Key & Compass presents:
Plane Walker
by Jack Comfort

Plane Walker is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2021 by Jack Comfort. It was an entry in IF Comp 2021 where it took 68th place.

In this rather odd game, you play as someone who wakes up disorientated inside a deserted aeroplane in mid-flight. Where is everyone? Is the pilot gone too? Where is the plane headed? Why are you even there? All you know for sure is that you must get off this plane.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Aeroplane

TheCockpit TheNorthernAisle Front-Restroom The Aisle AeroplaneSeat 34A Rear-Restroom LectureHall enter toilet

Map 2: In the School

SuppliesCloset Rear-Restroom HallwayNorth LectureHall Head ofLectureHall BookWorlds Rendez-vousPoint HallwayCross-roads ShortHallway North-easternBend LongHallway The KeyRoom EasternHallway HallwaySouth Door-LinedHallway South-easternBend Dead EndHsllway DesertedClassroom MysteriousClassroom DungeonLobby enter toilet d u

Map 3: Under and Outside the School

AlienTerritory DesolateGrounds NaturalCave RockyHallway RockyHallway RockyHallway RockyHallway RockyHallway Rendez-vousPoint HallwayCross-roads RockyHallway RockyHallway RockyHallway Closet ofDangerousThings RockyHallway RockyHallway RockyHallway HallwayEntrance Dead EndHallway HewnClassroom HollowPocket RockyDead End DungeonLobby u d d u

Map 4: Book Worlds and Endgame

EasternHallway ImaginaryPlane Nothing-ness BlankNote Card InhabitedNote Card Page 23 Page 10 The Aisle Page 2 Door-LinedHallway Near thePortal Page 1 UnrealClassroom LongHallway Head ofLectureHall (if mathstextbookon lectern) (if plaintextbookon lectern) (if mysterioustextbookon lectern) enter v push device.yes turn page turn page turn page turn page (after 4 turns)


Aeroplane Seat 34A

> i. x ticket. ("34A", but destination blacked out)

> x window. open it. x it.

> x door. (need key)

> w. (can't: window too tiny)

> n.

The Aisle

> x seats. again. (find maths textbook)

> take maths. (+3)

> x it. (has pencil, explains negative number notation)

> x pencil. (needs sharpening)

> n.

The Northern Aisle

> open bay. take bag. x bag. (empty)

> e.


> take manual. read it. (+1)

> read note. (cant: total scrawl)

> w.

The Northern Aisle

> x imposing door. x keypad.

> hit keypad. (need a harder, resilient tool)

> hit keypad with pencil. (That did nothing. Hmph.)

If you examine the individual keys of the keypad (and why would you think of doing that?), you learn that the "6" key is the most damaged.

> x key. x 0. x 1. x 2. x 3. x 4.

> x 5. x 6. x 7. x 8. x 9.

> hit 6 with pencil. ("click")

> n. (+3)

The Cockpit

> x board. x keys.

> take keys. (The plane starts to plummet.)

> s. s. s.

Aeroplane Seat 34A

> unlock door with keys. s.


> x toilet. enter toilet. (cant: worlds clash)

CAUTION: If you take too long to successfully enter the toilet, you die.

Only glowing items (bag and maths) may come with you, and they must come with you. Drop the pencil, manual, keys, and ticket before entering the loo; they may not come with you.

Awkwardly, you can only drop things you're directly carrying. So you must take the pencil from the maths book and the ticket from the bag before you can drop them.

> drop manual, keys.

> take pencil, ticket.

> drop pencil, ticket.

> enter loo. (+7. You are now in...)

Lecture Hall

> x benches. x graffiti. (+2)

Note that the square root sign looks like a 'v'.

> x desks. e.

Head of the Lecture Hall

> x lectern. x chalkboard. x eraser. take it.

> x maths. (A pencil is back in it.)

> x pencil. (It can't write.)

> w. w. n.

Supplies Closet

> x broom. take it. x bar. (nothing hangs from it)

> s. s.

Hallway Crossroads

> x door. x window.

> e.

Short Hallway

> e. (No, you'll get lost.)

> w. s. s. s.

Deserted Classroom

> x sharpener. take pencil.

> sharpen pencil with sharpener. (+2)

> put pencil in maths.

> n. e.

Door-Lined Hallway

> x classroom door. ("1108")

Game says to re-examine this door when you have something to write on.

> x well-framed door. (Gap at bottom?)

> x gap. (infinitely-thin)

> n. (locked)

> s. (locked)

> e. (no, you'll get lost)

Return to the head of the lecture hall:

> w. n. n. n. e. e.

Head of the Lecture Hall

> put maths on lectern.

There is no indication by the game that the east direction changed in any way by putting the maths textbook on the lectern. This is completely unclued:

> e.

Page 1

You have no inventory here.

> turn page.

Page 2

> turn page.

Page 10

> x ghostly. x small.

> turn page.

Blank Note Card

> w.

Head of the Lecture Hall

You now notice an index card in the maths book.

> x card. take it. take pencil.

With the card out of the way, what do the rest of the maths book pages look like?

> e.

Page 1

> turn page. g. g.

Page 23

Annoyingly, you can't refer to the "-" as a minus, hyphen, symbol, or sign.

> x -. (Room to left and right of it?)

> right. (Its negativity enters your soul.)

> turn page. (Soul shifts.)

Head of the Lecture Hall

Are you still negative? Yes, but only when in the maths book.

> e. turn page. g.

