Key & Compass presents:
by Morpheus Kitami and Cody Gaisser

Nowheresville is a Glulx work of interactive fiction written with Inform 7 and is © 2022 by Morpheus Kitami and Cody Gaisser. It was an entry in Le Grand Guignol (English) division of Ectocomp 2022 where it took 14th place.

In this game, you're in a strange town you don't recognize. It's too clean. Unused. Everyone's a job stereotype. And there's no way to leave. The diner's waitress calls it Nowheresville, or Hell. She says everyone's been here a very long time, and asks if you'll try to break out again. For mature adults only.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a work of interactive fiction. Please make an honest effort to play the work before reading this walkthrough.


ClothingStore Park Garage Third&Union ThirdAvenueWest Third&Main ThirdAvenueEast Third&Commerce Bar Sheriff'sOffice UnionStreetNorth Restaurant MainStreetNorth OfficeBlock CommerceStreetNorth CandyShop Library Bank Park Second&Union SecondAvenueWest Second&Main SecondAvenueEast Second&Commerce Park ApartmentBuilding Junkyard UnionStreetSouth Dress-maker Diner MainStreetSouth ToyStore Pharmacy CommerceStreetSouth Butcher Grocery NiceHouse CleanApartment First&Union FirstAvenueWest First&Main FirstAvenueEast First&Commerce Farm Doctor'sOffice School Park MysteriousHouse BlueDesert EerieBasement d u



The first part of this walkthrough will be mostly exploration. Pick up anything that's not locked down. Ask the characters about each other, the town, yourself, and things near them. Feel free to take your time with this and map out the town as much as you can.

> x me. i. x pants. x shirt. x cardigan.

> x waitress. x apron. x counter.

> x tables. x chairs. x taps.

> ask waitress about diner.

> ask waitress about me.

> ask waitress about herself.

> ask waitress about candy man.

> ask waitress about town.

> ask waitress about menu.

> e.

Main Street South

> x road. x windows. x diner. x shop.

> e.

Toy Store

> x man. x counter. x toys. x gun.

> ask man about shop. ask man about toys.

> ask man about diner. ask man about waitress.

> ask man about gun. ask man about me.

> ask man about candy man. ask man about children.

> ask man about town.

> take gun. shoot gun at case.

> w. s. s.


> x hills. x paths.

> s. s.

Main Street North

> x balloon. (It contains oil.)

> take it. (It's out of reach.)

> s. s. s. w. n.


> x cans. x boxed goods. x fruits.

> x grocer. x apron.

If you ask the grocer about anything, he alternates between suggesting aisle 4 or claiming that's beyond his expertise.

> s. s.


> x lockers. x classrooms.

> n. w. s.

Doctor's Office

> x chairs. x posters. x counter.

> x nurse. x hat. x overcoat.

> ask nurse about doctor.

> ask nurse about herself.

> ask nurse about me.

> n. w.

Clean Apartment

> x elevator.

> e. n.

Union Street South

> x junkyard. x dressmaker.

> w.


> x dog. x ladder.

> x boiler. x fridge. x toilet.

> e. e.


> x dresses. x mannequins.

> x lady. x green dress.

> x pin. ask lady about pin. take pin.

> ask lady about dresses.

> ask lady about junkyard.

> ask lady about waitress. ask lady about nurse.

> ask lady about old man. ask lady about children.

> ask lady about grocer. ask lady about candy man.

> w. n. w. w. w. n.


> x teller. x desk. x chairs. x window.

> ask teller about bank. ask her about me.

> ask her about town. ask her about waitress.

> ask her about grocer. ask her about lady.

> s. w. w. n.


> x books. x shelf. x librarian. x bun.

> ask librarian about herself.

> ask her about high shelf. ask her about books.

> ask her about waitress. ask her about teller.

> ask her about candy man. ask her about children.

> ask her about nurse. ask her about lady.

> s. s.

Apartment Building

> x mailboxes. open 101. (need a tool)

> n. w. n. w.

Sheriff's Office

> x divider. x desks. x cabinets. x deputy.

> ask deputy about town. ask deputy about waitress.

> ask deputy about donuts.

> e. e.


> x chandelier. x tables. x chairs.

> x waiter. x moustache.

> ask waiter about menu. ask him about waiter.

> ask him about waitress. ask him about fancy lady.

> ask him about nurse. ask him about old man.

> ask him about me.

> w. n. e. n.

Clothing Store

> x suits. x clerk. x shoes.

> x hanger. take hanger.

> ask clerk about himself. ask him about lady.

> ask him about waiter. ask him about old man.

> ask him about grocer. ask him about nurse.

> s. s.


> x wallpaper. x tiles. x booths.

> x bar. x bartender. x stools.

> sit on stool.

While on the stool, the bartender maintains eye contact. It's unnerving.

> ask him about beer. ask him about waiter.

