Key & Compass presents:
My Evil Twin
by Carl Muckenhoupt

My Evil Twin is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2012 by Carl Muckenhoupt. This game participated as track 04 in the Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album event.

In this small game involving twinned objects and locations, you know that your evil twin is up to something. You can always tell since you share the same brain. You have to stop his evil schemes and you're the only one who can.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


d VinculumGate VinculumGate PhotoBooth HydePark JekyllPark OutsideMyApartment Neighbor'sLawn OutsideMy EvilTwin's Lair OutsideWeaponShop MyApartment My EvilTwin's Lair WeaponShop Jail

My Apartment

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x poster. x figurine. x papers. again.

> x bookshelf. x books.

Leave both the papers and figurine here.

> n.

Outside My Apartment

> w. (You won't go to your office.)

> e.

Neighbor's Lawn

> x lawn.

> x bin. x bottle. take bottle. (You're unwilling to take recycling.)

> x mower. take it. (No, but it's pushable.)

> w. n.

Hyde Park

> x machine. x children.

> w.

Photo Booth

> push button. x photo.

> e. e.

Vinculum Gate

Don't bother to take the pamphlet.

> x graffiti. x pamphlet.

> s.

Outside Weapon Shop

Note that the dummy is pushable from place to place, just like the lawnmower.

> x sign. x cottage. x barrel. x apple. x dummy.

> take apple. eat apple.

> s.

Weapon Shop

You can ask the man about weapon, pipe, wrench, candlestick, revolver, or my evil twin.

> x shopkeeper.

> x case. x pipe. x wrench. x candlestick. x revolver.

> n. w.

Outside My Evil Twin's Lair

> x camera. s. (Visual match failed.)

> n.

Jekyll Park

> x device. x citizens.

> break device. (Need a blunt instrument.)

> w. (No, might succumb.)

> e.

Vinculum Gate

The newspaper is twin to the pamphlet you saw earlier.

> x graffiti. x newpaper.

> s.

Neighbor's Lawn

If you ate an apple outside the weapon shop, there should now be one less bottle in the bin here, and broken glass on the lawn.

You should also have realized by now that nearly everything and nearly everywhere has a twin in this game.

> x bin. x shards.

> w.

Outside My Apartment

> drop photo.

Use xyzzy to get to an outdoor mirror locaiton quickly. You can, of course, use the gate instead and go north, east, south, west for the same result:

> xyzzy.

Outside My Evil Twin's Lair

> take photo. x it. (It's now a photo of your evil twin.)

> show photo to camera. ("Welcome home, Master!")

My Evil Twin's Lair

> x poster. x noose. x doll.

> x bookshelf. x books. x keypad. (Wants a 7-digit number.)

> take noose and doll.

> n. e. s.

Weapon Shop

> trade noose for pipe.

> n. w. n.

Jekyll Park

> break device with pipe. (You now spot a knife in a tree.)

> take knife. x it. x tree. ("YOU'RE NEXT")

> cut doll with knife. (You find a slip of paper.)

> x slip. ("6962")

> drop slip.

> xyzzy.

Hyde Park

> x tree. ("387")

> x slip. ("You will spend the entire day.")

> xyzzy. s. s.

My Evil Twin's Lair

Obviously, combine the clues from the tree and slip into a seven-digit number.

> type 3876962. (A staircase down opens.)

> d.

Jail (in the cell)

You can't do much here but examine and wait. The policeman ignores all your questions.

> x policeman. x key ring. x desk. x cell.

There's a knock at the door.

> z. x figure. x hat. z.

The policeman lets you go; your brother explained it was a case of mistaken identity.

*** The End ***





From the Credits menuitem in response to the ABOUT command:

My Evil Twin
by Carl Muckenhoupt

inspired by the song "My Evil Twin" by John Linnell and John Flansburgh, from the album Apollo 18 (Elektra Records, 1992)

Written for the Apollo 18+20 interactive fiction tribute album organized by Kevin Jackson-Mead.

Tested by several other Apollo 18+20 participants, and, sadly, no one else. The official beta-testing schedule for the project was rather short, and I submitted late, and what I submitted was frankly more like an alpha: feature-complete and winnable, but in dire need of descriptions and content. Any deficiencies you percieve in the end product should be blamed on the poor time-constrained author, not on the testers, who did their best.

This game was created using Inform 7, which was created by Graham Nelson, with help from Emily Short and others. It uses the "Custom Library Messages" extension by David Fisher to convert the default library messages from third-person to first-person.


You have an inventory limit of six items.

Useful items
Useless items


Nearly every object in the game has a twin version of itself located in the mirror version of its current location. Whenver you pick up something, you can safely assume that your evil twin is mirroring your actions, picking up the thing's twin.

To turn something into its twin, all you need to do is drop the thing somewhere outside, then walk through the Vinculum Gate to the thing's mirror location and find the thing's twin there. Or you can use XYZZY to teleport to the mirrored location instantly.

Here's a list of the mirrored locations and their objects:

It is unclear if the Jail has any mirror even in theory.


The command XYZZY can teleport you to your current location's mirror location, but only between these pairs of outdoor locations:

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