Key & Compass presents:
Mhairie Sioux Escrivain and the Dracula of Hogwarts
by Roger Carbol

Mhairie Sioux Escrivain and the Dracula of Hogwarts is a Z-machine interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Roger Carbol (as "M Grablowsky"). It was a participant in The Neinth annual New Year's Minicomp.

In this short story set in the Harry Potter universe, you play as Mhairie Sioux Escrivain, a normal girl living a normal life in North Dakota who becomes an exchange student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England! Your animagus mother, unicorn father, and telepathic fairie-dragon familiar didn't prepare you for anything like this!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.


(choose date) QuidditchPitch sit at [any house] Great HallofHogwarts Clearingin theForbiddenForest Great HallYule Ball The Girls'Bathroom The StubbyHallway


Great Hall of Hogwarts

> x Harry. x Draco. x Albus. x stage. x hat.

> x me. i. x wand. x Shadowcat. x robes.

> get on stage. wear hat.

You start a conversation with the Hat. Choose whatever responses you like; the end result will be the same.

> 1or2or3.

> 1or2or3.

> 1or2or3.

> 1or2or3. (You're sorted into Gryffindor!)

> 1or2or3. (Except...)

> 1or2or3. (You are also a member of every other House.)

> stand.

> sit at Gryffindororsit at Slytherinorsit at Ravenclaworsit at Hufflepuff.

Later in the school year...

Clearing in the Forbidden Forest

> x Hagrid. x trees. x bowtruckle.

> x unicorn. pet unicorn.

Both Harry and Draco ask you to the Yule Ball. If you choose 3, you're dating both of them!

> 1or2or3.

Great Hall Yule Ball

> x students. x robes.

> s. w.

The Girls' Bathroom

> wave wand. e. n.

Great Hall Yule Ball

The hall is deserted. Shadowcat tells you to rescue everyone.

> z. s.

Quidditch Pitch

> x figure. (It's Dracula!)

> z. (He starts sucking your blood!)

> 1or2or3. (Dracula suddenly stops on his own.)

> z.

Dracula sees the error of his ways, tells you to kiss everyone to free them, and flies off.

*** You have defeated the Dracula and saved Hogwarts ***

Y'know, if I was writing this story, I'd sit at the head table, take the unicorn to the Yule Ball as my date, sneak into the boys' bathroom, and finally, bite Dracula and become Queen of the Vampires and rule Hogwarts by myself. I'd keep all that kissing at the end, though. That part's fine.





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