close your interpreter manually.





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