Key & Compass presents:
Old Jim's Convenience Store
by Anssi Räisänen

Old Jim's Convenience Store is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Anssi Räisänen. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it took 34th place.

In this short puzzler, you play as someone who unexpectedly inherited a convenience store in rural Kansas from your late Uncle Jim. Although delighted at this chance to move forward in life, you discover that the building is quite isolated on a flat sandy plain and hasn't been used for years. Of course, you still want to look the place over. Who knows what you might find?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


SecretHideout North ofChasm South ofChasm SmallLandingPlace Mouth ofVery LowTunnel RoundCave WesternShore Under-groundLake Under-groundRiver SouthernShore Brink OfRiver WideTunnel LowPassage d u u d (ceilingtoo low) Rooftop BehindThe Store InsideThe Store On ThePorch By YourCar


On The Porch

> x me. i. x key.

> x sign. x window. x road.

> unlock door. (nope)

> open window. (nope)

> s.

By Your Car

> x car. open trunk. x oil. take it.

> n. ne.

Behind The Store

> x ladder. climb ladder. (nope)

> up. (yes. Grr.)


> x roof. x prairie. x sun.

> d.

Behind the Store

> take ladder. se.

On The Porch

> break window with ladder.

> in.

Inside The Store

> x items. x peel. take it.

> x magazines. x hooks. take hook.

> x boxes. x lamps. take lamp.

> x bottles. x counter. open drawer.

> take matchbox. open it. x matches.

> x register. open it. (empty)

> x newspapers. x sheets.

> move sheets. (nope)

> look under sheets. (yes. Grr.)

> x hatch. open hatch. d. (too dark and no steps)

> put oil in lamp. light lamp.

> put ladder in opening.

> d.

Low Passage

The ladder has to stay here. You can't take it now.

> nw.

Brink Of An Underground River

> x dinghy. enter dinghy.

Underwater River (start)

> w. (Need a paddle)

> paddle with peel.

Now you can just use normal directions, ignoring the dinghy.

> ne. (ceiling too low)

> w.

Underwater River (middle of lake)

> nw.

Small Landing Place

> x bench. x rocks. x plank.

> sit on bench. (Can't. Grr.)

> take plank. (Buh-bye useless bench.)

> se. n. n.

South Of Chasm

> x chasm. n. put plank across chasm. n.

North Of Chasm

You automatically take the plank. While you have the plank, you can now ignore the awkwardness of chasm-crossing as you currently ignore paddling in the river.

> n.

Secret Hideout

> x silver key. (on keyring)

> take silver key with hook. (You need a line.)

> read diary. (Learn about nuggets in a safe place.)

> x table. x bed. x clothes.

> sit on bed. (Find and take an iron wire.)

> tie wire to hook. take silver key with hook. (Success!)

> s. s. s. s. s. s.

Wide Tunnel

> x planks. x pickaxe.

> take pickaxe with peel. (Success!)

> n. n. w.

Western Shore Of Underground Lake

> pull lever. (A pebble is in the way.)

> x pebble.

> break pebble with pickaxe. (Success!)

> pull lever. w.

Round Cave

> x chest. take chest. (too heavy)

> unlock chest with silver key.

You find gold nuggets and a final letter from Uncle Jim. You proceed to have a happy successful life running the store.

*** The End ***



This is very much a solo adventure story, but a few other characters are mentioned:


From the response to ABOUT:

This is a short game written for IFComp 2019. I like writing puzzle-oriented parser games (both in ALAN 3 and Inform 7), and this one should be a typical example.

If you get stuck, consult the walkthrough file distributed together with this game.

Thank you very much to my beta testers Andrew Schultz and Niko Räisänen. All remaining errors and incongruities are entirely my own fault.

(c) 2019 Anssi Räisänen. All rights reserved.

I hope you enjoy!


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