Key & Compass presents:
The Island
by Patrick Williams

The Island, also known as Our Island, is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2013 by Patrick Williams.

In this whimsical game, you play as a resident of the island. Walk around in nothing but a bathing suit, swim, and eat snacks. It's mostly a slice of life exploration game with some fantasy bits sprinkled in. But if you're very diligent indeed, you can eventually acquire four elemental items and use them to free the spirit of Hope!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Your home

u DiningRoom Kitchen Bedroom FrontLawn FrontPorch LivingRoom Staircase Top ofthe Stairs Bathroom GardenPath Guestbedroom Old StoneLibrary SunsetRoad S d

Map 2: The Island

Yourhome d d d d KennedyBeach W KennedyBeach KennedyBeach E TheBluffs FireTrail W FireTrail FireTrail E MosquitoAlley ChurchRoad N IslandAvenue CliffStreet ACEField ACEBeach SpookyCemetery SunsetRoad N Sue'sStore PitkinPoint ChurchRoad Sue'sDock StinkyBeach StinkyBeach E SunsetRoad Chester'sRoad ChurchRoad S SunsetRoad S FerryDock WharfRoad W WharfRoad WharfRoad E LittleBeach Larry's Islandroad RockyBeach RockyBeach E PunchBowl WoodedPath-N GrassyClearing TowerFloor 1(fire) TowerFloor 2(earth) TowerFloor 3(water) TowerFloor 4(air) enter kayak enter kayak u u u u



I notice in this home, room descriptions mention new ways to go, but never mention the way you originally entered there.

Note: You have a two-item carrying limit in this game, so take all isn't useful.

> x me. (naked!) i. (nothing)

> x bureau. open it.

> x suit. wear suit. (+5)

> look in pocket. open pocket. x key.

> x flip flops. wear flip flops. (+5)

> x towel. take towel. (+5)

> x bed. look under bed.

> x socks. smell socks. (eww)

Too much information, fella. Let's try to forget that happened.

> look through window.

> s.

Top of the Stairs

> x painting. (of a buoy)

> g. g. take paper. read paper. ("4 8 15 16 23 42")

Unfortunately, you'll never learn what those numbers are for.

> e.


Bug: "Take shower" acts like "pick up shower".

> x toilet. read note.

> x shower. x sink.

> x mirror. g. g. g. g. g.

> enter shower. sit on toilet. (Both are denied.)

> w. s.

Guest bedroom

Cheating suggests there's a camera inside the armoire, but it's locked and there's no key that unlocks it.

> x bed. x armoire. open it. (locked)

> n. w. d.

At 9am, you hear a horn announcing the Maquoit II arriving at the Ferry Dock.

Living Room

> x backpack. open it. x wallet.

> put towel and paper in backpack.

> take backpack. wear it.

> x couch. x tv. turn on tv.

> n.

Dining Room

> x matchbox. put it in pack.

> e.


> open fridge.

> x snack. eat snack. (+5)

> x TaB. drink TaB. (+5)

> close fridge.

> x cup. drink coffee. (+5)

> x tin box. put it in pack.

> w. s.

Living Room

> w. (locked)

> unlock door with key. put key in pocket.

> w.

Front Porch

Don't worry about closing or locking your front door.

> sit on chair. (+5)

> w.

Front Lawn

> x stone. look under stone. x snake. (+5)

> s. s.

Old Stone Library

> open cardboard box. take Zotz.

> read Zotz. (+20. You now have the power to kill with a word?)

> put Zotz in pack.

> n. n. w. n. e.

Chester's Road

> x ornaments. take ornaments. (+5)

> e. s. e.

Little Beach

Don't worry about your inventory when swimming. Water damage isn't implemented in this game.

> swim in cove. (+5)

> x cookie. stand on cookie. (Boring without other people.)

> w. w.

Wharf Road

> read sign.

> enter ACE Hall. (Should've signed up.)

> x flagpole. (Leif appears briefly behind it.)

> enter post office. (Nothing to mail.)

> enter fire house. (No fires to report.)

> enter court. (Mr and Mrs V wouldn't like that.)

> s. s.

Rocky Beach

> x rock. put it in pack.

> e.

Rocky Beach E

> x fort. x oyster.

