Key & Compass presents:
One King to Loot them All
by Onno Brouwer

One King to Loot them All is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2023 by Onno Brouwer. It was an entry in IF Comp 2023 where it tied for 18th place.

In this custom-command tale of adventure, you play as the Barbarian King. Regard the scene. You have just slain the demon that an enemy sorcerer sent into your very throne room through a magical portal. Your blood sings. You crave vengeance. Seize your weapon, smite your foes, and loot their spoils!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


NorthBank ThroneRoom DiningRoom RoyalBedroom DarkRiver SouthBank Path ofOrder Path ofOrder Path ofOrder Path ofChaos Path ofChaos Path ofChaos Path ofChaos Path ofChaos GuardRoom Hall ofJustice Cavernof Bones Pit ofDarkness Crypt ofthe Sage DarkCorridor d (any) (any) d smitedragon loot bottle


Throne Room

An enemy sent you a demon through a portal, and you killed it with your sword. The demon disintegrated. You crave vengeance.

> help.

Note! Several standard commands have been changed!

Some commands like DROP and WAIT are not available. You won't need them.

Also, this game is merciful on the cruelty scale. You can never die and the game is always winnable regardless of your actions. Feel free to take your time and experiment.

> regard me. regard hilt.

> regard bottle. regard loincloth.

> regard portal. regard outline. regard throne.

> regard axe. seize axe.

When you seize your axe, the portal fades and Alcaz, the court mage, arrives.

> regard Alcaz. treat with him.

> present hilt. (A new rift forms to the west.)

> regard rift. w. (Alcaz follows you.)

North Bank

> regard river. regard goats. regard bell.

> regard moon. regard chest.

> treat with mage. (You need payment for the ferryman, then sound the bell, then prepare a sacrifice. The portal fades away.)

> smite chest. regard ring.

> treat with mage. (He rings the bell. The ferryman and his boat arrive.)

> regard boatorregard ferryman.

> seize goat. (Alcaz leaves to find another way for himself.)

> s.

Dark River

> present ring. (Accepted. The ferry leaves the shore.)

> regard river. (A massive serpent rears!)

> smite serpent. smite serpent. smite serpent.

The boat reaches a landing to the south.

> s.

South Bank

> regard gate. regard altar.

> present goat.

You put the goat on the altar. The goat sinks into it. The gate opens. A corpse threatens you.

> smite corpse.

The corpse dies. The altar baas. The ferry leaves. Alcaz arrives.

> loot altar. (You free the goat.)

> s.

Path of Order (three locations)

> x marker. ("east")

> e.

> x marker. ("south")

> s.

> x marker. (Er, south?)

> x marker. ("southwest")

> sw.

Path of Chaos (three locations)

Note that the options on this path become fewer as you progress.

> x marker. (no runes)

> treat with mage. ("rely on our instincts")

> se. s. e.

Guard Room

> x statue. x tablet. (You don't understand the runes.)

> treat with mage. (One guard tells the truth. One guard always lies. Ask one question.)

There's no obvious way to disambiguate one guard from the other, so get rid of one of them.

> smite guard.

> treat with guard. (South is the path of Life.)

> s.

Pit of Darkness

Alcaz is prevented from following you. The pit walls are too slippery to climb. Perhaps it is wine time?

> loot bottle. (You sleep, and move through mist to...)

Dark Corridor

> e.

Crypt of the Sage

> x sage. x tomb.

> treat with sage. (He has summoned you here to battle a primal force of Corruption.)

> present axe. (He enchants it, and tells you to walk the Path fo Justice, and bring balance to this world again.)

> treat with sage.

He tells you that Alcaz was deceived. You must reverse the flow of time and find a companion who can guard themselves from spiritual interference. When all paths seem lost, strike the monolith thrice, and he'll open a path and provide protection against the Corruption.

> treat with sage.

Reverse the flow of time? Does he mean.. UNDO?

> undo. undo.

Pit of Darkness

> undo.

Guard Room

> undo.

Path of Chaos (three locations)

> undo. undo. undo.

