Key & Compass presents:
Moon Base
by Andy Brown

Moon Base is a web browser interactive fiction story written with Twine and is © 2017 by Andy Brown. It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 63rd place.

In this short story, you play as Maria Kenshall. Your spaceship is the MarGesh. You have been ordered to investigate the moon base on Falk in the Galmerek system and find out why they haven't been responding to communication for a week.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


There are no explicit rooms or room names in this story, but there's still enough sense of location that I can assign meaningful names to where you are.

In Maria's ship, the MarGesh

You can optionally examine the moon and your axe:

> moon. Return. axe. Return

Most of the story is quite linear, without choices:

> communication device

> It had been a fond hope...


> left the ship

Docking Bay

> intercom

> Nothing at all...

> entered the base


> leftorleft corridor

> lumps of flesh

> Return

> something

Maria uses her pulse weapon and axe to kill a creature.


Maria talks to a dying man.

> Someone was groaning in the room...

> She looked around the room...

> left the room

By window

CAUTION: If you call for backup, you'll die.

> The least she could do was give them a chance

Computer Room

Using another intercom, Maria talks to the survivors in the botanics lab.

> the airlock


> opened the outer airlock door...

In the Buggy

CAUTION: If you try to save the people first, you'll be killed soon afterwards.

> should she destroy the crashed ship

> A clawed hand knocked her to the ground...

Outside Botanics Lab

Maria very luckily kills the last creature using a drill.

> depressurise

The base is saved.





All three endings end with THE END:

  1. If Maria opts to call for backup, she'll be killed by the second creature as she tries to leave the moon in her ship.
  2. If Maria opts to save the people before destroying the alien ship, she'll be killed by the alien children that were hiding in it.
  3. If Maria destroys the alien ship first, she'll be able to save the human survivors and herself.


There is no formal inventory in this story, but we are told that Maria uses the following items:

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