Key & Compass presents:
The Planet of the Infinite Minds
by Alfredo Garcia

The Planet of the Infinite Minds is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2000 by Alfredo Garcia. It was an entry in IF Comp 2000 where it took 19th place.

In this whimsical puzzlefest where science is magic, you play as a librarian leaving the funfair. There, a gypsy girl tells you a crackpot story about you both being Jah-cuez-ah, or the Infinite Minds, aliens who can do anything. But after an unconvincing demonstration of her power, she leaves and locks you inside her caravan! Bother. This is going to be an adventure, isn't it?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release Version 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Earth, the Beginning of Space, and the End of Time

High overthePlanet OutsidetheLibrary InsidetheLibrary High oversomeCountry PaddingtonFundles Clownroom FlyingthroughSpace TheBeginningof Space High oversomeCity The WayyouCame In InsidetheCaravan Box room At theFunfair The Mindof ErwinSchrödinger The Endof Time The Landof Windand Ghosts TheLibrary High oversomeBuilding TheSittingRoom ask MacFlecknoeabout Medvidev z z z out out ? ? z z (any) * * push play out meditateon ball push play out out out


Map 2: Afterlife Realms

The Realmof Things-in-Themselves The Depthsof the Sub-conscious The Summitof MountOlympus The Realmof Things-in-Themselves The Depthsof the Sub-conscious The HappyHuntingGrounds The GoldenGatesof Heaven Plane ofthe Tarot The HappyHuntingGrounds The GoldenGatesof Heaven Earth'sEnd The Limitsof Timeand Space The Landof Windand Ghosts Earth'sEnd The Limitsof Timeand Space The Realm ofThings-in-Themselves The Depthsof the Sub-conscious The Summitof MountOlympus The Realm ofThings-in-Themselves The Depthsof the Sub-conscious The HappyHuntingGrounds The GoldenGatesof Heaven Plane ofthe Tarot The HappyHuntingGrounds The GoldenGatesof Heaven (the sphere'slocation) TheHall ofIllusion out meditateon sphere


Map 3: Medvidev, the Planet of the Infinite Minds

The Officeof Dr.CleftValet Kitchen TheParlour TheWC TheReception The Hall The SittingRoom A BareRoom High abovesomeBuilding u z d


Map 4: Your home

Outsideyour home YourBedroom TheSittingRoom The Hall TheLanding The WC YourKitchen Inside yourPowerShower u out d in



At the Funfair

> x me. i. (You're carrying nothing.)

> x sun. x children. x midgets.

> n. (or any other direction)

The Way you Came In

A gypsy girl whistles at you.

> x gypsy. x caravan.

> e.

Inside the Caravan

The gypsy asks if you know Jah-cuez-ah. After some confusion, you orders you to sit down.

> sit on chair.

She tells you the Jah-cuez-ah are the infinite minds who can do anything they imagine. She roars, "Create key!" and a key appears on the mantlepiece.

> x key.

She then claims to be a Djinn-nou-man, a Jah-cuez-ah who walk among men, and claims you are one too! She says you're from Medvidev, the Planet of the Infinite Minds!

> x envelope. (It's addressed to Mr. Erwin Schrödinger.)

She then asks about your parents, and you tell you you were orphaned. She hands you a photograph of a man you recognise as your childhood psychologist.

> x photograph. ("CV")

She explains that you only need will and focus to create a key like she did, and focus is what you lack. It is easiest to create big things that you know well.

> z. z.

A Turkish man calls her away, and she locks you inside the caravan for your own safety.

> stand. take all from mantlepiece. (Of course, she took the key.)

> open envelope. read letter. (The authors of the letter want Erwin to reveal the whereabouts of a quantum physicist and a time psychoanalyst.)

> create key. (Can't visualise that well enough.)

> create library. (Not enough space.)

> x table. x crystal ball.

> n.

