Key & Compass presents:
Man Overboard!!!
by TonyB

Man Overboard!!! is an ADRIFT 4 work of interactive fiction and is © 2006 by TonyB. This game was entered in the ADRIFT Writing Challenges Comp where it took 4th place.

You play as Captain Jean Luc-Warm of the Royal Navy cargo ship, the HMS Challenged. Because your first mission is a total cock-up and your crew are all idiots, you plan to abandon ship and go home to Piddlington on Sea and set up an online lingerie store.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


d u d u d u Crowsnest Ship'sHelm Walkingthe plank Ship'sdeck FirstMate'sQuarters Dormitory Corridor Kitchen CaptainsQuarters CargoHold

Captains Quarters

The intro should clue you in that this will be a very silly game. Half of the items on the ship will be of no practical use at all.

> i. x hat. wear hat.

> x bed.

> x cupboard. open it. take all from cupboard.

> x beard. wear beard. x log. read log.

> x poster. take poster. (Can't; leave it.)

> x window.

> n.


> x puddle. n.

First Mate's Quarters

Unfortunately, "calendar" is misspelled.

> x calender. x pin. x bed.

> x drawers. open drawers. (locked.)

> s. w.


If you give the chocolate to Chef, he eats it.

> x chef. x hamburger. ask chef about hamburger.

> x wardrobe. open it. x chocolate. take it.

> x bulb. take it. (You're not tall enough.)

> x rubbish.

> e. e.


> x table. x map. (You automatically take it.)

> x pantry. open it. (It's stuck.)

> look under pantry. (You get a tin opener; the mouse emerges.)

> x mouse. x opener.

> x radio. listen to radio.

> w. d.

Cargo Hold

> x boxes. open boxes.

> x silver key. take it.

> x first mate. x bottle. take bottle. (Can't; forget it.)

> u. n.

First Mate's Quarters

Bug: "unlock drawers with key" claims the drawers aren't locked.

Also, "take all from drawers" won't work unless you've seen what's inside.

> open drawers (using the key).

> look in drawers. take all from drawers.

> x boat. x handcuffs.

> s. u.

Ship's deck

> x container. open it. read note. ("IOU one life raft")

> x bob. ask bob about bob.

> x sun. x sea.

> n.

Ship's Helm

Even though you're the captain, you don't know how to use your own ship.

> x wheel. x poo. x instrument.

> s. u.

Crows nest

If you try taking the flag, you instead fall onto the deck below.

> x rigging. x mast. x flag.

> x toolbox. open it. x crowbar. take crowbar.

> d. d. e.


> open pantry (using crowbar).

> take all from pantry.

> x red bull. x foot pump.

> w. u. w.

Walking the plank....

> x plank. x shark. ask shark about shark. (Seriously, try it.)

There's two ways to win, either with the rubber boat or with the can of Red Bull. You'll need the map for either option.

The rubber boat option:

> inflate boat (with the pump). (Note that the boat is now called a raft.)

> x raft.

> w. (You toss the raft into the sea and jump into it and paddle home, using the map.)

*** [Press any key to end] ***

The Red Bull option (works from any location):

> drink red bull (using the tin opener). (Red Bull gives you wings. You fly home, using the map.)

*** [Press any key to end] ***

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