Key & Compass presents:
Perdition's Flames
by Michael J. Roberts

Perdition's Flames is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 1993 by Michael J. Roberts.

In this game, you play as one of the newly-dead sent to Hell via a large luxury yacht. You soon learn that Hell isn't a place for eternal torment anymore. They've modernized. You're free to explore, find employment, get a driver's license, and even visit Heaven if you want to. So what do you want to do with your afterlife?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 930912 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Overview of Hell

CraterandIsland Welcome to Hell Elevator Heaven cockpit Barn Waste-lands AmuletteShoppe MinimallParkingLot JustMirrors Base ofTower Bank ofHell Farm-house Barnyard DesolatePlain GravelPath Suburbs Downtown Downtown Outskirts Field Roof ofCelestialSecurity CardboardHouse Alley Infernolab Mountain and River CelestialSecurityOffice CelestialSecurityOffice Courtyard Dept. ofMotorVehicles BriefingRoom Pier Deck ControlRoom Boat Bar in d u out u d

Map 2: Infernolab

Downtown Lab HauntedHouse Lobby Hallway East endof hall Hallway Mainten-ance Room Floatingthroughthe air Floatingthroughthe air Up a Rail Crawlway Cubicle RocketLab Roof ofCelestialSecurity Courtyard Crawlway Infernolab Alley dumpster Crawlway Crawlway,at a T Crawlway get on tablethen climb railing d u d out w pull ripcord light lighter (fall) (fall) line ofsight

Map 3: Mountain and River

Under-waterCave Mountain and River Outskirts LakeShore Swimmingon theLake Under-water LakeFloor RockyHillside Mountain-side Top ofVolcano SteepPath RockyPassage Clifftop RiverBank Bridge RiverBank LavaCave Riverof Lava Bend inRiver RiverBank ForestClearing Ledge Landing Riverof Lava Lawn Ledge nearLavafall Top ofLavafall Rowboat (win!) Pier Entryway Club Room

Map 4: Cardboard House

Suburbs North ofHouse CardboardHouse DiningRoom Kitchen Bathroom LivingRoom West endof hall East endof hall MasterBedroom SmallBedroom

Map 5: Haunted House

Meadow Meadow Meadow Meadow Floating Floating Floating Floating Basement Lab Meadow Den Kitchen Meadow Floating Bedroom Bathroom Floating Meadow Hallway LivingRoom Meadow Floating UpstairsHall Bedroom Floating Attic Meadow Porch Porch Meadow Floating Floating Floating Floating Meadow Meadow Meadow Meadow Haunted House

Map 6: Heaven

Hell Elevator GiftShop Roof ofTower BurgerLord Gates ofHeaven CloudTops WaitingRoom Heaven Hall ofAudiences

Map 7: Crater and Island

Altar PyramidChamber DarkPassage-way On thelion statue Base ofPyramid Island BetweenStatues Cliff Lake RockyShore Floor ofFire Cave Ledge Top ofCrater Bottom ofCrater Waste-lands Crater and Island u u d d climb lion d climb lion d d u

Summary of Walkthrough

🧭 🧭 🧭

  1. Get beer or liquor. Get rope. Listen to orientation lecture.
  2. Briefly visit Security and DMV.
  3. Get toolbox.
  4. Get radio, bucket, pitchfork, earrings.
  5. Learn how to lasso.
  6. Get water, key, crowbar, yellow note, parachute.
  7. Get bin, gloves, certificate, poker, pillow.
  8. Get sharpened pencil.
  9. Get ID card.
  10. Get mirror.
  11. Get cigarette. Get appointment card. Get lighter.
  12. Learn about amulets.
  13. Get written test. Get license.
  14. Get check.
  15. Get uniform, heat shield.
  16. Get ring.
  17. Get waste paper.
  18. Get flippers and bracelet.
  19. Get security card.
  20. Get hellmids. Get ticket.
  21. Get number card. Get coupon. Get meal. Get carving.
  22. Get jewel stone. Get disk.
  23. Use pitchfork. Cross lake of blood.
  24. Use lion statue. Get egg. Get skull.
  25. Join the club.

