Key & Compass presents:
by Gene Welborn

Mystery! is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Gene Welborn.

In this game based on the board game Clue, you play as an investigator summoned to Tudor Mansion to do one last job for Rick Mortis. Unfortunately, you'll be solving his murder. Who did it where with which weapon? A random solution each time you play.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Kitchen Ballroom Conserv-atory Entrance DiningRoom Foyer Library BilliardRoom Study Hall Lounge in d u


In this game, the "I" abbreviation means IN, not INVENTORY.


> help. (To learn the special commands)

> x me. inv. (carrying nothing)

> knock. (Rick opens the door and bids you come in.)

> in.

Say to Rick Mortis > why. reasons. group.

Say to Rick Mortis > second. settle. how. skeptical.

Say to Rick Mortis > trust. want. (Wait in the Billiard Room.)

Say to Rick Mortis > okay.

> x Rick.

> d.

Billiard Room

> x playing. x shooting. x board.

> x stool. x lights. x table. x balls.

Yells, crashes, and screams upstairs.

> u.


One of the six people will start the conversation and act as the group spokesperson.

Say to SPOKESPERSON > happened. employee. investigator.

Say to SPOKESPERSON > happened. hear. see.

Say to SPOKESPERSON > dead. call. suggest. option.

Everyone starts leaving the foyer.

> x Rick. x scaffold.

I suggest investigating just the rooms, not the people, starting north from the ballroom, and work clockwise to the kitchen and return to the foyer. When you've found a weapon, take it and move onto the next room. Not all rooms will have weapons.

> n.


> x chandliers. x plastic.

> x barrel.

A weapon may be in the barrel. If you found a weapon, take it.

> e.


> x depression.

A weapon may be in the depression. If you found a weapon, take it.

> x trash.

> s.


> x shelves.

> x box. open box.

> x cloths. look under cloths. x tiles.

A weapon may be in the box. If you found a weapon, take it.

> s.


> x cans. x fireplace. x toolbox. open it.

A weapon may be in the toolbox. If you found a weapon, take it.

> w.


> x closet. open it. x shovel. x hammer.

A weapon might be in the closet. If you found a weapon, take it.

> w.


> x desk. open drawer.

> x papers. x rack. x slicker.

A weapon might be in the desk drawer. If you found a weapon, take it.

> n.

Dining Room

> x cabinet. open drawer. open door. x lights.

A weapon might be in the furniture drawer or in the cabinet door. If you found a weapon, take it.

> n.


> x refrigerator. x pinups. open fridge.

> x stove. open it.

> x cabinet. open drawer.

> x sink. x tiles. x bulbs.

A weapon might be in the fridge, in the stove, in the sink, or in the drawer. If you found a weapon, take it.

> se.


From the foyer, you can see everyone, so in your second round of investigations, go to each suspect, question them, then return to the foyer.


Madam Cream's location

> speak to Cream.

Say to Madam Cream > yes. kill. where. see. no.


Colonel De Jon's location

> speak to De Jon.

Say to Colonel De Jon > yes. kill. where. see. no.


Miss Flame's location

> speak to Flame.

Say to Miss Flame > yes. kill. where. see. no.


Mrs Fowl's location

> speak to Fowl.

Say to Mrs Fowl > yes. kill. where. see. no.


Professor Puce's location

> speak to Puce.

Say to Professor Puce > yes. kill. where. see. no.


Reverend Weed's location

> speak to Weed.

Say to Reverend Weed > yes. kill. where. see. no.



> recall.

Note which person no one saw. That is the killer.

The killer lied about their location. They were actually in the one room that none of the other five people could see into because it isn't adjacent to any of their rooms. That is the murder room.

Note which weapon was found in the murder room. That is the murder weapon.

> reveal the solution.

I accuse > MURDERER

in the > MURDER-ROOM

with the > MURDER-WEAPON


*** You solved the murder in H hours M minutes ***

Once you know that the solution is always based on the murderer being in a room with nobody on either side, there's a lot less replay value than you'd expect from the premise. However, you might still want to replay to find all the hiding spots for the weapons.



This game has artwork for each of the characters and each of the weapons. Lego brand minifigs were used to represent the characters. I've reduced some of the artwork into thumbnails for display here, but much of the artwork was already small and didn't need reducing. Please play the game to see the artwork as intended.





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