Key & Compass presents:
Murder at the Manor
by Obter9

Murder at the Manor is a web browser interactive fiction story written with Twine and is © 2018 by Obter9. It was an entry in IF Comp 2018 where it took 54th place.

In this short on-rails murder mystery, you play as Inspector Percival Pike of the London Metropolitan Police investigating the murder of Sir Stanley Stagwood in his manor. There are four suspects: his girlfriend, his business partner, his nephew, and his childhood nanny. It's up to you to find out who did it and arrest them.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


THE END THE END THE END THE END Searchthe parlour Searchthe pottingshed Searchthe billiardroom Searchthe drawingroom QuestionMildredHobbs QuestionEvelynWest QuestionHenryBray QuestionVictorCole Start inFoyer andDining Room Parlour Shed BilliardRoom DrawingRoom Inverviewtheguests Playroom GuestBedroom Kitchen Study Investigatetheweapons Examineguncabinet Examinefirepoker Examineletteropener Examinegardenline Make anarrest AccuseMildredHobbs AccuseHenryBray AccuseEvelynWest AccuseVictorCole


This game hardly needs a walkthrough since it's so linear, but that didn't stop me from writing one anyway.


> Examine the body

Dining room

The order you search the rooms is unimportant, so we'll do them in the order listed.

> Search the parlour


> Search the potting shed


> Search the billiard room

Billiard Room

> Search the drawing room

Drawing Room

> Interview the guests

Begin Interviewing the Guests

Feel free to question the guests in any order. If you re-question a suspect, your dialogue with them is unchanged.

> Question Mildred Hobbs


> Question Evelyn West

Guest Bedroom

> Question Henry Bray

Downstairs Kitchen

> Question Victor Cole


> Investigate the weapons

Dining Room (to begin examining the weapons)

Again, feel free to examine the weapons in any order.

> Examine gun cabinet

Examining the gun safe

> Examine fire poker

Examining the fire poker

> Examine letter opener

Examining the letter opener

> Examine garden line

Examining the garden line

> Make an arrest

Dining Room (to decide who to arrest)

> Accuse Mildred Hobbs

Shed (arresting Mildred Hobbs)


If you accuse one of the other three suspects, you realize your mistake and regret that you've already let Mrs. Hobbs go free.



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