Clown room

> x bed. x things. open curtains. open window. (can't)

> smell bed. (nasty)

> look. (Oh. There's a journal on the window ledge.)

> x journal. read it.

The journal tells you some facts to remember:

> s. e.

Box room

> x TV. x VCR. x counter.

> x panel. (stop, play, rewind, fast-forward, and eject buttons)

> x regular video. (rewound to beginning)

> read it. ("MacFlecknoe's Lucky Charms Promo - Rushes")

> x large video. (It's at the exact half-way point.)

> take regular. put it in VCR. push play.

> z. z. (To summon Leprechaun MacFlecknoe, play the notes C, G, and a long F in sequence.)

> z. z. (MacFlecknoe orders you to look at his charms.)

> x charms. (+1)

> z. x horn. (The tape rewinds and stops.)

> push eject.

> take large video. put it in VCR.

> x display. ("0.00")

> push play. (You enter the TV and arrive here?)

> push play. (The picture quality is poorer.)

> push play. look. (You see a wearing of time.)

> x wearing. take wearing. (Wrong verb.)

> wear wearing. (+4)

> push rewind. x display. ("-9.99")

> push play.

The Beginning of Space

You see the Big Bang and hear hands clapping.

> z.

Because you are wearing the wearing of time, the people accept you as someone who belongs there. You are drawn close to their leader.

(If you weren't wearing the wearing, they'd send you back to one of the three caravan rooms.)

Flying through Outer Space

> x leader.

The leader doesn't recognize you, and calls himself BetteDavisEye. But he says he can name every face.

> ask man about cards.

Four points to remember about the cards:

> show photograph to him. (+4. CV is CleftValet.)

And you are now on the clown room's bed.

Clown room

> stand. s. e.

Box room

> push fast. g. x display. ("9.99")

> push play.

The End of Time

> x point. take point. (can't)

We didn't have enough space in the caravan to create a library, but what about here?

> create library. (which way?)

> south. (+4)

> s.

The Library

> x bookshelves. (To find a specific book, you must ask for it.)

> x Bill. x counter. x table. x chair.

> x book. (On quantum mechanics by Erwin Schrödinger.)

> take book. read it.

You feel you have a perfect mental image of Erwin's mind.

> ask Bill about Erwin.

Since this isn't a lending library, you can't take any library books out with you.

> put book on table. out.

The End of Time

You can't create Erwin himself, just his mind.

> create mind. west. (+4)

> w.

The Mind of Erwin Schrödinger

> x Einstein. ask him about science.

> ask him about Erwin.

> ask him about point.

Hm. That's not too helpful.

> out. s.

The Library

BetteDavisEye said that CleftValet wrote a book, didn't he?

> ask Bill about CleftValet. (+4. You get the large book.)

> read large book. (A loose sheet falls out.)

> x sheet. take it. read it. (mentions "big crunch")

> put large book on table.

> out.

The End of Time

Remember how Erwin's book said that if you hava a photo of someone and a sample of their writing, you can create a perfect image of that someone's mind in your mind? And you now have both a photo of CleftValet and a sample of his writing.

> create mind of CleftValet. (too complicated to envision!)

Well, drat. Unless... now this is really weird, but... could you get Erwin to envision CleftValet's mind? The gypsy girl plans to send the envelope with that letter to Erwin. What if you put the photo and clipping into the envelope, then put the envelope back on the mantlepiece? The photo and clipping should get to Erwin before the end of time, right?

> out. w.

Inside the Caravan

> put photo in envelope. (+5)

> put clipping in envelope. (+5)

> close envelope. put envelope on mantle.

> e.

Box room

> push play.

The End of Time

> w.

The Mind of Erwin Schrödinger

Dr. CleftValet is now here.

> x Dr.

> ask Dr about point. g. g. g. g. g.

> ask Dr about tome. ask Dr about BetteDavisEye.

> ask Dr about crystal balls. (+4. "meditate on the ball")

> out.

