Key & Compass presents:
by Jason Dyer

Phlegm is a Z-machine 5 text adventure game written with Inform 6 and is © 1996-1997 by Jason Dyer (as "Adjacent Drooler"). Phlegm was entered in the IF Comp 1996 competition where it took 17th place. It was also a finalist for Best Individual NPC (Leo the Lemming) at the 1996 XYZZY Awards.

You play as an unnamed treasure hunter, travelling with your trusty companion, Leo the Lemming. You've just found a treasure chest, the Treasure of Phlegm, lodged in the upper branches of a large tree. How are you going to get it down?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 3 of the game.


n;ne e w w se se e jump A Market,of Sorts The SecretSociety ofthe Moose TownSquare Relatively NormalStreet The End ofthe World AncientMayanRuins In theWall OutdoorDisco


Town Square

Leo should wake up on his own in a few turns. You can ask Leo about several topics: brother, disco, edge, lemmings, Leo, lunatic, moose, pocket, treasure, wibble.

> i. x coat. x leo. x map. x tree. x chest. climb tree. shake tree.

> x cannon. look in cannon. se.

Relatively Normal Street

> x north sign. x south sign. s.

Ancient Mayan Ruins

> x rock. x writing. x black crayon. take it.

> x depressions. x first. x rubble. x light. xyzzy.

> n. n.

The Secret Society of the Moose

By now, you've probably heard Leo practice his ventriloquism.

> x speaker. x bowl. x powder. x head. x crowd.

> x decorations. x picture. x mauve crayon. take it.

> leo, throw voice at head. z. z. (Leo makes his voice come from the moose head; the crowd and speaker leave. The bowl of powder is still here, though a "look" doesn't show it.)

> take powder. (hm. You'll need a container.)

> s. e.

A Market, of Sorts

> x cart. x flamethrower. take it. turn it on.

> fire flamethrower at cart. take flame.

> x haystack. search it. fire flame at haystack.

> find needle in haystack. x needle.

> x bag. open it. x food. search food. g. take green crayon.

> w. sw.

The End of the World

> x sign. x pole. x edge. x lunatic. x guitar.

> jump.

Relatively Normal Street

> i. x balloon. w. sw.

The End of the World

> se. g. g.

Outdoor Disco Club

> x chair. x man. x record. take it. (Can't.)

You only have one turn at grabbing the record while the man dries himself. If you goof up, you can regain the water balloon by jumping at the End of the World and then try again.

> throw balloon at man. take record. dance.

> nw.

The End of the World

> x pole. shake pole. take maroon crayon.

> jump. s.

Ancient Mayan Ruins

It doesn't matter which crayon goes in which depression.

> put green crayon in first. put black in second.

> put maroon in third. put mauve in fourth.

> x compartment. x grail. take it. n. n.

The Secret Society of the Moose

> fill grail. (with the powder, of course)

> s. w. sw.

The End of the World

> leo, sing. play record. play record with needle.

> s.

In the Wall

The toy elephant is, of course, a homage to Balances, a well-known game by Graham Nelson.

> smell. x skeleton. x package. take it.

> x skeleton. x package. open it. x toy.

> n. e.

Town Square

> put powder in cannon. put toy in cannon. fire flame at fuse.

*** You have won ***

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