Key & Compass presents:
Martha's Big Date
by Mary Potts

Martha's Big Date is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2008 by Mary Potts.

This game is based on a fanfiction series written for Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. You play as Martha Jeraldine Kent, teenaged daughter of Superman, and you need to get ready for your big date with Troy.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 2.0 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


The Sky TheBathroom YourBedroom YourParents'Room TheHallway The Endof theHallway Lara'sRoom TheBackyard TheSide-Yard Kitchen(or CookingArea) DownstairsBathroom LaundryRoom DiningArea TheLivingRoom SittingRoom d u u (to David'sRoom) (to front of house) d


You're told what you need to do from the very beginning. To prepare for your date with Troy, you need to clean your dress and find your shoes, your hair pick, your makeup, and some jewelry.

Your Bedroom

> take dress. x dress. x stain. smell stain.

> s. s.

Lara's Room

> look in closet. x pile. x shoes. take shoes. (+10)

> n. w.

The Hallway

> listen. w.

Your Parents' Room

> x bed. x blankets. look under bed. x laptop.

> x window. x vanity. x drawers. x hooks. x necklace.

You can't take your mom's necklace without asking her first.

> e. d.

The Living Room

> x sofa. search sofa. take comic. x it.

> read comic. g. g.

> e.

Sitting Room

> x TV. x chairs.

> x recliner. x discoloration. x rocker.

> x red bag. x yellow bag. x blue bag.

> turn on TV. (You hear Dad fly to the rescue.)

> n.

Laundry Room


> x washer. x dryer. x tools.

> x hammer. x wrench. x screwdriver. x saw.

> x box. x bottle. x control. turn on control.

> x magazine. read it.

More important:

> x tube. take it. read it.

> x jar. take it.

> s. w. n.

Downstairs Bathroom

> pour remover on stain. turn on sink.

> put dress in sink. turn off sink.

> dry dress. (+25; using heat vision)

> wear dress. wear shoes.

> s. u. w.

Your Parents' Room

> ask Mom about necklace.

> ask Mom for necklace. (She'll let you borrow it if you get rid of the tabloids guy.)

> e. n.

The Bathroom

> open cabinet. x kit. take kit. (+15)

> s. d. w.

Dining Area

> x table. x tablecloth. x chairs.

> n.

Kitchen (or Cooking Area)

> x roach. take roach. catch roach in jar.

Note: You must be dressed before you'll go into the backyard.

> n.

The Backyard

> x David. x guitar. x pick.

> talk to David. ask David for pick.

> give comic to David. (+20; He takes the comic book and abandons the guitar and hair pick. You take the pick.)

> u.

The Sky

Sorry for the detour, since there's nothing here and you can't go anywhere from here but back down, but at least you've proven that you can fly.

> d. sw.

The Side-Yard

The cockroach leaps at the tabloid reporter's bagged lunch, and the guy freaks out and runs.

> x lunch. x trashcans.

> listen. (Tiffany and her poodles are attacking the reporter.)

> ne. s. s. e. u. w.

Your Parents' Room

> ask Mom for necklace. (+30; she gives it.)

> wear necklace.

> e. e. n.

Your Bedroom

> x mirror.

*** YOU HAVE WON ***



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Martha's Big Date by Mary Potts


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The response to SCORE is:

In several moves, you have scored your-score points.

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In several moves, you have scored your-score points. Your score consists of:

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