Page 10

I don't know how you're supposed to know about the "say hello to" command. CAUTION: Don't say hello to the ghostly being or you'll be multiplied by zero!

> say hello to small. (You were both negative; now you're both positive.)

> say hello to small. (+2. Feel something materialize out by your body.)

> turn page. g.

Head of the Lecture Hall

> i. x mask. (vaguely like a scuba mask?)

> wear mask. (how?)

> w.

Lecture Hall

> put card on desk.

> write v on card. (+10)

> x card. take it.

> e.

Head of the Lecture Hall

> put card in maths.

> e. turn page. g. g.

Inhabited Note Card

> x v. (big enough to fit inside?)

> enter v. (You are smaller.)

> out. (bigger!)

> w.

Head of the Lecture Hall

Hm. What if you enter the "V" when negative?

> take card. e. turn page. g. g.

Page 23

> right. (You're negative again.)

> turn page.

Head of the Lecture Hall

> put card in maths. e. turn page. g. g.

Inhabited Note Card

> enter v. (You are now on an...)

Imaginary Plane

> z. z. z. z. (You reform in...)

Eastern Hallway

Since you're now here, the game will now let you go east from the short and door-lined hallways.

> s. e.

Dead End Hallway

> sweep floor with broom. (+3)

> x hatch. open hatch. d.

Dungeon Lobby

> x coin. take it.

> w.

Rocky Dead End

> x pickaxe. (chalky and rusty)

> clean pickaxe with eraser. (+2)

> take it.

> x west wall. hit it with pickaxe. (fail: still rusty)

> e. ne.

Hewn Classroom

> x textbook. ("Advanced Planar Travel")

> take it.

> n.

Hallway Entrance

There's a maze of rocky hallways ahead, but it's not that bad.

> n. e. n.

Rocky Hallway (east wall looks off)

> x east wall. push it. (+3)

> e.

Closet of Dangerous Things

> x knives. x gleaming blade.

> take it. (It's a broadsword.)

> x saws. x hand saw. take it.

> x chemicals. (You spill a bottle on the floor.)

> take pickaxe. drop it.

> x chemicals. (+5; picksxe loses rust)

> tske pickaxe.

> w. s. w. n. w. s.

Rocky Hallway (southwest corner)

> x anvil. x hole. put finger in hole.

> take anvil. (Yes, you can pick it up!)

> n. e. s. s. s. sw. w.

Rocky Dead End

> hit west wall with pickaxe. (+3)

> w.

Hollow Pocket

> x rope. (otherworldly)

> take rope. climb rope.

> cut rope with sword. (+2)

> take rope. x rope.

> tie rope to anvil.

Return to the supplies closet:

> e. e. u. w. w. w. n. n. n. n.

Supplies Closet

> tie rope to bar. (You are flattened!)

Quickly, go to the Door-Lined Hallway!

> s. s. s. s. e.

Door-Lined Hallway

> n. (+3)

The Key Room

> take key. x key. x keys. s.

Door-Lined Hallway

By this time, you become your regular 3D self.

> unlock classroom with key. s.

Mysterious Classroom

> x plain textbook. take it.

> n. w. n. n. n. e. e.

Head of the Lecture Hall

> take index. take maths.

> put plain textbook on lectern.

> e.

Unreal Classroom

> x tables. x notebooks. x posters.

> x 1a. (Man wears strange headgear.)

> x headgear. (+2; you now know how to wear the mask.)

> x 1b. x case. x 2. (Wear your mask, darn it!)

> n.

Door-Lined Hallway

This is the real hallway; you're no longer in the plain textbook.

> x classroom door. (You write "1108" on the card.)

> w. n. n. n. e. e.

Head of Lecture Hall

> take plain textbook.

> put mysterious textbook on lectern.

> e.

Long Tunnel

> read south wall. ("Keep your HPBA on at all timrs")

> wear mask.

> n.

Near the Portal

> x guard.

> say hello to guard. (He says you need to get the device first)

> n.

Head of the Lecture Hall

Return to the maze entrance:

> w. w. s. s. s. e. e. e. d. ne. n.

Hallway Entrance

Go to a natural cave in the far northwest corner of the maze:

> n. n. n. w. n. n. w.

Natural Cave

CAUTION: If you're not wearing the mask when you open the airlock, you die!

> x airlock. x stalactites.

> open airlock. u.

Desolate Grounds

Where's the motivation for cutting this tree?

> x tree.

> cut tree with saw. take branch. x it.

> w.

Alien Territory

The tree is iridescent like the wooden coin is.

> x tree. x coin. s.

Rendezvous Point

> x figure. (Has no mask but has device.)

> x device.

> say hello to figure. (+20)

He gives device and tells you to follow its instructions.

> x device.

Although "open door" fails here, a simple "east" works to open the sealed door from this side.

> e. n. e. e.

Head of Lecture Hall

Assuming the mysterious book is still on lectern:

> e. n.

Near the Portal

> say hello to guard.

> give device to guard. (He inputs a code and returns it.)

> x device.

> n.

The Aisle

> put device in port. (+5)

> x device.

> take ticket. x it.

> type 34A on device. (+5)

> x device.

> put branch in device. (+5)

> x device.

> x card.

> type 1108 on device. (+5)

> x device.

> x coin.

> put coin in device. (+5)

> x device.

> push device. yes. (+10)




*** You? Have Won ***



To interact with any character, SAY HELLO TO character.



You have a 3 item limit. However, you'll obtain the carry-on bag very early in the game and you can ignore the limit afterwards.

Aeroplane items
School items
Honorable mention


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 111, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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