Key & Compass presents:
by William J. "City Boy" Shlaer

Orpington is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1998 by William J. "City Boy" Shlaer. It was a participant in the ChickenComp event.

You play as either Buff or Buffy Orpington, a chicken on the run. Unfortunately, the gameplay involves micromanaging the movements of your left and right legs, explicitly directing them up, down, and back in your frantic effort to escape Farmer Bill's sharpened axe.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Oven The OtherSide ofthe Road The Road Wilderness The Nest Gate Farmyard Near theFarmhouse

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> back right. (Facing NE, but legs are askew)

> up right. down right. (This gets your legs back together)

> b r. u r. d r. (Facing N, standing normally.)

> b r. u r. d r. (Facing NW, standing normally.)

When walking in a cardinal direction, you'll move 10 units at a time.

When walking in a diagonal direction, you'll move 7 units per cardinal direction.

To move forward (you start making progress on the second action):

> u r. b l. d r. u l. b r. d l. (35N, 35W)

> u r. b l. d r. u l. b r. d l. (77N, 77W)

> u r. b l. d r. u l. b r. d l. (119N, 119W)

> u r. b l. d r. u l. b r. d l. (161N, 161W)

> u r. b l.


Keep going northwest past the gate.

> d r. u l. b r. d l.

The Road

You're now at (203 N, 203 W). Getting hit by a truck is random; if you get hit, just undo and try again.

> save.

> d l.

> b r. u r. d r. (Facing west.)

> u r. b l. d r. u l. b r. d l.

> u r.

The Other Side of the Road

You should now be at (203 N, 263 W).

> d r. (You stop.)

> b r. u r. d r. (facing SW)

> b r. u r. d r. (facing S)

Head south until you reach the nest. If the hawk catches you, undo and try again:

> u r. b l. d r. u l. b r. d l. (153 N, 263 W)

> u r. b l. d r. u l. b r. d l. (93 N, 263 W)

> u r. b l. d r. u l.

The Nest

Final coordinates are (53 N, 263 W).

*** You have won ***



Note that you can't even examine any of the game characters. They are only mentioned in room descriptions or in timed events.




Going from one place to another is quite awkward in this game. You'll want to learn how to do various types of maneuvers.

  1. If you run into something (like a fence) or otherwise fall down, FLAP to get back onto your feet. Moving both feet up will make you fall down.
  2. To turn 45 degrees, you'll need to move one of your legs back then up then down. Use your right leg to turn counter-clockwise or your left leg to turn clockwise.
  3. To run forward, use an up-back-down sequence with alternating feet.
  4. To fly forward, you'll need to start running forward to get momentum, then flap your wings continually until you land or hit something. This is tricky to get right, and you won't fly far (chickens aren't that good at flying), but you will move twice as fast as running.


In that game you scored your-score out of a possible 550, in several turns giving you the rank of ranking.

Points are only awarded at game's end:


Yes, I did not get full score for this game. Perhaps you need to reach the nest more quickly than I did?

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