Key & Compass presents:
One way out
by Steffen Görzig

One way out is an Inform 7 interactive fiction story and is © 2017 by Steffen Görzig. One way out is meant to be played within Inform 7's IDE program, so the source code and the interactive story can viewed side-by-side. It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 56th place.

In this short story, you play as a woman trapped in a virtual landscape of her fears, looking for a way out. But you also play as a man in love with the woman, reading the woman's blog where she describes her phobias in an oddly structured style under the username Myfearlady.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on competition release of the story.


cerebellum brain stem amnesi-phobia u d frontal lobe parietal lobe occupital lobe temporal lobe decido-phobia algo-phobia clausto-phobia catoptro-phobia phono-phobia pelado-phobia scopo-phobia kinesio-phobia acro-phobia

Note that the map of phobias is shaped like a human brain viewed from one side.


Note that this walkthrough can only cover the woman's side of the story, since she's the only protagonist in the interactive part. The man's story is told in the comments of the story's source code, which he is reading as if the source code was her blog entries.


It's not obvious within the game where the exits are or that certain objects are actually doors, but since you're actually expected to be reading the source code as you play, this isn't as awkward as it might've been.

> x lapse. x torch.

Worst nightmare arrives.

> x worst. look. x device. take all.

> e.


> x recorder. turn on recorder. (Too high up.)

> e.


> x window. x bed. push bed west.


Note that you can't listen to the recorder or just wait for it to make noise.

> stand on bed. turn on recorder. x recorder. ("1337")

> stand. w.


> unlock lapse with device. sw.


If the source code wasn't available, this "spin safe to [number]" syntax would be far too difficult to guess, in my humble opinion.

> x safe. open it. spin safe to 1337.

> x clef. take it.

> ne. e. e. se. s.


> x curtain. unlock curtain with clef. w. w.


You must wait six turns until the voice finishes speaking before you can act again.

> z. z. z. z. z. z.

> x bridge. se. drop all. se.


> u.


> jump.

*** The End ***




Note also that you cannot carry anything across the rope bridge in phonophobia. Drop everything before crossing the bridge.

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