Save often!


🧭 Get beer or liquor. Get rope. Listen to orientation lecture.

Boat, on seat J-33

> verbose.

> x seat. x window. x people.

> stand. s.


> x bartender. ask him about yacht.

> ask him about captain. ask him about bar.

Optionally drink some booze.

> ask him for liquor. drink liquor.

> ask him for beer. drink beer.

Make sure you keep some beer or liquor to use in a later puzzle.

> ask him for beer.

> n. u.


> read note. (It's from the author; you don't need it.)

> x river. x plants. e.

Control Room

> x pilot. x window.

> ask him about yacht.

At about this time, the yacht docks at a pier, and passengers begin to disembark. I'm unclear on the exact trigger. Perhaps talking to the captain triggers the event.

> ask him about afterlife. ask him about himself.

> ask him about bar. ask him about Infernolab.

> w. w. (+13)


> x rope. take it. n.

Briefing Room

BUG WARNING: Every time you sit down here, at least in release 930912, a copy of the woman will be spawned to enter and begin her speech. So, please, sit down only once so only one woman is here.

> sit. (A woman enters and starts explaining things.)

> x woman. z. z. z. z. z. z. (She mentions H-SPAN broadcasts on channel 319.)

> z. z. z. (The questions start to repeat.)

> stand. n.

🧭 Briefly visit Security and DMV.


Let's start exploring Hell.

> x machine. w.

Celestial Security Office

The officer will be questioning the woman forever at this rate.

> x wastebasket. x paper. x officer. x woman.

> e. e.

Department of Motor Vehicles

The employee wants to see your appointment card.

> x customers. x official. ask official about card.

> w. n. e. s.

🧭 Get toolbox.

Lobby (of Infernolab)

> x toolbox. take it. open it. (locked)

> x bulb. x couch. x table. x railing.

Ignore most of Infernolab for now, but let's at least see why the game showed us that pantomime with the railing.

> stand on table. climb railing. (+13)

Up a Rail

> take bulb. (You take it, but you don't need it.)

> open panel. u.

Crawlway (above lobby)

> s. e.

Crawlway (east end)

> open panel. look through panel. (You're above some cubicles.)

> w. w.

Crawlway (west end)

Don't worry about suffocating on the gas. You're already dead and you're not going to die again.

> x pipe. open valve. (gas pours out.)

> close valve.

Now visit a farmhouse on the outskirts of town:

> e. n. d. d. n. e. n.

🧭 Get radio, bucket, pitchfork, earrings.


Note that the radio has a compartment. You'll need its battery later.

> take radio. x it. x dial. x compartment.

> turn on radio. turn dial to 319. (As suggested by the woman in the briefing room.)

Listen to the discussion on speed limits; it's a logic puzzle.

> z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z.

> turn off radio.

Here's a summary of the logic puzzle clues:

And here's a summary of what you can deduce from those clues:

Continue exploring:

> e.


> x weeds. x wellhead. x bucket.

> x lever. x spout. pull lever. (This well is dry.)

> take bucket. n.


> take pitchfork. x it.

> x hay. x stalls. x plane. x engine.

> enter plane.


> x hole. take earrings. (+13)

> x earrings.

> x large compartment. open it. (It's jammed.)

Note to self: Return here later with a prying tool.

> out. s. w. s. e.

🧭 Learn how to lasso.


> take rabbit. (It's too quick.)

Practice lassoing by repeatedly trying to take the rabbit with the rope. This lassoing skill will be useful later.

> lasso rabbit (with rope). g. g. g. (You catch it, but it then escapes. That's fine.)

> w. s.

Rocky Hillside

> x volcano. e. n.

🧭 Get water, key, crowbar, yellow note, parachute.

Lake Shore

Don't enter the lake just yet; there's a vicious undertow. You can't drown, of course, but the current will take you out of your way to a river bank, and you'll have to walk all the way back here.

