Key & Compass presents:
Meeting Robb Sherwin
by Jizaboz

Meeting Robb Sherwin is a Z-machine interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Jizaboz. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it took 71st place.

In this lightweight on-the-rails story, you play as a guy traveling to Denver, Colorado to attend the wedding of Robb Sherwin, a friend you know online but have yet to actually meet in person. Another friend, Jack "Jonathan" Flack, will also be there, and you're looking forward to seeing him again too.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.


call Robb (two turns later) Platform Train UnionStation HotelLobby Pure YourRoom ParkingLot ParkAvenueBridge HipsterDraftHouse Downtown TheWedding call Flack



> x me. x pants. x shoes.

> i. x wallet. open it. x card. x license. x phone.

> x people. x booth. x kiosk. push square.

> insert card in kiosk. take card and ticket.

> x ticket. put card in wallet.

> x train. e.


> x passengers. x window.

A uniformed man asks to see your ticket. (If you didn't buy a ticket, he scans your drivers license and you expect you'll receive a fine in the mail.) Twenty minutes later, you arrive at...

Union Station

You're prompted to "call Robb".

> x kids. x spouts. call Robb.

A man in a black SUV drives you to...

Parking Lot

> x pool. x table. x trashcan. x fence. read sign.

> ne.

Hotel Lobby

The receptionist gives you a keycard.

> x receptionist. x keycard. ("302")

> sw.

Parking Lot

> unlock door with keycard. w.

Your Room

You rest on a bed, then your friend Jack "Jonathan" Flack calls, inviting you to the Hipster Draft House. You say you'll walk there.

> e. e.

Park Avenue Bridge

> x mountains. x building. x sign.

> ne.


> x merchant. x counter.

> give license to merchant.

You buy some products from a man in the next room and return to...

Park Avenue Bridge

> i. put license in wallet. x stash.

> s.


> x graffiti. x people.

> w.

Hipster Draft House

> x Flack. ask Flack about beer.

> take beer.

Some weird guy named John bothers you.

> smoke stash.

Robb Sherwin arrives!

> x Robb. ask Robb about tomorrow.

> take beer. z. z.

Everyone goes back to Robb's house. It's crowded, so you spend most of your time on the back porch. A friend drives you back to the hotel.

Your Room

It's now the next day and you need to take a shower.

> take shower. (No soap!)

> e. ne.

Hotel Lobby

> ask receptionist about soap. x soap.

> sw. w.

Your Room

> take shower. call Flack.

Flack and his wife finally pick you up, and now it's...

The Wedding

> x Jason.

You're prompted to ask Jason about Durham.

> ask Jason about Durham.

> x pond. x cake. x pizza. z.

Robb and his bride get married. Where's Flack for your ride back to the hotel?

> x Flack. z.

If you talked to Jason, you'll get one more visit to Robb's place to play arcade games and meet Frobozz the cat.

*** The End ***




The response to CREDITS:

Meeting Robb Sherwin

A slice of life created by Jizaboz.

Play testers:

Robb Sherwin, Jonathan Blask, Chris Wardell



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