Key & Compass presents:
Mean Mother Trucker
by Bitter Karella

Mean Mother Trucker is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2021 by Bitter Karella. It was an entry in the Main Festival of Spring Thing 2021 where it was awarded three Audience Choice ribbons: Funniest, Best LGBT Characters, and Best Classic Puzzlefest.

In this comedic classic puzzlefest, you play as "Big Ester" Gruberman, a mean mother trucker. You've parked your truck in Desecration, Nevada, the last stop north of The Devil's Taint, an infamous highway that snakes through the treacherous Spiketop Mountains. But before you make that dangerous run, there's someone here you need to see.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Lounge Back Lot Conveni-ence Store Diner Garage ServiceStation GasStation ParkingLot 18-WheelerSquealer (to womensroom) in out (to mensroom)


Parking Lot

> x me. (You're "Big Ester" Gruberman.)

> x tank top. x jeans. x cap.

> x hitchhiker. x jacket. x knapsack. x cars.

> talk to hitchhiker. ask hitchhiker about cop.

Note that the cop's boss's name is Sgt. Kowalski.

> ask hitchhiker about diner. ask hitchhiker about waitress.

> n.

Last Chance Diner

> x waitress. (You'd rather Flo talk to you, not the cop.)

> x cop. x radio.

> x cook. x diners. x counter.

> x menu. ask Flo about coffee. (She can't leave the cop.)

> x gumball machine. (A gumball costs a quarter.)

> x cigarette machine. (A pack costs a fiver, but maybe shove the machine?)

> shove cigarette. take pack.

> ask cook about cop. (He has no time for chatting.)

> n.

Back Lot

> x stick. take it.

> x tree. x trash.

> e. (Don't need to go.)

> w. (Uh, no.)

> s. s. w.

Last Chance Gas Station

> x lizard. x lollipop. x pumps.

> x armadillo. x gang.

> talk to lizard. (Her name is Back Row Brenda.)

> talk to gang. (They found religion.)

> n.

Last Chance Convenience Store

> x cashier. x turban. x magazine.

> x cooler. open cooler.

> x beer. x nightcrawlers. x soda. close cooler.

> x rack. x jackelope. x foot. (A good luck charm.)

> take foot. (Not with the cashier right there.)

You can ask the cashier about the magazine, the cook, Flo, Brenda, and his turban, but the important topics here are the cop and the biker gang.

> ask cashier about cop. (Cop's name is Grumbowski.)

> ask cashier about biker gang. (They stopped buying the skin mags!)

> n.


> x chairs. x game. x coin return. take quarter. x it.

> x soda machine.

> s. s. w.

Last Chance Service Station

> x dog. x oil stains. x door.

> w. (Can't while the dog is in the way.)

> e.

Last Chance Gas Station

> ask lizard about dog.

> ask lizard about biker gang. (She won't bend over for them now.)

> ask lizard about cashier.

> e. in.

18-Wheeler Squealer

> x seat. x dashboard. x wheel.

> x mirror. (Place to hang a rabbit's foot for luck.)

> x box. open it. x paperwork.

> x pills. take pills.

> x radio. use radio.

Using both the cop's name and his boss's name, you manage to fake a message that should get rid of him.

> out. n.

Last Chance Diner

> talk to Flo. ask for about coffee.

You can ask Flo about many topics, but these may be the most useful:

> ask Flo about herself. (She'll come with you if you can prove you have amazing luck to go over the Devil's Taint.)

> ask Flo about luck. (A good start would be a rabbit foot on the rear view mirror and a St. Christopher statue on the dash.)

> ask Flo about cook. (Roscoe's cooking distracts him from the smokes.)

> ask Flo about Brenda. (She likes sweets.)

> put quarter in gumball machine. (You get a red gumball.)

> give pack to cook. (He drops his spatula on the counter and goes out back for a smoke break.)

> take spatula.

> s. w.

Last Chance Gas Station

> take armadillo. (using the spatula.)

> w.

Last Chance Service Station

> put pills in coffee. (Done.)

> put coffee in roadkill. (Done. It's now a spiked armadillo.)

> give armadillo to dog. (It's very much awake now.)

> throw stick. (It runs east.)

> w.


CAUTION: Don't close the door, or you'll get trapped in here!

> x shelves. x lift.

> x car. open car.

> x bobblehead. take it.

> e. e.

Last Chance Gas Station

> give gumball to lizard. (Try dropping it.)

> drop gumball.

The lizard bends over, and the gang immediately lose their religion, buy skin mags, and drive off.

> n.

Last Chance Convenience Store

> ask cashier about biker gang. (He leaves to restock the rack.)

> take foot.

> s. e. in.

18-Wheeler Squealer

> put bobblehead on dash.

> put foot on mirror.

> out. n.

Last Chance Diner

> talk to Flo. (She says yes, she'll come with you!)

*** The End ***





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