> fill bucket with water.

Head back downtown and find that guy who set himself on fire.

> s. w. n. w. w.

Downtown (between Courtyard and Tower)

If the man on fire isn't here, wait for him or chase after him.

> throw water at man. (+13. He leaves, but drops something.)

> look. take key. unlock toolbox with key.

> open toolbox. x crowbar.

> x yellow note. (Has a three number combo written on it.)

Head back to the cockpit:

> e. e. n. e. n. enter plane.


> open large compartment with crowbar. (+13)

> x parachute. take it.

Now go to a cardboard house in the suburbs:

> out. s. w. s. w. w. w. s.

🧭 Get bin, gloves, certificate, poker, pillow.

North of House

> x house. s.

Kitchen (of cardboard house)

You don't need the sandwiches in the fridge, but eat them if you want to.

> x appliances. x oven. open it. x range.

> x fridge. open it. x bologna. x ham.

> take all from fridge. close fridge.

> x sink. x cabinet. open it. x gloves. take gloves.

> x bin. take bin.

> w.

Dining Room

> x mail. take mail. take certificate. x it.

> s.

Living Room

> x fireplace. x holder. x poker. x brush. x shovel.

> take all from holder. (You only need the poker.)

> e. e. s.

Small Bedroom

> x bed. look under bed. (You find a dollar bill.)

> x pillow. x bedspread.

> take all from bed. (You only need the pillow.)

> n. e.

Master Bedroom

It's strongly implied that this guy is this game's author.

> x programmer. x card. ("INFERNOLAB")

> ask him about himself. ask him about Infernolab.

> x computer. x pile. x desk.

> open drawer. (The programmer stops you.)

> x sharpener. x bag. x can.

> w. n.

🧭 Get sharpened pencil.


> x sink. x cabinet. x mirror. open cabinet. (stuck)

> open cabinet with crowbar. (+13. The programmer goes to buy a new mirror.)

> s. e.

Master Bedroom

While the programmer is gone, you can get into his desk drawer. But he'll be back soon, so don't waste too much time.

> open drawer. take pencil. close drawer.

> x pencil. (It's unsharpened.)

> sharpen pencil with sharpener. (Nothing happens.)

> open radio. take DuraHell.

> open sharpener. take Infern.

> put DuraHell in sharpener.

> sharpen pencil with sharpener. take DuraHell.

> take all from desk. (You don't actually need these things.)

> w. n.

🧭 Get ID card.


Yes, break the mirror again, but this time, follow the programmer to the mirrors store.

> open cabinet with crowbar.

> s. w. n. n. n. n. e.

Just Mirrors

The programmer will drop his card during the transaction. Don't take it while he's there! But the second he leaves, TAKE THE CARD. He'll notice his loss and re-enter the store the next turn, but ignore him and get outta there.

Note you can't buy a mirror for yourself; you can't afford it.

> x shopkeeper. (The programmer drops the ID card and pays for the mirror.)

> x counter. (The programmer leaves.)

> take card. (+25. The programmer re-enters.)

> w. s. s. s. s. e. n.

🧭 Get the mirror.


> put pillow in sink. open cabinet with crowbar. (+13)

> take mirror. take pillow.

> s. w. n. n. n. w.

🧭 Get cigarette. Get appointment card. Get lighter.

Gravel Path

> x sign. take cigarette box. x it. take cigarette.

> w. n.


> x bones. move bones. (blocked by electricity!)

> wear gloves. move bones. x skeleton. take card. (+13)

> x it. (It's an appointment card for a driver's license test.)

> s. e. e. n. e.

Just Mirrors

> x teen. give cigarette to teen. take lighter. (+13)

> x lighter. x mirrors.

> w. w.

🧭 Learn about amulets.

Amulette Shoppe

> x shopkeeper. x amulets.

> x disk. ask about disk. (Original protects against heat.)

