Key & Compass presents:
Music Education
by Bill Linney

Music Education is a Z-machine version 5 work of interactive fiction written with Inform 6 and is © 1999 by Bill Linney. It was entered in IF Comp 1999 where it took 24th place.

In this somewhat aimless game, you play as a music student at a southeastern university. You need to practice your saxophone before the band concert tonight, so you decide to risk parking your car in front of an expired parking meter when you have no change for it.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a work of interactive fiction. Please make an honest effort to play the work before reading this walkthrough.


enter truck u RecordingStudio BartLygon'sOffice Hardly's Hardly'sParkingLot ShortHallway ControlRoom EmptyHallway RehearsalRoom Shortcutto Hardly's North RearParkingLot LoadingDock NarrowHallway Band HallAnnex WideHallway EquipmentTruck LoadingDock Alcove BandRoom MainStreet,in frontof theBandBuilding BackstageKrogerCenter Mr. Copen-hagen'sOffice InstrumentStorageRoom Stage TimCranshaw'sOffice Secretary'sOffice Walkway,Over theBand Rm. Hallway LobbyArea The Cage In Cage,amongcabinets MainStreet,in frontof thePostOffice Top oftheStairs UniformStorageRoom South RearParkingLot rearentrance Closet In Cage,near thecopier PostOffice d d u



Main Street, in front of the Band Building

Every so often, a police car slows down to look at a parking meter.

> i. x dollar. x sax. x meter. x car. x mural.

> w. n.

Band Hall Annex

> x module. open it. enter it.

Band Hall Annex (in the practice module)

> turn on fan. close module. play sax. (+5)

> open module. turn off fan. out.

Let's wander around at bit, see some of the people who's around.

> n. n.

Bart Lygon's Office

Bart is too busy to talk to.

> x bart. x piano. read piano. ("Yomamaha.")

> s. s. w.

Narrow Hallway

> x tony. ask tony about score. ask tony about mahler.

> ask tony about piano. (He needs a piano.)

> w.

Loading Dock

> x joseph. ask joe about tony. ask joe about bart.

> ask joe about piano. ask joe about krappa.

> ask joe about pepsi. ask joe about tim.

> d.

South Rear Parking Lot

> x matt. x craig. x football.

> e. n. e.

Lobby Area

> x couch. search it. take disk. (+5)

> n.

Secretary's Office

> take paper. (+5)

> s. e. s.

In the Cage, near the copier

Don't forget to take the crumpled dollar back when you're done!

> x copier. x button. x tray.

> open copier. put bill in copier. close copier.

> open tray. put paper in tray. close tray.

> push button. (+5) x paper.

> open copier. take crumpled.

> w.


You don't need the program.

> x program. x maker.

> e. n. e.

In the Cage, among the file cabinets

Yes, this is useless to you too.

> x cabinets. open cabinets.

> w. w. ne. n. w. n. e.

Control Room

> x board. read it. ("Frobozz Magic Mixing Board Company")

> x recorder. x computer. x slot. x window.

> put disk in slot. (+5. Bart takes over the computer.)

> w. n.

Recording Studio

> x lights. x chair. x curtains.

> search chairorsearch curtains.

> x cymbal. take it. (+5) x window.

> s. s. e. s. e. s. w.

Post Office

CAUTION: Taking the scissors or talking to the worker ends in death unless you're carrying the cymbal.

> x scissors. x worker. x list.

> take scissors. (+5. The cymbal saves you.)

> take all. cut paper with scissors. (+5) x fake.

> e. n. w. n. e.

Wide Hallway

The machine won't accept the crumpled dollar.

> x machine.

> put fake in slot. push button. take can. (+5) x can.

> w. w. w. d. w. nw. w.


> x menu. buy coffee.


> buy coffee. give crumpled to cashier. (+5)

> x coffee. x quarter.

> e. se. e. s. e. n. n.

Tim Cranshaw's Office

> x tim. x tuba. x mallet. x desk.

> x keychain. ask tim about keychain.

> give pepsi to tim. (+5)

> give coffee to tim. (+5. He leaves.)

> take keychain. (+5)

> take tuba. (Ha.)

> take mallet. hit tuba with mallet. (Ha again.)

> s. u.

Top of the Stairs

> x door. ("UNIFORM ROOM") open door. (locked)

> unlock door with keychain. open door. e.

Uniform Storage Room

> x uniforms. x something. take it. x it.

> wear shirt. (+5)

Let's see what else is upstairs.

> w. n.

Walkway, Overlooking the Band Room

> x handrail. x door. ("INSTRUMENT ROOM")

> open door. n.

Instrument Storage Room

Sorry it's not more exciting.

> x instruments.

> s. s. d. e. ne. e.

Main Street, in front of the Band Building

> put quarter in meter. (+5)

> w. n. e.

Wide Hallway

Make sure you're wearing the t-shirt before entering the rehearsal room.

> n.

Rehearsal Room

CAUTION: If you're not wearing the t-shirt, the frat boys will kill you after three turns in your presence.

> x men. x piano. read it. ("Steinwhey.")

> ask men about piano.

Hard to guess this bit. I thought for sure the answer was to end the meeting by playing their frat song, but no. If you prefer, you can pick up the piano instead of pushing it!

> push piano. push piano s.

Wide Hallway

> push piano w.

Band Hall Annex

> push piano w. (+5)

Narrow Hallway

Tony gives you a baton and starts playing the piano in the hallway.

> x baton. w.

Loading Dock

Joseph is gone and a truck is here.

> x truck. enter truck.

The door slams shut, the truck lurches, and you black out for a bit.

Equipment Truck

There's a bit of wonkiness with the shirt being both on and off at the same time, but the shirt is no longer important.

> look. take all. take shirt. out.

Loading Dock (outside Kroger Center)

Note that this is a different loading dock.

> s. s.


CAUTION: Don't take too long to give the baton.

> x copenhagen. x medal.

> give baton to copenhagen. (+5)

*** You have won ***







In that game you scored your-score out of a possible 85, in several turns, earning you the rank of ranking.


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