The End of Time

Using CleftValet's hints:

> drop all. drop nothing. (+6. You have the point.)

> wear wearing.

It's like the old joke: "you can't have everything, where would you put it?" Except now you do have everything, and it's not at all clear yet what to do with it.

Worry about it later. Go use that crystal ball in the caravan:

> out. w.

Inside the Caravan

> meditate on ball. (You are now at...)

The Land of Wind and Ghosts

This is one of nine afterlife realms, arranged in a 3-by-3 grid, tiled endlessly together via dimensional holes that come in four varieties: circular, triangular, square, and tiny. The shape of a dimensional hole restricts traveling with some objects; for example, the pyramid here can only go through triangular holes.

I suggest leaving the pyramid here for now. Head north, and take a walking tour of the realms, going clockwise around this realm. Make some notes about the hole shapes (or see map 2) so you understand how the realms are connected.

> x pyramid.

> n.

Plane of the Tarot

> x constellations.

> x cards. (There's ten: Pyramid, Sphere, Cube, Sphere + Pyramid, Sphere + Pyramid + Cube, Fool, Twins, Deuce (devil), Universe, and Key.)

> take cards.

> e.

The Happy Hunting Grounds

> x sand. x undergrowth.

> s.

Earth's End

+1. Remember what BetteDavisEye said about the cards? They vanish when confronted with their true selves. And now the Cube card has vanished because it saw the cube here.

Also, note there's no square dimensional holes here. That could be a problem if you want to move the cube somewhere else.

> x cube. x water. x creatures.

> s.

The Realm of Things-in-Themselves

> x things. w.

The Summit of Mount Olympus

> x clouds. x Mason. ask Mason about Mason. ("Listen!")

> listen to Mason. g. g. g. g. g.

He's ranting about three different topics: Heaven, the subconscious, and, uh, antirealism?

> w.

The Depths of the Subconscious

> x mind. n.

The Limits of Time and Space

So, this is like the End of Time, but with time going backwards?

> drop point. (+4, taking the nothing. Universe card vanishes.)

Of course, when you dropped the point, you were really dropping everything, so you'll need to pick up the cards and re-wear the wearing.

> look. x universe. wear time. take cards.

> n.

The Golden Gates of Heaven

+1. The Sphere card vanishes when near the sphere.

> x saint. x gate. x pit. x sphere.

> ask saint about gates. (He ignores you.)

> put cards in pit. (+3. The Deuce card is gone.)

> take cards.

> se.

The Land of Wind and Ghosts

+1. The Pyramid card vanishes when near the pyramid.

Next, try to get the pyramid and sphere in the same location. I suggest moving them to The Depths of the Subconscious.

> take pyramid. (automatically dropping the cards)

> w. s.

The Depths of the Subconscious

> drop pyramid.

Bring the sphere here:

> s. take sphere. ne. se. s. se. drop sphere.

Now bring the cards here:

> ne. take cards. sw.

+3. The 'Sphere and Pyramid' card vanishes.

By the way, does the sphere count as a "crystal ball"?

> meditate on sphere. (You are now in...)

The Hall of Illusion

+3. The Twins card vanishes.

> x camera. (button, counter)

> x counter. ("4": This means you can take up to four photos.)

> take camera. x mirrors. out.

The Depths of the Subconscious

Now that you know about the Hall of Illusion, there is a sneaky trick you can do to bring the cube here.

> take sphere. (automatically dropping the cards)

> nw.

Earth's End

> drop sphere. take cube. meditate on sphere.

The Hall of Illusion

> drop cube. out.

Earth's End

> take sphere. se.

The Depths of the Subconscious

> drop sphere. meditate on sphere.

The Hall of Illusion

> take cube. out.

The Depths of the Subconscious

+5. The "Sphere, Pyrsmid and Cube" card vanishes.

> drop cube. take cards.

