Key & Compass presents:
Old King Nebb
by Caleb Wilson

Old King Nebb is a Glulx work of interactive fiction written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Caleb Wilson (as "Abandoned Pools"). It was an entry in Event Two of The Second Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction where it took 2nd place.

In this work, you play as Absalome Pilcrow, a youth from Panzitoum on a walking tour. On the way to the Redfort, you stop by the palace of Old King Nebb and decide to explore it.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a work of interactive fiction. Please make an honest effort to play the work before reading this walkthrough.


u d Summit Foothill CrumbledBrickPath ShadedBrickPath SunPool Nebb'sRoom Buck-thorn Grove Garden OldThroneRoom Stairs Hollow WelcomeCenter CloudPavilion NightPavilion StatuaryYard RedfortRoad VineYard Aquarium (to Panzitoum) (to Redfort) AnthillEntrance Anthill(1) StoreRoom Anthill(2) Queen'sChamber

Note: If you wander in a random direction in the anthill, you'll be in a location called "Lost". Just wander again to return to a mapped tunnel location.


Note: This interactive fiction has no ending, nor are there any puzzles that must be solved. Explore the environment as you wish. This walkthrough is a suggested traversal of the place.

Redfort Road

> about. (No ending to this story.)

> x me. (You are Absalome Pilcrow.)

> i. x hat. x cape. x stick.

> x wall. x greenery. x sky.

> n. (no, that's the way you came)

> s. (maybe later)

> e.

Vine Yard

> x trellises. x vines. x window. x water. (It's an aquarium.)

> climb trellises. (Not your style.)

> n.

Welcome Center

> x tablet. x floor.

> n.


> x garlic. x palace. ne.

Sun Pool

> x cockodryll. x pool. read tablet.

> ne.

Crumbled Brick Path

> x palace. x road. x trees.

> n.


> x lamb. (It's eaten all the grass it can reach.)

> read tablet. x summit. (Looks windy.)

> nw.


> x flower. (It's a light-source!)

> take flower.

> jump. (You fly for a moment on the wind.)

> se. se.

Shaded Brick Path

> x pod. take it. open pod. (can't)

> shake pod. (It's a rattle.)

> se.


> x buckthorn. (might be able to get through them to the east.)

> e.


> x haybale. x mask. take all. wear mask.

> w. sw.


> x earth. s.

Statuary Yard

> take coin. x it. x statues.

> w.

Night Pavilion

> x chameleopard. read tablet. x dome. x pillars.

> w. (The cat follows you.)

Cloud Pavilion

> x chameleopard. (Its pelt has changed colors.)

> x pillars. x dome.

NOTE: If you shake the seed pod near the chameleopard, it grabs the pod and runs to another room with it, either the Night or the Cloud Chamber.

> shake pod. e.

Night Pavilion

> take pod. shake pod. w.

Cloud Pavilion

> take pod. s.


> read tablet.

> x water. x waterweed. x mossy stone. x cavity.

> x trireme. (It's a model of a ship.)

> x remora. (It's a green and black fish.)

> x sand. x starfish. x eye.

> n. n.

Old Throne Room

> read tablet. x throne.

> e.


> read tablet.

> n.

Nebb's Room

> x king. x dream. g. g.

> x fireplace. x tapestries. x ceiling. touch it.

> s. d.

Anthill Entrance

The sunflower will let you see when inside the anthill tunnels.

> x ribbon. x ant.

Follow the ribbon:

> sw. se. sw.

Queen's Chamber

> x queen. x couch. x ants.

> give coin to queen. (Another ant takes it and glues it to the couch.)

From reading the tablet on the Stairs, you know there's a room opposite the Queen's Chamber.

> ne. ne.

Store Room

> x meat. take meat.

Return to the sun pool:

> sw. nw. ne. u. w. n.

Sun Pool

> shake pod. (The cockodryll wakes.)

> give meat to cockodryll. (It eats your gift, then goes back to sleep.)

Now revisit the lamb:

> ne. n.


> give haybale to lamb. (It starts eating it.)

I think we've seen as much as we can, unless you want to play with the chameleopard some more. But this walkthrough is done.

> quit.




This is the response to CREDITS:

Old King Nebb was written for The Second Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction by me. I am Abandoned Pools. A tester tested and I thank them greatly for it.

There is no ending to this fiction.

I would like to recommend the following album for a soundtrack to this piece: No Treasure But Hope by the band Tindersticks.


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