> x jewel. ask about jewel. (Original protects against cold.)

> x boat. ask about boat. (Original protects against illness.)

> x ring. ask about ring. (Original protects against light.)

> x bracelet. ask about bracelet. (Original protects against sound.)

These amulets are all replicas and are also all sold. But maybe you can find the genuine amulets elsewhere.

> e. s. e. s. e.

🧭 Get written test. Get license.

Department of Motor Vehicles

> give appointment to employee. (She gives you a test to fill out.)

For the written test, you need a sharpened pencil and the info from the radio program on channel 319. Here's a reminder:

> x test.





Question 1: Your answer: > B

Question 2: Your answer: > C

Question 3: Your answer: > E

Question 4: Your answer: > D

Question 5: Your answer: > A

Question 6: Your answer: > B

Question 7: Your answer: > A

Question 8 asks about a random speed limit.

Question 8: Your answer: > ANSWER-AS-APPROPRIATE

Question 9: Your answer: > B

Question 10: Your answer: > C

> give test to employee. (+25. You have a driver's license.)

> x license.

> take appointment card. (She left it on the counter, and yes, you will need it again.)

> w. n. e. s.

🧭 Get check.

Lobby (of Infernolab)

> get on table. u. u. s. e.

Crawlway (east end)

> put mirror over panel.

> w. n. d. d. e. s.


> sit.

They want you to play Extended Rock Paper Scissors. Make your choices by pushing the appropriate button.

With the mirror above you, you can cheat by knowing what your opponents are picking

After five successful rounds, you get a check worth 20 Hellmids.

> push APPROPRIATE button. (Repeat until the test is over: +25 and check.)

> x check. stand.

> n. e.

🧭 Get uniform, heat shield.

East end of hall

> put ID card in slot. e. e.

Maintenance Room

The yellow note has the three numbers to turn the dial to. Yes, the combo is randomized.

> x locker. x yellow note.

> turn lock dial to FIRST-NUMBER.

> turn lock dial to SECOND-NUMBER.

> turn lock dial to THIRD-NUMBER.

> open locker. take uniform. x it.

> w. s.

Rocket Lab

> x equipment. x missile. x motor. x cone. x shield.

> take shield. (+13)

> n. n.

🧭 Get ring.


> x equipment. x booth. x technician. x panel. x red button.

> ask about booth.

> give beer (or liquor) to technician. (+13. He leaves for the ship's bar.)

> push red button.

> enter booth. z. z.

Basement (of Haunted House)

In this scenario, you are a ghost with none of your inventory. You can pass through walls, ceilings, floors, and even go straight up into the air, but if you go too far from the house's environs, you'll return to the booth. You can sometimes push things but never pick them up.

Your goal in this scenario is to get a silver ring in the attic back to Hell.

The first thing to do, then, is get to the attic, but without the people following you. The easiest way to do this is go places they can't (or won't), like outside. Circle around the outside of the house if you have to.

> x portal. x people. i. (empty-handed.)

> u.


The people follow you here. Strand them there by flying outside and up, then back inside, heading for the attic.

> w. u. se. u.


> push trunk. (The ring is now on the trap door.)

Now go lead the people here so they open the trap door.

> d. d. n.


The people are here where you left them.

> s. u. u.


The people enter. The ring falls to Upstairs Hall. The trap door is closed again.

Now, ignoring the ring, lead the crowd to the Porch.

> d. d. s.

Porch (west end)

Leave the crowd here and go back to the ring.

> u. n.

Upstairs Hall

> push ring. (It falls down the stairs.)

> d. s.

Porch (west end)

Bring the people inside.

> n. (The porch door sends the ring into the den.)

> n.


You want the people to follow you this time.

> push ring. (The ring falls into the basement.)

> d.


> push ringortake ring. (A priest helpfully flings the ring into the portal.)

> e.


> x ring. take all. (+50)

> out. s.


> put ID card in slot. w. w. w. n. w. s.

🧭 Get waste paper.


> wear uniform. w.

