Key & Compass presents:
Not Much Time
by Tyson Ibele

Not Much Time is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2002 by Tyson Ibele. It was entered in IF Comp 2002 where it took 22nd place.

After a frantic and incoherent phone call from your Auntie, you've rushed over to her farmhouse to find out what's wrong. And when you do find her, you'll need to bring her a few things in order to fix the problem.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Final Release 1.48 of the game.


Dug out On theRoof TinyAttic YourAuntie'sBathroom LaundryRoom ChickenCoop *side theGardenShed The Loft InsideCloset Auntie'sBedroom Hallway TheHenhouse YourAuntie'sGarden The Barn HiddenPassage RoomBehindthe Clock TheKitchen LivingRoom FrontFoyer FrontPorch DarkTunnel Pantry StormCellar FrontYard Bottomof theWell The Well FrontGate d d d u u u d u u u d d d u

Note that the "Outside the Garden Shed" location is replaced by "Inside the Garden Shed" on the map when you enter the shed by going north from the outside location.


Auntie's Bedroom

> verbose. x me. i. (empty-handed)

> x knick-knacks. x bed. x pillow.

Note that "search pillow" or "look in pillow" doesn't help you.

> lie on pillow. look in case. (You take a diary.)

> x diary. read it. open diary.

> x red key. take it. read diary. read entry. drop diary.

> x dresser. open drawer. x penny. take it. x table.

Um, I'm going to ask that you skip exploring the closet for now, for, er, narrative reasons.

> n.

Your Auntie's Bathroom

You need the flashlight. You don't need the pill.

> x wallpaper. x toilet. x mirror.

> x shower. x shower knob. x sink. x sink knob.

> x cupboard. open it. x pill. x flashlight. take it.

> s. e. n.

Laundry Room

> open hamper. take journal. x it. read it. drop it.

Believe it or not, you have no use for this knife.

> open washer. x knife.

> s. d.

Living Room

> x carpet. x wallpaper. x painting. x couch. x pillows.

> x tv. x table. x note. read it.

> x magazine. read it.

> e.

Front Foyer

> x rack. x door. open door. e.

Front Porch

> x mat. look under mat. x strange key.

> x chair. sit in chair. stand.

> s.

Front Yard

> x grass. x doors. (only open from inside)

> s.

Front Gate

> x mailbox. open it. x flyer. read it.

> x package. take it. open it.

> x pick. x paper. read it. (The pick only unlocks Ridley locks.)

> x letter. read it.

The letter explains that if you accidentally turned yourself into a cat, you need to eat a rat's tail, crow's wing, and a newt to restore yourself. Now you have a narrative reason to get these icky things.

> take pick. drop package.

> w.

The Well

> x well. x sign. read sign. toss penny.

> x bucket. d. (You'll need another way down there.)

> e. n. n. n.

Your Auntie's Garden

> x spade. x can.

You don't need the flower bulb, but I want you to know it's there.

> take spade. dig dirt. x bulb. drop spade.

> e.

The Barn

> x dog. x ladder. (loose nail, unsafe to climb)

> w. n.

Outside the Garden Shed

> x door. open door. (locked)

> unlock door with pick. open door. n.

Inside the Garden Shed

Note that this location replaces the "Outside the Garden Shed" on the map. That location is completely gone now.

> x broom. take it.

> x hoe. x bench. x mower.

> w.

Chicken Coop

You can try asking the chicken about stuff, but it's more amusing than helpful.

> x chicken. x dish. (empty)

> s.

The Henhouse

> x nests. e. s. w. w. u. w.

Auntie's Bedroom

> x closet. open closet. w.

Inside Closet

> x clothes. x shelf.

> x book. take it. read it. drop book.

> x ceiling. x hatch. open hatch. u.

Tiny Attic

> x window. x keyhole. read writing.

> put red key in keyhole. drop red key. u.

On the Roof

> x brick. x shingles. x chimney.

> look in chimney. x nest. x egg.

> take egg. (A crow starts attacking you!)

> take brick. throw brick at crow.

> look. x dead crow. x wing. take wing.

> drop egg.

> d. d. e. e. d. w.

The Kitchen

You don't need the ladel, bowl, carrot, or tomato.

> x ladel. x bowl. x table. x chairs.

> x fridge. open it. x carrot. x tomato. close fridge.

> x clock. open door. (locked)

> unlock door with strange key. open door.

> drop strange key. x mechanism.

> w.

Room Behind the Clock

> x cobwebs. x spiders.

> w. d. s.

The Bottom of the Well

> x newt. take it.

> n. u. e. e. d.


You don't need the apple.

> x barrel. look in it. x apple.

> x pile. sweep dirt with broom. (Trapdoor revealed.)

> drop broom. x trapdoor. open it. d.

Storm Cellar

We only need the hammer from this location.

> x doors. open doors.

> x bed. x icebox. open it. x gnat.

> x shelves. x supplies. x tool box. open it.

> x hammer. take it. x crowbar.

> x bandaids. x bottles. x goods. x generator.

> x hole. turn on flashlight. s.

Dug Out

> x tail. take it. x dead rat.

> n.

Storm Cellar

> turn off flashlight.

> e. n. n. e.

The Barn

> hit nail with hammer. (+5)

> u.

The Loft

> x bin. open bin. look. x cat. (+5)

There is a long textdump conversation with you and the cat, who explains that she's your Auntie and a witch and that she needs to eat three things: a rat's tail, a crow's wing, and a newt.

Unfortunately, your Auntie is uninterested in answering any of your questions and just wants what she asked for.

> give tail to cat. (+10)

> give wing to cat. (+10)

> give newt to cat. (+10)

You Auntie, restored, grants you your reward: to be back home in bed, asleep. Was it all just a dream?

*** You have won! ***

> A (for Amusing things to try)



Have you tried doing any of the following?:





Note that you have a carrying capacity of only 10 items. I suggest using the living room as a central location to drop things that you're not using.


Edibles and Organics:


Other Tools:

Note that you cannot take:


In a total of several turns, you have achieved a score of your-score points out of a possible 40, and visited visit-total locations out of 27.

(There are actually 28 locations in the game.)

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