Key & Compass presents:
Pit of the Condemned
by Matthew Holland

Pit of the Condemned is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2015 by Matthew Holland. It was entered in IF Comp 2015 where it took 45th place.

You play as someone who has been sentenced to death in the Pit of the Condemned for your crimes. The Pit is an abandoned underground city stripped of value, inhabited only by a huge Beast who kills all intruders. Above the Pit, spectators eagerly wait to see how you'll die. But if you are lucky and clever, perhaps they will watch how the Beast dies instead.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


narrowtunnel opensewer air vent coldroom dungeon sewerpassage rancidsewer canal cellar treasury RoyalHall Officers'Corner collapsedpromenade WestPromenade RoyalPromenade(North) EastPromenade rosegardens tea maze Soldiers'Row officer'squarters RoyalPromenade(South) butcher'sshop tinker'sshop arboreteum dormitory drillyard commonroom guardroom GrandSquare LowerMarketSquare UpperMarketSquare GallowsHill ravinecrossing armoury Pilgrims'Way darkalley the King'sHead precipice cathedralnave cathedralchapel cathedralsanctuary tunnelante-chamber cavernwall opencavern(west) opencavern(east) crypt ossuary windingtunnels danktunnel sleepingchambers d u u d u d u u u u d d u d d d


Unfortunately, I cannot write a specific walkthrough for this game because of its randomized features. Instead, I will discuss some strategies.

First, you are trapped in an abandoned city with a Beast who will seek you out and kill you immediately if it ever enters your location or if you enter its location.

Second, you cannot fight the Beast directly. There are no weapons in the Pit of the Condemned to help you. However, you can set up to three traps if you can find the right tools.

Third, the tools (saw, wire, and tinderbox) and three keys are randomly placed in the city. Four of six items will be beside dead bodies, and the last two items can be found only by searching the junk in the tinker's shop.

Fourth, the easiest way to lure the Beast to a trap is stay beside it and yell. If the Beast doesn't respond because it's too far away to hear you, you may need to wander away a little, yell again, and head back to your trap.

Fifth, remember that examining the scenery takes no game time. Feel free to examine everything you find. There's not a lot to see, but there is some stuff here and there, like crypts, signs, bones, and dead bodies.

Example Playthrough

This is just one example of one of my play sessions showing how the game might go from start to finish.

Grand Square

The game begins at 12:00 pm.

> x magistrate. x guard. x elevator. x me. x iza.

> x door. x hole. x spectators.

> ask iza about beast. ask iza about pit.

> ask iza about iza.

> w.

The guard stops me. The elevator leaves. A gong sounds.

Pay attention to which direction the roar is. I hear a roar to the west, so I'm going the opposite direction, east.

> e.

Lower Market Street

> x stalls. e. s.

dark alley

I hear Iza die.

> d. s. e. w. s.

sleeping chambers

I found the officer and his key here. I don't hear the Beast anywhere.

> x bones. x tools.

> x officer. x key. take key.

> n. w.


> x skulls. w.


> x sarcophagus. w. w. w. u. n.

ravine crossing

> x bridge. n.

drill yard

> x targets. x dummies. w.


> e. n. n.

Officer's Corner

> x fountains. x plinths. x pieces. e. e.

West Promenade

I now hear noises some way away to the east. I shall backup and head down again.

> w. d.

open sewer

I found the tinderbox and adventurer here.

> x adventurer. x tinderbox. take tinderbox.

> se. se. e.

rancid sewer

> x stones. x fungus. use tinderbox.

The fire trap is set!

> yell. (I hear a distant roar from the west.)

> z. z. z. z.

The beast arrives and triggers the trap.

*** The beast is defeated! ***



There are also a few dead bodies in random locations:




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