Key & Compass presents:
Oppositely Opal
by Buster Hudson

Oppositely Opal is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2015 by Buster Hudson. It was entered in ParserComp 2015 where it won 2nd place Overall; in other categories, it won 1st place for both Best Puzzles and Best Technical, and 2nd place for both Best Writing and Best Story.

You play as Opal, a witch who has flown to Iceland to compete in PotionComp. But your rival and frenemy, Grusilda, has tricked you. PotionComp is in Ireland and now you're trapped in a tiny cabin where all your spells have their opposite effects. How are you going to get to the competition now?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.



So what's going on?

> read note. open door. open window.

Check inventory. By the way, "Elphaba" is the name given to the Wicked Witch of the West in both the book and musical "Wicked". Her green skin comes from the portrayal of the Wicked Witch by Margaret Hamilton in the MGM classic "The Wizard of Oz". In L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", the witch was unnamed and didn't have green skin.

> x me. i. x cloak. x hat. x note. x broom.

Examine what's here.

> x bed. look under bed.

> x stove. open stove. x latch.

> x chair. open fridge. x Killjoy.

> x sugar. take it. x syrup. take it. x tuna. take it.

> close fridge.

> x sink. x knife. take knife. turn on sink. (Pipes are frozen.)

> x tv. turn on tv. (There's no power.)

> x trunk. x padlock. x planter. x plants.

> x window. break window. x cobwebs. x ceiling.

> x table. x puffin. x feathers.

Create the recipe.

> take feather. (Using feather and chocolate syrup, you create the recipe.)

You now have a recipe. And a grimoire that was in your hat. The author introduces several new commands: RECIPE (or QR), INGREDIENTS (or QI), and SPELLS (or QS). Might as well try 'em out.

> x grimoire. recipe. ingredients. spells.

Get original note.

> intensus note. (The ice vanishes.)

Get a pink peppercorn.

> youdead plants. x vines. (Red peppercorns!)

> verdare peppercorns. (It's now pink.)

Get a flamingo feather.

> verdare feather. (It's pink. It's a feather. Close enough.)

Get spider silk.

> take cobwebs. (Out of reach.)

> take cobwebs with broom. (This command isn't supported.)

> stand on chair. stand on table. (Both are too flimsy to stand on.)

> leviupup cobwebs. (A now heavy piece of silk falls to the floor.)

> take silk. (It's too heavy.)

> intensus silk. (The heaviness cancelled, you take the silk easily.)

Get pixie dust.

> destructor. (It summons a pixie, who hides in the minifridge.)

> enfuego fridge. (The fridge is frozen shut with ice.)

> destructor. (The pixie is summoned out of the fridge; she flies up to the rafters.)

> shrinky me. (Enlarge yourself.)

> take pixie. (She evades you and runs through the webs.)

> shrinky cobwebs. (Enlarge the cobwebs.)

> take pixie. (She evades you, but is ensnared by the cobwebs and trapped. You automatically restore your height.)

> intensus me. (Shrink yourself down to normal.)

> take pixie. shake pixie. (No dust.)

> ensnare pixie. (This shakes the pixie, dropping dust and a tiny textbook.)

> x dust. drop pixie.

Learn pixie spells.

> take tiny book. shrinky it. x it. read it.

> engarde cabin. (Alas, this fails since you're inside the cabin.)

> engarde trunk. (The trunk is now unlocked. Unfortunately, you can't see or reach inside because of a warding spell.)

Start a fire in the stove.

> encandy syrup. x oil. oil latch. (The stove is now open.)

> break chair. shrinky knife. cut chair. put wood in stove.

> ensnare wood. (The pieces of wood rub against each other, but you need tinder.)

> cut broom. put bristles in stove. x stick.

Wait for the cabin the warm up a bit.

> z. z. z.

Get a volcanic rock. By the way, Bárðarbunga is a real Icelandic volcano.

> x window. x lights. x snow.

> x generator. x crank. ensnare crank. (Power's on.)

> turn on television. x volcano.

> tranquila volcano. (It explodes. The generator is destroyed, and a chunk of hot rock punches its way into the cabin through a new hole in the ceiling.)

