Key & Compass presents:
One Night Stand
by Giannis G. Georgiou

One Night Stand is a Quest 5 interactive fiction game and is © 2014 by Giannis G. Georgiou. It was entered in IF Comp 2014 where it took 37th place. The game can only be played online at the textadventures website.

In this game, you play as Sandy Owens, a young woman who wakes up naked beside an equally naked sleeping dude in a student dorm bedroom. You want to get dressed, say your goodbyes, and leave, but you can't remember the dude's name.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the competition release of the game. Note: This game contains mild sexual references.


Mara'sbedroom A balcony A student'sbedroom A corridor A kitchen& livingroom A bathroom

A student's bedroom

Take and wear the shirt as soon as you can. Interesting, a real-time event (where your nipples harden in the cold) is used to prompt you to find something to wear. Unlike in other IF authoring systems, real-time events are an easy thing to include in Quest games.

> x shirt. take shirt. wear shirt.

Your panties are the only thing you can take from the drawer at this time. And, sorry, but you'll never get the closet open.

> open drawer. x stand. take panties. x panties. wear panties.

You can optionally examine more of the drawer contents:

> x women's underwear. x bra. x vibrator. x unused. x soiled.

The formal start of your quest is triggered by your attempt to take the dress.

> x dress. take dress.

> s.

A corridor

> x door. s.

A bathroom

You only need the bottle from here.

> x bottle. take bottle.

You can optionally examine more stuff in here:

> x sink. x toilet. x shower. x soap. x hair.

> x cabinet. open cabinet.

> x mouth guard. x cup. close cabinet.

> use toilet. use shower.


> n. e.

A kitchen & living room

You only need the telescope from here. You can never enter the greasy kitchen. Try "use telescope" repeated to see random views of one of the nearby flats.

Oh yes, Quest games treat USE as a standard verb. Learn to love the verb USE when playing a Quest game, okay?

> x telescope. use telescope. take telescope.

> x couch. x bookcase. x table. x tripod. x door.

> x grease. use bottle on grease.

> w. n. w.

A balcony

> x window.

> x Mara. x photo. x poster. x figurine.

> use telescope on photo. (You now have a vivid mental image in your inventory.)

> i. x image.

> use telescope on poster. use telescope on figurine.

> e. s.

A corridor

Note 1: It's necessary that you tried to take the dress earlier, and therefore started your self-imposed task to learn the dude's name. Your task gives you an in-story reason to talk to Mara. If you try to knock on the door beforehand, Mara will just yell at you to go away.

Note 2: The command "knock on door" isn't understood, it's "knock door". And Mara really doesn't like you opening the door yourself.

> knock door. (Mara tells you she doesn't like you.)

> n. w.

A balcony

I'm not sure why, but examining the window after speaking to Mara the first time is a necessary step towards speaking to her a second time. Otherwise Mara will continue to shut you out.

> x window. (You remember HER name but not HIS.)

> e. s.

A corridor

Note 3: It's also necessary to have used the telescope on the photograph before this point, since that's how you learn that Mara and the dude had a prior relationship.

> knock door.

Mara gives you a new task: find something of hers that the dude took and kept. This task is symbolized by a new inventory item, the not so vivid mental image of Mara's something missing.

> n. w.

A balcony

> x window. (You now have another new vivid mental image.)

> i. x things.

> x photo. use telescope on photo. (You now have a list of names.)

> i. x names.

> e.

A student's bedroom

> x stand. (You now have a bra.)

> x bra. s.

A corridor

> knock door. (Mara claims her bra was white.)

> s.

A bathroom

> use bottle on bra. x bra. n.

A corridor

> knock door. (Mara tells you the dude's nickname is "The Knob".)

Because you've also seen the list of names, you automatically know that the dude's name is Carlos.

> n.

A student's bedroom

> x Carlos. take dress.




It's perhaps noteworthy that all the human characters are portrayed as having active sex lives and make no apologies for them, although Sandy thinks maybe she should sleep around a little less often than she has been doing.


Physical objects:

Mental objects (you can only examine these):

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