Celestial Security Office

We're pretending we're a janitor here. Our uniform and bin lets us take the paper.

> take waste paper. put it in bin. e.


> x waste paper. remove uniform.

> n. e. s. get on table. u. u. s. w.

🧭 Get flippers and bracelet.

Crawlway (west end)

> open valve. z. z. z. light lighter. (BOOM)

Flying through the air

> z.


> n. e. s. get on table. u. u. s. w.

Crawlway (west end)

> x huge hole. w.


> x flippers. take flippers. (+13)

> x trash. move trash. x bracelet. take bracelet. (+50)

> out.


> ne. s. get on table. u. u. s. w.

🧭 Get security card.

Crawlway (west end)

I'm assuming the gas valve is still open; open it again if it's closed.

> wear parachute. light lighter.

Floating through the air

> pull ripcord. z. (+25)

Roof of Celestial Security Building

> d.

Celestial Security Office (back room)

> x cabinets. x desk. x equipment.

> x waste paper.

Using the waste paper to learn which line wants what sort of info, TYPE "[answer]" ON KEYBOARD as appropriate repeatedly until the machine produces a card.

The line numbers and ordering are randomized, so I can't give exact instructions this time.

For example, I answered the questions this way on May 13, 2021:

Assuming the information you entered is consistent, a Celestial Security Card is printed! +25 points.

> take card. x it.

> e. e. n. e. n.

🧭 Get hellmids. Get ticket.

Bank of Hell

You need two forms of ID to cash your check, which is why we didn't enter here until now.

> x teller. give bill to teller. (They can't convert it.)

> give check to teller.

> give license to teller.

> give security card to teller. (+25. You finally have hellmids.)

> x hellmids.

> s. w. s.


> put hellmids in slot. take ticket. x it.

> n. n. n.


> x man. ask man about Heaven. (He points to a sign; he doesn't answer questions.)

> give ticket to man. (Oh, now he talks.)

> s. s. s. (+13)

🧭 Get number card. Get coupon. Get meal. Get carving.

Cloud Tops

> e.

Waiting Room

> x display. x woman. (You saw her in the Celestial Security office.)

> z. (She needs an appointment to get a driver's license.)

> give appointment to woman. (Now she tells you she lost her earrings.)

> give earrings to woman. (+13. She gives you a plastic square and leaves.)

> x square. (It has a "12" printed on it.)

> z.

About this time, a speaker calls for twelve, the display changes, and the south door opens.

> s.

Hall of Audiences

> x keypad.

> press 1. (This is the Divine Intervention Menu.)

> press 2. (This is the Game Intervention Menu.)

> press 3. (Today's special is: a coupon! +13)

> x coupon. (Try to contain your joy.)

> n. w. n. n. w.

Gift Shop

This is a useless location for you, but how often do you get to visit Heaven's gift shop?

> x halos. x wings. x harps. play harp.

> e. e.

Burger Lord

> x menu. x poster. x terminal.

> push red button. put coupon in slot.

> take meal. x meal. x carving. take it. (+50)

> x burger. eat it. x fries. eat it. (The food is awful.)

You're done with Heaven.

> w. n.


The elevator operator automatically takes you down. Head to the mountains:

> s. s. e. e. s. e. e.

🧭 Get jewel stone. Get disk.

Top of volcano

There's nothing to do at this location, but I thought you might want to see it anyway.

> w. n.

Lake Shore

> wear flippers. e. (You're pulled underwater.)


> n.

Underwater Cave

Without the flippers, you'd never reach this underwater cave.

> x jewel. take jewel. (+50)

> s. z. (You're dragged to a river bank.)

River Bank (south)

> remove flippers.

> n. nw. sw. w. nw. s.

Lava Cave

Use the heat sheild as a canoe:

> x river. put shield in river. enter shield. z. z.

River of Lava, in the heat shield

Note: Lassoing won't work unless you practiced lassoing the rabbit.

> lasso stalagmite.


