Key & Compass presents:
by Royce Odle

PAXLess is a Hugo interactive fiction game and is © 2010 by Royce Odle. It was a participant in the PAX East 2010 Speed-IF event.

You're someone in orbit who wants to attend PAX-East in Boston, so you send a remote-bot in your place. Now that you're effectively in the hotel, all you have to do is find the Interactive Fiction Suite!

This solution is by David Welbourn.


Foyer The Queuestarts here Start ofthe maze Part ofthe maze Galatea'sroom FalseHope FettuciniExhibit Part ofthe maze(wiki-art) GenericCorner Pig Sty MazeTurningPoint Allways Nearingthe end,or are you? Part ofthe maze E/WCorridorin Maze C4 The lastroom Entranceto theIF Suite The End DarkRoom

Note: While the switch is on:


This game is mostly just a maze of IF tribute items, so this walkthrough will explore the maze so we can experience all of them, rather than rush to the end as quickly as possible.


> x me. i. s. s. e. e.

Galatea's room

Does anyone else find it a bit creepy to have the statue that is famous for gaining life be represented by a non-living doll?

> x doll. pull string. g. g. g. g.

When you've finished playing with the doll:

> w. s.

Part of the maze

> x wiki-art. w.

Fettucini Exhibit

> x pedestal. x box. open box. look in box.

> x bowl. take bowl. close box. e. s.

Maze Turning Point

> x potato. take potato. e.


> x panel. turn on switch. (A mallet bonks you.)

You are now disoriented and all the exits from Allways have changed. This isn't helpful, so I suggest turning the switch off again immediately.

> turn off switch.

> s. w. w. n.

In the dark

There's no in-game mention about "frotz"; you just need to know your IF lore. Alternatively, you could just TAKE ALL and examine the posters in another room instead, but then you'd missing the Dark Room description.

> frotz potato. (It now acts like a light-source.)

Dark Room

> look. x poster 1. x poster 2. x poster 3.

> s. e. e. n. n. e.

Pig Sty

> x pig. read sign. n.

False Hope

> read sign. s. w. s. e. s.

The last room

The sign is rot13-encoded; its decoded message is "This sign is here just to annoy you."

> x sign. read sign. e.

The entrance to the Interactive Fiction Suite

> x enforcer. e. (The enforcer stops you.)

> give bowl to enforcer. e.

The End






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