> ask him about nurse. ask him about children.

> stand. n. e. e. n.


> x tools. x rag. take rag.

> s. e. s. w.

Office Block

> x tables. x desk. x typewriter.

> x paper. take paper.

> x secretary. x gray sweater. x skirt.

> ask her about herself. ask her about work.

> ask her about old man. ask her about paper.

> ask her about town. ask her about children.

> ask her about lady. ask her about waitress.

> e. e.

Candy Shop

> x candies. x man.

> ask man about me. ask man about candies.

> ask man about himself. ask man about children.

> ask man about old man. ask man about waiter.

> ask man about secretary. ask man about nurse.

> ask man about town. ask man about bartender.

> w. s. s. w.


> x bottle. take bottle.

> x plants. x shelves. x counter.

> x pharmacist. x coat.

> ask him about himself.

> ask him about me. ask him about nurse.

> ask him about town. ask him about bartender.

> e. e.


> x beef. take beef.

> x counter. x man. x scar. x apron.

> ask man about himself. ask man about me.

> ask man about town. ask man about pharmacist.

> ask man about gun.

> w. s. e.


> x horse. x house. x fields. x barn. x hay.

> w. w.

First Avenue East

> x nice house. x mysterious house.

> open blue door. (locked)

> open weathered door. (also locked)

> w. n. w.


> sit on chair. (Now the waitress is glaring at you.)

> stand. (The waitress rolls her eyes.)

> ask her about nurse. ask her about old man.

> ask her about grocer. ask her about pharmacist.

> ask her about meat man. ask her about clerk.

> ask her about lady. ask her about teller.

> ask her about hell. ("Tell me when you find the church")

> ask her about church. (There isn't one.)

It's time to solve puzzles. Return to the Junkyard:

> e. s. w. w. n. w.


> put medicine on beef. give beef to dog. (+1)

> open fridge. (can't: rusted shut)

> take ladder.

> e. n. e. n.


> drop ladder. climb ladder. x shelf.

> take tome. (+1)

> stand. take ladder.

> x tome. open tome. read tome.

> take pamphlet. read it.

> ask librarian about tome. ask her about pamphlet.

> s. e. n.

Main Street North

> drop ladder. get on ladder.

> throw pin at balloon. (+1; oil is now here.)

> stand.

> put oil on rag. (+1; rag is now oily.)

You can leave the ladder here.

> s. w. w. s. w.


> rub rag on fridge. (+1; rag is gone.)

> open fridge. take clawhammer. x it.

> e. n. e. s.

Apartment Building

> open 101 with hammer.

> open 102 with hammer.

> open 103 with hammer.

> open 104 with hammer. (+1)

> take envelope. x it. open it.

> take card. x card. ("5151: 666")

> n. e. s. s. w. s.


> x locker 5151. turn dial to 666. (+1)

> take bullet. x it. put it in gun.

> n. e. e.

First Avenue East

> x blue door. x keyhole. x gap.

> put paper in gap.

> bend hanger. (It's now a straightened hanger.)

> put hanger in keyhole.

> take hanger. take paper. x brass key.

> unlock blue door with key. n.

Nice House

> x wallpaper. x tables. x tablecloths.

> x vases. x flowers.

> x cases. x cabinet. x figurines.

> x figurine of me. take it. (can't: cabinet closed)

> open cabinet. (locked)

> x sofa. x cloth.

> x armchairs. x coffee table.

> break cabinet with hammer. (+1)

> take figurine of me. x it. (heavy?)

> break figurine. (+1; ornate key found)

> x ornate key.

> s.

First Avenue East

> unlock weathered door with ornate key.

> s.

Mysterious House

> x dust. x cobwebs. x stairs.

> d.

Eerie Basement

> x hole. shoot hole with gun. (+1; blue void revealed)

Your natural inclination is probably to head into the void right away, but it's best to return to the Diner:

> u. n. w. n. w.


It's unclear to me why only the waitress is interested in the void, or how the player is supposed to guess that she can become more active than anyone else.

> tell waitress about void. (She runs out to see it.)

> e. s. e. s. d.

Eerie Basement

> ask waitress about void.

> n.

Blue Desert

Waitress heads north. Follow her.

> n.

You see a black column in the distance. There is hope.

*** The End ***





The credits are in this menu-item, accessed via the ABOUT command:

Introduction to Nowheresville

Nowheresville is a weird fiction text adventure.

You are stuck in an oddly perfect town that might be Hell. Are you going to try to escape again?

Implemented by Morpheus Kitami & Cody Gaisser.
Tested by Robinson Nox.
Thanks to everyone at INTFICTION.ORG for the invaluable advice.


There are at least five endings, all with the same epitaph:


Items are listed in the order acquired in this walkthrough. Items that are possible to acquire but aren't acquired are listed at the end.


This is the response to SCORE:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 10, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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