Path of Order (three locations)

> undo. undo. undo.

South Bank

> undo.

Dark River

> undo.

North Bank

> undo.

You step back through the portal, and events seem to reverse even faster.


Royal Bedroom

> x mirror. loot bed. (You find and don your loincloth.)

> x mirror. w.

Dining Room

> x table. loot table. (You obtain the bottle.)

> w.

Throne Room

A demon emerges from a portal.

> seize axe. smite demon.

Lydia, your priestess, enters. The demon moves towards her.

> smite demon. (Demon dies; axe shatters.)

> seize sword. w. (Lydia follows you.)

North Bank

The portal fades away.

> treat with Lydia. (She gives you her gold necklace.)

> regard necklace.

> smite bell. (using the hilt of your sword)

> take Lydia.

> s.

Dark River

> present necklace.

> x river. (The serpent does not attack this time.)

> regard ferryman. (You return the necklace to Lydia.)

> s.

South Bank

> present Lydia.

She sinks into the altar. The gate opens. Three corpses surround you.

> smite corpses. (They fall. The ferry leaves.)

> loot altar. (Lydia is back by your side.)

> s.

Path of Order (three locations)

Unlike Alcaz, Lydia is deliberately avoiding the markers on the path.

> treat with Lydia. ("follow your instincts")

> x marker. (This step is necessary.)

Go the way we did the first time through here:

> e. s. sw.

Path of Chaos (three locations)

Any direction different from what you did before is good.

> s. (You stop; Lydia isn't following.)

> treat with Lydia.

> s. se.

No exits now. Remember what the sage said?

> smite marker. smite marker. smite marker.

A downward path is revealed.

> d.

Guard Room

> treat with Lydia. (She reads more of the tablet than Alcaz did. You should approach the Goddess of Justice and fulfill her request to open the path of Justice.)

> treat with Goddess.

> present me. (Eastern path revealed.)

> e.

Hall of Justice

> x reliquary. treat with Lydia.

> loot reliquary. (You obtain a vial of holy water.)

Alcaz arrives and mocks you. Lydia says he's under the control of necromancer and to distract him.

> treat with Alcaz.

Lydia asks for that "piece of steel" you have.

> present handle.

Lydia accepts it. She and Alcaz both conjure defense spheres. Alcaz attacks!

> smite Alcaz.

You and Lydia win, but a portal opens downwards, and the necromancer's spirit is escaping!

> d.

Cavern of Bones

Lydia says the necromancer is moving from the southwest to the north.

> ne.

Now he's moving from east to southwest.

> w.

Skeletons rise to surround you.

> smite skeletons. treat with Lydia. (She TURNs them.)

Now he's moving from northwest to east.

> se.

Now he's due north, waiting for you.

> n.

The necromancer faces you as a skeletal dragon. His power is too great for Lydia to Turn.

> loot vial. (The phoenix on your sword lives!)

> smite dragon. smite dragon.

The dragon conjures a shield. Alcaz arrives and wants an update.

> treat with Alcaz. (Alcaz removes the shield.)

> smite dragon.

The Corruption dissapates. You three are magically transported to...

Crypt of the Sage

The sage has some things to say before sending you home.

> treat with sage.

> treat with sage.

> treat with sage.

Royal Bedroom

> treat with Lydia. (She embraces you.)

*** The End ***



Also: "Child of Destiny" is a term that the sage has bestowed on Conan, Alcaz, and Lydia. Each of them thought they were the only one, but no, the sage likes redundant solutions.


This is the response to CREDITS:

This story is written by Onno Brouwer for IFComp 2023.
The game concept is inspired by the Single Choice Jam 2023 premise: to build a game with a single choice.
The original story is inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard in general, and the short story "The Phoenix on the Sword," in particular, first published in Weird Tales magazine in December 1932

"One King to Loot them All" is Merciful on the Zarfian cruelty scale. Hints are available via HINT.

Original cover art by RION.

Many thanks to:

This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual entities, living, dead, undead, or immortal, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Items are listed in the order you acquire them in this walkthrough.

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