> x hole. x rock. enfuego rock. (Freeze the rock.)

> intensus rock. (Remove the ice; you now have the rock.)

Get a cauldron.

> open tuna can. (Killjoy eats all the tuna, leaving the can empty.)

> x can. shrinky can. x cauldron.

Get a sand golem.

> put cauldron in sink. turn on sink. put cauldron on stove.

> put sugar in cauldron. z. z. z.

> dance. dance. (You make a sugar man.)

> x man. encandy man. (The sugar man becomes a sand man.)

> animata man. (Reversed, it doesn't work. You demand the pixie do it. She wants her freedom first.)

> free pixie. (Instead of fulfilling her promise, she flies out the ceiling hole.)

> shrinky me. destructor. take pixie. (You block the hole, but she evades you and the cobwebs.)

> potpourri pixie. youdead puffin. (The puffin chases the fish-smelling pixie and she gives up and casts animata on the golem! You let her go and shrink to normal.)

Note: When you get the golem, you also learn about the command FETCH, which can be used by itself, or as FETCH something. However, I got stuck because "FETCH something" fails to get you anything from the trunk; just use "FETCH".

Get a witch's tear. By the way, a bhut jolokia is also called a ghost chili pepper, over 900 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

> cry. g. g. g. g. g. (It just doesn't work.)

> put golem in trunk. fetch. (It gives you a children's book.)

> x children's book. read it. (The pixie returns and after you explain about Aurora, she grants your wish to cry. You now have a tear. And the pixie's name is Ruby.)

Put all the ingredients into a cauldron of boiling water.

> put cauldron in sink. turn on sink. put cauldron on stove.

> z. z. z. dance. (It's now boiling.)

> put note in cauldron. put feather in cauldron. put silk in cauldron.

> put peppercorn in cauldron. put dust in cauldron. put rock in cauldron.

> put golem in cauldron. put tear in cauldron.

Create a "sunrise" and finish the potion.

> x hole. x lights. leviupup lights. (Thanks to the northern lights, your potion is finished.)

> x potion. drink potion. (It teleported Grusilda to you!)

Grusilda has brought an ingredient chest. She casts Destructor, accidentally summoning Ronald, a pixie prince, who hides inside the chest. Now's your chance while Grusilda's distracted!

You have a choice of endings. I found five: death of Opal, death of Grusilda, Aurora, rescue mission, and PotionComp! I believe the last one is the best.

Death of Opal ending

> verdare grusildaorenfuego grusildaorleviupup grusildaorensnare grusilda.

She redirects your spell to the chest. Angry, she removes the curse and casts normal enfuego at you!

> shrinky meoryoudead grusildaor(etc.)

You burn!

*** The End ***

Death of Grusilda ending

> verdare grusildaorenfuego grusildaorleviupup grusildaorensnare grusilda.

She redirects your spell to the chest. Angry, she removes the curse and casts normal enfuego at you!

> backatya grusilda.

Grusilda burns! You have your revenge, but at what cost?

*** The End ***

Aurora ending

> verdare grusildaorenfuego grusildaorleviupup grusildaorensnare grusilda.

She redirects your spell to the chest. Angry, she removes the curse and casts normal enfuego at you!

> xyzzy.

You dodge the spell, teleporting to Aurora's bedroom! "I think we should talk."

*** The End ***

Rescue mission ending

> potpourri grusilda. (The use of a pixie spell shocks her.)

> yesorno.

Disgusted with you, Grusilda removes the curse, walks out the door, and flies away. You and Ruby decide to go rescue Ronald.

*** The End ***

PotionComp ending

> onewish grusilda. (The use of a pixie spell shocks her.)

> yesorno.

Disgusted, Grusilda uses her wish to go to PotionComp, but instead all of PotionComp is brought to her! You and Grusilda can't help but laugh. PotionComp begins!

*** The End ***

List of spells

Witch spells:

Pixie spells:

Note: Objects can only have one witch's enchantment at a time, so you can't, for example, make something both pink and frozen, or both heavy and huge. Pixie enchantments are more permanent, although ENGARDE only lasts while the pixie is inside its chosen enclosure.

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