Now it's time to use the camera. Make sure you get photos of places that will upset OmniMason: The Depths of the Subconscious, The Golden Gates of Heaven, and The Realm of Things-in-Themselves. Polaroids take three turns to develop.

> push button. z. z. z. take photo. (The first photo is red.)

> s.

The Golden Gates of Heaven

> push button. z. z. z. take photo. (The second photo is blue.)

> nw.

The Realm of Things-in-Themselves

> push button. z. z. z. take photo. (The third photo is green.)

> w.

The Summit of Mount Olympus

> show red to Omni. show blue to Omni.

> show green to Omni. (+4. The Fool card vanishes.)

> drop camera. x card. (It's The Key.)

> out.

Inside the Caravan

> i. x key. unlock door with key. open door.

> w. n.

Paddington Fundles

A boy throws away a whistle.

> take whistle. x it.

From the regular video, you know to play C, G, F.

> play C. play G. play F. z.

+4. Leprechaun MacFlecknoe appears and flings a box at you.

> x charms. (You also get a wish to go anywhere, including far-off planets unknown to mankind, hint hint.)

> x MacFlecknoe.

Feel free to ask MacFlecknoe about his charms or about various people you've met. Perhaps you want to return to the box room and watch the regular video together with him; he will follow you there. But this walkthrough will forgo those delights.

Do you remember the planet name that the gypsy girl mentioned?

> ask MacFlecknoe about Medvidev. (+5)

A rainbow appears, pulling you upwards, ending your time with the insane leprechaun.

High over the Planet of the Infinite Minds

> x planet.

High over some Country

> x land.

High over some City

> x structure.

High over some Building

> x chimney.

You land in:

The Sitting Room

Of course, you want to explore this house, yes?

> x portrait. x paneling. x carpet.

> x chair. x lounge. x fireplace.

> e.

A Bare Room

> x wall. x paint. (Both yellow.)

> w. n.

The WC

> x lavatory. x basin.

> open lavatory. x turd. flush lavatory.

> s. w. n.

The Kitchen

> x oven. (has an I/O button)

> open oven. x dish. (It's an empty pie dish.)

> e.

The Parlour

> x bench. x stains. x dough.

> w. s. u.

The Reception

> x man. (He's OmniMason.)

> x desk. x papers. x door.

> n. (Omni stops you: "You can't have your cake and eat it!")

> n. (Omni stops you: "You can't polish a turd!")

Before using OmniMason's words against him, you should take a detour and explore an optional section of the game. You can visit there at any time, even from the funfair when the game began, but this walkthrough will do it now:

> sleeporwakeorxyzzyormeditate on nothing.

Your Bedroom (on your bed)

In this part of the game, you're at home, playing as your younger self when you suffered from narcolepsy. After several turns or after a significant event, you'll fall asleep, returning to the main game. Whenever that happens, SLEEP, WAKE, XYZZY, or MEDITATE ON NOTHING again to return to your home.

> stand. s. d.

The Hall (of your home)

> answer phone. (It's Dr Cliff Valley's secretary about an outstanding bill.)

And you're now back in...

The Reception

> sleeporwakeorxyzzyormeditate on nothing.

The Hall (of your home)

+1. You finish your conversation with the secretary.

> open front door. n.

Outside your Home

An engineer explains the situation, and warns that your power and phone may be interrupted.

> take newspaper. x it. read it. x crossword.

> s.

The Hall (of your home)

> close front door. w.

The Sitting Room (of your home)

Without power, you can't watch TV, use your oven, or your power shower.

> x settee. search settee. (+1; you find a coin)

> x coin.

> e. u. n.

Your Bedroom

> x desk. open drawer. x pen. take it.

> do crossword. (+2; you return to...)

The Reception

Feel free to continue exploring your younger self's home — there's a kitchen, WC, and power shower yet to see — but this walkthrough will be moving on.

> d. e. e.

