Key & Compass presents:
by John Evans

Order is a Z-machine version 5 interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by John Evans. It was entered in IF Comp 2004 where it took 24th place.

You play as a spirit who delights in solving puzzles summoned by an enclave of wizards into a realm where matter is less stable and energy is plentiful. You have been gifted with the power to create what you need, and your task is to defend the wizards against their attackers, several powerful monsters, their origins and motivations unknown.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 0 of the game.


WhiteHouse NorthEnd NorthRoof NorthCourtyard Fields SouthRoof WestMainHall NorthMainHall Courtyard EnclaveGrounds Edge oftheGrounds EasternEdge SouthMainHall BareRoom u d/e DarkCorner d


Bare Room

As near as I can tell, there's no time limit on how long you can take to escape this first room. If you know everything you want to create, you can create it here and examine it at your leisure.

> x door. create key. x it. create hammer. x it.

I know two ways out of here: one, open the door with a key; two, hit the door with a sledgehammer. The hammer is quicker and more satisfying. Also, the hammer is useful elsewhere.

> n.

South Main Hall

Once you enter here, the clock is ticking, and you need to defeat the creatures as soon as you can. Still, you might want to chat with old Sevryd here if this is your first time playing.

> ask sevryd about lifeforms. ask sevryd about enclave.

> ask sevryd about realm. ask sevryd about himself.

> ask sevryd about brentvid. ask sevryd about alearan.

> ask sevryd about robert. ask sevryd about magic.

> ask sevryd about me. ask sevryd about create.

> n. e. e.

Enclave Grounds

> x beast. (It's an earth elemental. There's several ways to defeat it.)

> n.


> x monster. (This one's a fire elemental. Choose how to destroy it.)

> n.

North End

> x monster. (This one's a water elemental, but a poisonous slimy kind of water. Decide how to defeat it.)

> sw.

North Courtyard

Now you need to be able to get to the roof. Disassembling the story file suggests that you should be able to create a ladder, but I couldn't get that option to work. Fortunately, there's other ways up:

North Roof

Normal attacks won't work against the air elemental. Also, there's a rather important window not mentioned in the room description!

> x wind. x wizard. x window.

> break window with hammer. (Or break it with the knife or staff, if you created them.)

> x crystal.

Inside the window, there's a crystal that's shaking about. Yes, I know. The crystal wasn't mentioned either. To stabilize the crystal, do one of the following:

The air elemental leaves in frustration. The female wizard takes a moment to thank you then sits down to meditate. You can now talk to her, if you like, before the next menace is summoned.

When you're done here, you should either go directly to the next menace at Edge of the Grounds, or make a side trip to the Dark Corner inside the castle.

Dark Corner

You can't create a candle or flashlight, but there are two light-sources you can make:

The leaflet doesn't exist here until the elementals are defeated.

> take leaflet. read it. s. e. e. e.

Edge of the Grounds

If you have the leaflet, the tiny creatures a.k.a. the gerbil army will stop attacking and follow you around quietly. Otherwise you must force them to take damage by three different methods in order to destroy them. Choose three of the following six effective attacks:

By the way, if you "create land" here, you can reach a new location, Eastern Edge, to the east. There's nothing of interest there, though.

Several turns after the army's defeat, evil laughter will erupt from the white house to the northwest. So let's go there next.

> w. nw. n.

White House

> x house. hit house with hammer. (You can't ever get into the house.)

If necessary, wait for Robert Pire and Brentvid to appear and begin their duel. Although you can try talking to Pire (ask him about the house), be aware that he will eventually defeat Brentvid unless you defeat him first, so you can't waste too much time.

To defeat Pire, you have a few options:

The effective attacks against Robert Pire are:

*** You have won ***




create acid ⅓✔⅕✔
create cold ⅓✔⅕✔
create earth
create fire ⅓✔⅕✔
create gasYOU
create tree
create water
hit FOE with knife ⅓✔
hit FOE with staff ⅓✔
hit FOE with hammer ⅓✔⅕✔
pour cement
spray FOE with extinguisher
throw bomb at FOE ⅓✔


You can attempt to CREATE many things, but of course, you can only create things that the author thought of and implemented. See Inventory for the creatable inventory items.

Creatable blasts of something or other:

Creatable scenery items:

Also, just for fun:




Items you can just CREATE:

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