> open oyster. take pearl. (+20)

> x pearl. put pearl in pack.

> w. n. n. w. s.


Note that Larry's doesn't open until 9 am. You cannot buy the snacks; they're not implemented.

> x girl. buy ice cream. (for $1.45)

> eat cone. (+20)

> x ms pac-man. play ms. (+5)

> n. w.

Ferry Dock

At various times in the game, the Maquoit II and its passengers will be at this dock. Neither the boat or the people are important to you. If you enter the boat, the game will end with you leaving the island.

> x boathouse. x bucket. x mackerel.

> put bucket in pack.

You're unlikely to guess these actions without cheating:

> dive off boathouse. (+50)

> jump off boathouse. (+50)

> e. e. n. n. n.

Sunset Road N

When you first enter this location, you see a golf cart of teens go past you and swerve off the road into a ditch, but there's no actual cart or ditch to investigate.

> w.

Spooky Cemetery

I actually managed to guess this one.

> dance. (+20. Can't believe that worked.)

> e. n. e.

Fire Trail

> x osprey. x stump.

> put mackerel on stump. (That seems correct, but nothing happens.)

> w. (+50)

Fire Trail W

If necessary, wait a turn or two for the osprey to get the mackerel.

> e.

Fire Trail

> x feather. put it in pack.

> e. s. ne. e. e. e.

The Bluffs

> x sticks. put sticks in pack.

> w. w. s.

Cliff Street

BUG: If you take the mullberries, they'll disappear and you'll get 5 points. You're told you need a suitable container. You're supposed to use the tin box from the kitchen, but it doesn't work. So, just take the berries and get the points.

> take mullberries. (+5)

> e. e.

ACE Beach

Sorry, there's nothing here.

> w. w. s.

Pitkin Point

> x house. enter house. (You'd die of boredom.)

> n. w. n.

Mosquito Alley

Despite the warning, the mosquitos pose no actual threat and you can't do anything about them.

> x mosquitos.

> n. sw. s. e.

Sue's Dock

Sue's Store doesn't open until 12:24 pm. I tried to waste time for you elsewhere, so hopefully it's not too long a wait.

> z. (Repeat waiting until it's 12:24 pm.)

> n.

Sue's Store

> x Sue. buy gum. (for $0.10)

> open gum. eat pink gum.

> x tattoo. wear tattoo. (Your forearms tingle.)

By the way, I cheated to learn that there's beer for sale too, but you can't drink it or do anything with it.

> buy beer. x beer. open beer. x Lifes.

> close beer. put beer in pack.

> s. w. n. e.

Island Avenue

CAUTION: Stinky Beach to the south is dangerous. You may want to save first.

> save.

> take zotz.

> s.

Stinky Beach

CAUTION: Buddy the Undead Goat may kill you immediately on entry. If this happens, UNDO, WAIT a turn, then go SOUTH back onto the beach.

BUG: The goat has a random chance at killing you ANYWHERE on any turn after you meet him. Running away will not help you.

There are two ways to destroy the goat:

> look. x horns. take horns.

> e.

Stinky Beach E

> x kayak. enter kayak. (You row to...)

Punch Bowl

> s. s. u.

Tower Floor 1

> x fire pillar. ("W")

> put sticks on pillar.

> open matchbox. take match. light match.

> light sticks with match. (+20)

> u.

Tower Floor 2

> x pillar. (yen sign)

> put horns on pillar. (+20)

> u.

Tower Floor 3

> x pillar. ("O")

> put pearl on pillar. (+20)

> u.

Tower Floor 4

> x pillar. (a wavy symbol)

> put feather on pillar. (+20)

When all four pillars are destroyed, you gain 1000 points. The spirit of Hope names you as its champion, telling you to travel to Hope Island and KILL EVERYTHING YOU SEE! Wow, plot twist.

*** You have won ***

To be continued in The Island 2: Hope's Revenge.

... but don't count on it.



Main characters:

Background and cameo characters:




You have a two-item carrying limit; things you're wearing don't count. You should put most of your inventory into the backpack.

Honorable mention:


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 0, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

So... the maximum score is 1470? Sure, why not? Or am I missing 30 points from a total of 1500?

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