A Bare Room

Hope you didn't forget that box of cereal that MacFlecknoe gave you.

> drink paint.

> x box. open box. eat cereal.

> w. n.

The WC

That cereal is fast-acting. If the toilet is already occupied with a regular turd, you need to flush it away first.

> defecate. look in lavatory. (+5: Golden Turd.)

> take turd.

> s. w. n. e.

The Parlour

> take dough. w.

The Kitchen

> put dough in dish.

> close oven. push button.

> z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. (+5. Wait nine turns; you'll smell freshly cooked dough.)

> push button. open oven.

> x dish. x pie. take pie. (If the oven's on, the pie's too hot to take.)

> s. u.

The Reception

> polish turd. (+5: OmniMason is annoyed.)

> eat pie. (+5: OmniMason is incensed.)

OmniMason attacks you, but only manages to hurt himself. The north door opens. Dr. CleftValet, addressing you as CharltonHeston, invites you into his office.

The Office of Dr. CleftValet

CleftValet tells you the secret about Medvidev and you scream.

Tne End

You receive your score, followed by some promotional messages about sequels that were never written.



This HINT item only appears after you've won the game with a perfect score of 99 points:

As a recipient of maximum points, I feel I deserve a special reward... Come on! Give me a few commands that garner humourous responses.

Well... okay. Try talking to yourself at different points during the game...

Then try yelling at all the main characters.

Summon MacFlecknoe whilst in the library or during the big bang for some previously unseen footage.

And while you're at it, ask him about his charms a few times. He will engage you with lilting leprechaun poetry.

Try creating the library and the mind of Erwin Schrödinger whilst falling through the air, or at the limits of time and space.

Implement the neglected senses! Try smelling and touching things.

Try applauding people, winking at them, blinking; try cleaning unlikely items for some really weird and disturbing responses.

There's always xyzzy...

Er... that's pretty much it. If you haven't already watched the regular video with MacFlecknoe, I can highly recommend it. The repetitive commands 'Knock knock' and 'hip hip' might provide you with a few cheap laughs, though only if you are in some way simple.

My personal favourite responses are to the following commands: Move hands, Clap myself, Touch Gypsy (whilst she's standing outside the caravan), Smell Children (in the very first room), Touch and Smell MacFlecknoe, X Constellations (on the plane of the Tarot), and finally Exeunt. Congratulations on your perfect score, I hope you feel very proud.


Main Characters:

Background and secondary characters:



The response to ABOUT is:

***Welcome to my world***

This game was written for MacFlecknoe Enterprises by Alfredo Garcia, using M. J. Robert's Text Adventure Development System (known, affectionately I'm sure, as TADS).

Beta-testing was completed by Stephen Nolan, Blackie, Jessee Foudray and Brian Flynn. MacFlecknoe Enterprises thanks them for helping to make the Planet of the Infinite Minds a better place. Their efforts are an example to us all.

Extra thanks go to Graham Nelson for creating the inform language and to Milis Crulis, without whom nothing would be possible.

Please send any bug-reports, pornography, death threats, &c... to email redacted.

MacFlecknoe Enterprises are a division of Axelstorm Breweries and Nagi-suma Heavy Industrial.

MacFlecknoe: Father of Telemachus, lover to Calipso.

Actually, that MacFlecknoe tagline at the end of the credits is randomized! The possible taglines are:


I note that there isn't a losing ending where you fail to find a lavatory after eating the high-fibre cereal. You're just in horrible pain forever until you do find a lavatory and use it.


In the approximate order you'll likely acquire them:


The response to SCORE, if you have 0 points, is:

In as many as turn-count goes, you haven't managed to score any of the available 99 points.

The usual response to SCORE is:

In as many as turn-count goes, you have only managed to score your-score points out of a most tenable 99.

Points are awarded as follows:

These last five points are considered optional:

By the way, if there's a 100th last lousy point, I don't know how to earn it.

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