Key & Compass presents:
The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas
by Luke A. Jones

The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas is a Quest interactive fiction game and is © 2018 by Luke A. Jones. It was an entry in IF Comp 2018 where it took 39th place.

In this game, you play as a distinguished gentleman mouse named Gerald. You've woken up early on Christmas Eve morning to accompish the following tasks: light a fire, find a stocking and hang it up, find a present to give to your daughter Jessica, and buy some beer for yourself.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


throw hook out n in in u in in out d in in out out in out out d out out u d (thanks, Santa!) (closedcheese shop) OutsideUpperWindow Pet StoreOffice Behindthe Shed Santa'sWorkshop TibStreet OutsidePetceteraPet Store Insidea Cage GardenShed VegetablePatch North Endof Patio ChesterStreet TownSquare Top ofBarbecue Bottomof theGarden Middleof theGarden Middleof Patio The Nut-crackerNight Club Underthe Tree Green-house South Endof Patio Top ofthe Tree Behindthe Green-house InsideBarbecue (closedpub) (insidehuman'shome)



A Garden Shed

> switch off clock.

> x me. i.

> x list. x johns. x pyjamas. x slippers.

> x Jessica. x note. x bed. x crib.

> x fireplace. x mantelpiece. x pipe. x hole.

> x mirror. x stocking.

> x fridge. x frame.

You won't be willing to leave the shed while wearing pyjamas.

> x wardrobe. open it. x suit. x clothes.

> remove pyjamas. put pyjamas in wardrobe.

> take clothes. wear clothes. x mirror.

> x jeans. x t-shirt. x jumper. x boots.

> x toolbox. open toolbox. x tape. x fluid. x rag.

Don't pick up oodles of stuff just yet. There's one task involving a heavy object that I want to get out of the way first.

> out.

Bottom of the Garden

> x barbecue. x skull. x shed.

Note: You'll need to be wearing your rubber boots (as part of your gardening clothes) to enter the vegetable patch.

> ne.

Vegetable Patch

You automatically hide while a human digs a potato before returning to the house. Then you hear a loud bang in the distance.

> x spade. x hole. x coin.

> x Stewart. talk to Stewart.

> x stone. x wheelbarrow.

> nw.

Behind The Shed

> x pallet. x nail. take nail. (stuck in pallet)

> x match. x heap. x ball. (very heavy)

You'll need to drop most of your inventory to be able to take the heavy ball.

> take ball. se. sw. s.

Under the Tree

> x weasel. x machete. x tree. x midden.

> talk to weasel. in. (Not wearing that!)

> u.

A Top of the Tree

> x Peter. x shiny. x rings. x bar. x strap.

> talk to Peter. ask Peter about shiny.

> ask Peter about rings. ask Peter about strap.

Note that it doesn't work if you just try giving the ball to Peter.

> put ball in collection. (Peter pushes it out; it falls: BONK goes the weasel!)

> take bar. (Wants a shiny thing in trade.)

> d.

Under the Tree

> x weasel. x flyer. (for Petcetera; "Nick - 07505 457 1262")

> take machete.

Normally, we'd need to be wearing our suit to enter the club, but with the weasel knocked out, that restriction is gone.

> in.

The Nutcracker Night Club (Inside the Squirrel Midden)

You can enter here if you're wearing your suit.

> x decorations. x Cyril. x floor. x ball. x bottles.

> take lights. (Perhaps ask Cyril for one.)

> x bar. (Payment in nuts only!)

> x bar mirror. x Trevor. x Ken. x Sam. x ipad.

> talk to Cyril. ask Cyril about Harry. ask Cyril about Jack.

> ask Cyril about lights. (Sam hands over his IPad.)

Need to get some tunes to get people dancing.

> x ipad. (What choice will get people to dance?)

> 4. (Cheesy Party Anthems. You get a light bottle and return the IPad.)

> x light bottle. x floor. dance.

> talk to Ken. ask Ken about Jack.

> talk to Trevor. ask Trevor about Jack.

> ask Cyril about stoat. (Said his name was Nick.)

> ask Trevor about stoat. ask Ken about stoat. ask Sam about stoat.

All agree that the stoat was here on Tuesday night, pushing in at the bar.

> out. n.

Bottom of the Garden

> take skull.

> in.

A Garden Shed

Collect up stuff we'd normally have gathered at the start of the game.

> take stocking. take rag. take tape.

> out. ne.

Vegetable Patch

> take coin. polish coin. (With the oily rag. It's now a Shiny Coin.)

> x coin.

> e.

North End of the Patio

> x scissors. x gate. x fur.

> take scissors. take fur.

> out. (Not yet. Complete some tasks first.)

> s.

Middle of the Patio

By the way, you can never get inside the human's house.

> x tap. x boxes. ("Amazon Prime")

> s.

A South End of Patio

> x sponge. take sponge.

> x nettles. cut nettles. (with machete)

> sw.

Behind The Greenhouse

Note: "Holly and Mistletoe" is a plural item that uses they/them pronouns.

> x holly. take holly.

> ne. n.

Middle of the Patio

There's some awkwardness with the word 'tap' if you're carrying tape.

> turn on faucet. x drain. drink water. x grating.

> use sponge on faucet. (The sponge is now wet.)

> turn off faucet.

> nw.

Vegetable Patch

> use sponge on stone. (It's now a whetstone.)

> sharpen scissors. (using the whetstone.)

> s.

Middle of the Garden

> x bath. x Jon. x greenhouse.

> x page. read it. take it.

Jon is rather foul-mouthed.

> talk to Jon. ask Jon about Jon. ask Jon about cat.