You automatically re-take the rope and shield on arrival here.

> x disk. take disk. (+50)

> put shield in river. enter shield. z. z.

Ledge near Lavafall

> take shield.

Now that you have all five amulets, go to the crater north of the wastelands.

> nw. nw. n. w. w. w. w. w. n. n. d.

🧭 Use pitchfork. Cross lake of blood.

Bottom of Crater

> x slab. put pitchfork in holes. (+13; the slab opens like a door.)

> ne. d. n.

Rocky Shore

> x lake. (It's human blood.)

> n.


To cross the lake, you'll need to face five hazards and fend them off by wearing the appropriate amulet and going north. Remember what the amulet shopkeeper told you:

By the way, the different amulets are incompatable with each other; you activate an amulet by wearing it, but you can only wear one amulet at a time.

Once you reach the island, the lake no longer tries to stop you from crossing it.

> n. (Shrieking stops you.)

> wear bracelet. n. (Cold stops you.)

> remove bracelet. wear jewel. n. (Heat stops you.)

> remove jewel. wear disk. n. (Light stops you.)

> remove disk. wear ring. n. (Nausea stops you.)

> remove ring. wear boat. n.

🧭 Use lion statue. Get egg. Get skull.


> x thicket. x pyramid.

> x statues. x lion. climb lion.

On the lion statue

> x slots. put poker in left slot.

> put crowbar in right slot.

Both tools can be moved up or down resulting in four different actions from the lion statue:

I learned this by experimentation. The lion is initially facing west. You want it to step forward into the path, turn right, step forward through the thicket, then step backwards into the path. This will open paths both east and north from the Island; you don't want the lion statue blocking either.

> move poker up. move crowbar up. (+13. The lion steps forward.)

> move poker up. move crowbar down. (The lion turns right, facing north.)

> move poker up. move crowbar up. (The lion steps forward, smashing the thicket.)

> move poker down. move crowbar down. (The lion steps backwards.)

> take poker. take crowbar. (You don't need them back, but c'mon.)

> d. e.

Between statues

> eastorclimb wall.


> x nest. x egg. take egg.

> w. w. n. d. n. n.


> x skull. take skull. (You take it, but a pterodactyl threatens you.)

> give egg to bird. (+13. The bird leaves.)

Walk all the way back to the river:

> s. s. u. s. s. s. s. u. sw. u. s. s.

> e. e. e. e. e. s. e. se. e. ne. se. e.

🧭 Join the Club.


> x troll. x axe.

> give skull to troll. (+19. He gives it back and lets you cross.)

> e. se.

Forest Clearing

> x gate. x wall. s.


> x mansion. s.


> x door. s.

Club Room

Samuels welcomes you as a new member of the club and tells you to follow him to the boat for today's expedition.

> x trophies. n. w. w. (+13.)

You and Samuels are off to find other versions of Heaven and Hell.

The End




This is the response to CREDITS:

Perdition's Flames
TADS Interactive Fiction
By Michael J. Roberts

Release 930912
Copyright (c) 1993 by Michael J. Roberts. All Rights Reserved.

Game design and implementation: Mike Roberts.
Testing: Roger Dominick, John Eras, Jeff Laing, Steve McAdams, Bob Newell, Trevor Powell, Lon Thomas.


You have no inventory limit. Hooray! Feel free to take everything that's not nailed down. And you can't put the game into an unwinnable state, so feel free to experiment.


The amulets magically protect you from various attacks in the lake of blood. But you can only wear one amulet at a time, so you'll need to swap them around during your crossing as appropriate. When you successfully cross the lake of blood, these attacks will stop.

Note that the amulets in the Amulette Shoppe are fakes and replicas, but you can ask the shopkeeper there about them to learn what the originals do.

Papers and Cards
Useful tools
Useless Junk


The response to SCORE is:

In a total of many turns, you have achieved a score of your-score points (out of a possible 666 points). This gives you a rank of ranking.

Points are awarded as follows:

The possible rankings are:

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