Key & Compass presents:
by Sara Dee

Mite is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2010 by Sara Dee. It was an entry in IF Comp 2010 where it took 6th place.

In this small fantasy adventure game, you play as Mite, a pixy lad, who is carrying an egg-shaped jewel dropped by a cloaked thief who you tripped that morning. The gem belongs to the Fairy Prince! You must travel through the Great Garden to return it to him.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


End ofthe Path On theBeach GiantGnomeStatue SmallClearing Shore ofthe Pond Bend inthe Path OutsidethePalace InsidethePalace LilacBush Top of theDandelion RoseThicket In theTulipTurret Base of aDandelion Amongstthe Sedges Fork inthe Path Clusterof Tulips (back toyour home) jump d jump jump u w d


At a Fork in the Path

> x me. i. x sling. x gem. x grass.

> n.

By the Rose Thicket

> listen. x roses. x thorns.

> take thorn. x it.

> n.

By the Lilac Bush

Note: Conversation in this game is ASK/TELL. You must talk to the nymph to learn about the northwest path.

> x nymph. x basket.

> ask nymph about crying. (A spider captured her pet, Bugg!)

> ask Hespa about Bugg. ask Hespa about spider. ask Hespa about web.

> x flowers. x cottage. ask Hespa about cottage. (It's hers.)

> nw.

In the Small Clearing

> x spider. x web. x Bugg.

> kill spider with thorn. g. (The spider is dead.)

> cut web with sword. (Bugg is free.)

> se.

By the Lilac Bush

Hespa thanks you and gives you a purple sack.

> x sack.

> ask Hespa about Bugg. ask Hespa about herself.

> ask Hespa about prince.

> s. s. e.

By a Cluster of Tulips

> x butterfly. x tulip. climb tulip. (too slippery)

> ne.

At the Base of a Dandelion

> x dandelion. x sedge.

> climb dandelion.

On Top of the Dandelion

> x pond. x tulip.

> take seed. x wind.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the wind is southwest.)

> jump. (You and the seed fly to...)

In the Tulip Turret

The seed is gone. The butterfly leaves. The view isn't any better.

> take pollen. (filling the pouch)

> x pollen. (golden, powdery, and sticky)

> d. ne. ne.

On the Shore of the Pond

> x shell. x grass. x pond. x stones.

> look in shell. (Opening is facing the ground.)

> knock on shell. (Snail emerges. His name is Snoll)

> ask Snoll about pond. (A tile marks the beginning of an invisible bridge.)

> ask Snoll about bridge. ask Snoll about prince.

> ask Snoll about magic. ask Snoll about Hespa.

> tell Snoll about thief. thank Snoll.

> n.

At the End of the Path

You must have learned about the invisible bridge from Snoll before you can interact with it.

> x pipe. x tile. touch bridge.

> put pollen on bridge. (Now you can see it. You cross.)

On the Beach

> x cattails. e.

You trip and lose the jewel! Then you hear a snicker.

By the Giant Gnome Statue

> x goblin. x statue. s.

A Bend in the Path

> x caterpillars. x tall mushroom. x squat mushroom.

> take squat. (Too unwieldy, but it's now on its edge, like a wheel.)

> push squat north.

By the Giant Gnome Statue

> get on squat. jump.

You retrieve the jewel and head south.

A Bend in the Path

You will no longer be willing to backtrack your steps.

> x jewel. e.

Outside the Palace

> x chipmunk. x palace.

> tell chipmunk about jewel.

She lets you enter and guides you up and into the throne room.

Inside the Palace

CAUTION: There seems to be a bug where you sometimes can't give the jewel, prefering to keep it in the sling. I don't know how to reproduce this error, so I can't tell you which action is problematic.

> save.

> x prince. x throne. x rainbows.

> give jewel to prince.

The prince reveals that he was the "thief" and he was testing you. He needs good folk to guard the people against a coming darkness.

*** You have won ***





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