> ask Jon about weasel. ask Jon about Gemma.

> ask Jon about Peter. ask Jon about Petcetera.

> ask Jon about Christmas. ask Jon about Santa.

> ask Jon about Cyril. ask Jon about Harry. ask Jon about Stoat.

> ask Jon about Trevor. ask Jon about Ken. ask Jon about Sam.

> give skull to Jon. (Jon says it was Clive the Crow.)

> give fur to Jon. ("That's Jack Rabbit's")

> in.


> x cat. x paper. take paper. (Code for Stewart?)

> x twine. take twine.

> x table. x plant pot. take it.

You'll need either the machete or the sharpened scissors to cut the tape.

> cut tape. (Now have a Strip of Duct Tape.)

> use strip on plant pot. (The pot is now an Empty Bucket.)

> x bucket.

> out. e.

Middle of the Patio

> turn on faucet. put bucket on drain. turn off faucet.

> x bucket.

> w.

Middle of the Garden

> use bucket on bath. (Jon gives you some monkey nuts.)

> x nuts. (They're peanuts.)

> sw. in.

The Nutcracker Night Club (Inside the Squirrel Midden)

> buy beer. (You trade the monkey nuts for a bottle of ale.)

> out. u.

A Top of the Tree

> give shiny coin to Peter. (He gives you the metal bar.)

> d. n. ne.

Vegetable Patch

It's still hard to find many topics to discuss with Stewart.

> give scrap of paper to snail. (Stewart becomes less vague.)

> x Stewart. talk to Stewart. ask Stewart about Jack.

> nw.

Behind The Shed

> take match.

> use bar on nail. (Almost works, but it keeps slipping off.)

> tie bar to skull. (While holding twine, you make a crowbar.)

> use crowbar on nail. (You get a nail.)

> se. sw. u. in.

An Inside The Barbecue

With the light bottle, you can see in here.

> x Penelope. x sewing machine. x weaving machine.

> x lump. take lump.

> talk to Penelope. (Busy with Nancy's wedding dress.)

> ask Penelope about Gemma. ask Penelope about Nancy.

> give stocking to Penelope. (Get holly and mistletoe first.)

> give holly to Penelope.

> give stocking to Penelope. (She mends it.)

> x stocking.

> out. d. in.

A Garden Shed

Complete the beer task:

> open fridge. put ale in fridge. close fridge.

Complete the stocking task:

> hang stocking. (using the nail; another task completed.)

Complete the fire task:

> put lump in fireplace.

> take fluid. use fluid on lump.

> use match on lump. (Fire started.)

Now that you've done three of the tasks on your list, you're now brave enough to enter the town. I strongly suggest travelling light for this bit, carrying only Jessica's note for Santa.

> drop all.

> out. ne. e. out.

Chester Street

> x van. x snow.

> e. n.

Santa's Workshop

> x Santa. x elf. x elves. talk to Santa.

> give note to Santa. (He gives you two presents.)

> x Jessica's present.

> open your present. (You get a Ninja Outfit!)

> x ninja. remove clothes. wear ninja.

> out. ne. e.

An Outside Petcetera Pet Store

> x store. in. (Door is locked)

> throw hook. (You are now at...)

Outside Upper Storey Window

> listen. (Harry argues with Nick, then leaves.)

> x window. (See Nick fall asleep.)

> open window.

> in.

Nick catches you (a floorboard creaks) and he takes everything from you (except the Long Johns), and locks you in a cage.

> Continue...

Inside A Cage (In the Pet Store Office)

> x banners. x balloons. x boxes. x chair. x desk.

> x straw. x map.

> x small cage. x Gemma. x rags. x large cage. x Jack.

> x bowl. x bottle. x moonbeam. x window. x bin.

> talk to Gemma. talk to Jack.

> take bowl. polish bowl. (Get a strip of rag from Gemma.)

> polish bowl.

> put bowl in moonbeam. (The moonbeam's in Jack's cage.)

> give bowl to Jack. (Peter Magpie arrives.)

> talk to peter. (He opens your cage.)

> out.

A Pet Store Office

> open Gemma's cage. open Jack's cage.

Jack gives the bowl to Peter and Peter flies off.)

> x bin.

You'll have to take your stuff one at a time. Sorry. This is why I suggested traveling light earlier. But the only thing you really truly need at this late hour is Jessica's present.

> take clothes. take present. take ninja.

> wear ninja. out.

Chief Elf arrives, summons elves with baseball bats and they all head for Nick behind the office door.

> Continue...

Santa gives you three a lift home.

> Continue...

A Garden Shed

> put present in stocking. x list.

> wake Jessica.

The End

> Continue...

The credits are displayed.



These are thumbnails of artwork used in the game. Please play the game to view the pictures in their full sizes.




Displayed at game's end:

Written and coded by Luke A. Jones (, using the Quest text adventure engine (

Firstly, thank you for playing! It's the best way in which you can support interactive fiction, particularly if you want people like me to continue making old school parser games like this.

Thank you to K.V. for coding help, and answering endless daft questions with patience and politeness.

Thank you to Nathan Walker for creating the charming artwork.

Thanks you to Jennifer Thompson, for repeated alpa and beta testing, suggestions for improvements, and 100 other things (the idea of knocking out the Weasel was Jennifer's)

Thanks also to the excellent support from the Quest forum members.

The garden described in the game is pretty much mine, but sadly I find no trace of Gerald and all the others, so I brought them to life here.

I have authored five other games (including two other Christmas games) which you can find here:

I welcome all (polite) feedback! (

Be excellent to each other.



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