Key & Compass presents:
by Geoff Fortytwo

Magic is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2008 by Geoff Fortytwo. It was an entry in IF Comp 2008 where it took 14th place.

In this odd game, you play as a magician-for-hire the day after a bad gig and a night in the rain. You find your top hat and flip its catch to release Rupert, your rabbit, who immediately attacks you like a demon and starts a reign of terror. You also find a Meta trick that lets you COMPARE things to other things to transform them.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1.01 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Cellar Broomcloset Kid'sHome MagicShop BackRoom OutsideKid'sHome OutsideMagicShop Alley MagicShopRoof ArmySurplusStore Hallway Entryway DowntownLapinsburg Pet Shop Inter-rogationRoom ControlRoom ParkNorth Chapel ParkCenter ParkEast TentCommunity flip catch u n d d u u


Alley (lying in the dumpster)

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x dumpster. out.

> x pipe. x rain. x mud.

> w.

Outside Magic Shop

> take envelope. x it. open it.

> x trick. (+1)

> read letter.

> look through window.

> x door. read inscription.

> w.

Outside Kid's Home

> take hat. x it.

> flip catch. (Rupert the Rabbit attacks you and hops away.)

> take hat. wear it.

> n.

Kid's Home

> take instructions. x it. (It's for mixed drinks.)

> w.

Broom closet

> take screw. x it.

> take mothballs. x it.

> x coats. x hooks. x shelf.

> e. s. e.

Outside Magic Shop

> knock on door.

The tall man takes you into the back room, bandages you, gives you a bean and orange juice.

Back Room

CAUTION: Don't eat the bean. You need it later.

> x bandages. x bean. x juice.

> x chair. x rug. look under rug.

> x hatch. open hatch. (It's locked.)

> w.

The guard escorts you out, but he screams moments after the door locks.

Outside Magic Shop

> e.


> compare pipe to bean. (It's now a bean stalk.)

> u. (+1)

Magic Shop Roof

> n.

Magic Shop

> x body. search body. x mess.

> take cards. x it.

> x trunk. open it. look in it. x wood.

> sw. s.

Downtown Lapinsburg

> w.


> x carpet. x tracks. s.

Control Room

> x board. x left switch. (off) x right switch. (off)

> x left label. (interrogation) x right label. (hallway)

> x red lights. x green lights.

> turn on right switch. (The hallway is now lit.)

> n. w.


> x door. s. (It's locked.)

> e. s.

Control Room

For some reason, you can only have either the hallway lit, or the interrogation room lit, but not both.

> turn off right switch.

> turn on left switch.

Rupert attacks you again (he was on a shelf), the window is broken, and you're bleeding again. CAUTION: If you didn't get patched up earlier, this second attack is fatal.

> x shelf. x window. w.

Interrogation Room

> x clear. take it. smell clear. (alcohol)

> mix clear with orange. (+1; screwdriver)

> x mime. get lamp.

> e. n. e. s.

Park North

> x trees. x path. se.

Park East

> x ascetic. a himself. a chapel. a me.

> n.


The acolyte fixes you up, but sends you away when he learns a rabbit attacked you.

Park East

Yeah... we weren't done there.

> n.


> x tapestries. x rug. x pews. x table.

> x plate. x berries. x coin. x acolyte. x silly hat.

> a bunnies. a tapestries. a plate. a berries.

> a acolyte. a ascetic.

> s. e.

Tent Community

> x tents. x transient.

> a tent. a berries. a chapel.

> compare me to transient. (You now look like him.)

By the way, when you transform to someone else, your old inventory disappears. Your stuff will return when you transform back.

> x me.

> w. n.


The acolyte gives the berries to you when you enter as a transient.

> x berries. taste berries.

> s. nw. n. e.

Pet Shop

> x wheel. x hamster. x table.

> show berries to hamster. put berries on table.

The hamster starts running madly.

> x hamster. (The straw has not yet caught fire.)

> meta me. (You and your stuff are back.)

> x rabbits.

> w. nw.

Army Surplus Store

> x grenade. x pin. x pedestal. x Ock. x bat.

> ask Ock about grenade. (Destroy the pet shop and she'll lower the price.)

> se. e.

Pet Shop

> x wheel. x cylinder. x bolt.

> turn bolt. compare bolt to screw.

> turn brass screw. (Need a tool.)

> compare screwdriver to screw. (It's now a Philips screwdriver.)

It's quite difficult to guess the verb here. Surely SCREW or TURN should have been acceptable?

> tighten wheel. (The room is on fire!)

> open hamster cage. (+1)

> w. nw.

Army Surplus Store

> a pet shop. (Ock reduces the grenade price to one gold coin.)

> se.

Downtown Lapinsburg

You can light things with the burning rubble. Cards will burn for four turns before burning up.

Are you suspicious about that trunk in the magic shop and if something can be seen inside it only when you're inside it and it's closed? No? Well, you should be.

I'm assuming you left the magic shop door open, and you also left the trunk open.

> light two of clubs with rubble.

> n. ne. enter trunk.

Magic Shop

> light three of clubs with two of clubs.

> close trunk. look. flip catch. (+1)


> light four of clubs with three of clubs.

> u. d. (To get the trapdoor open and external light in here.)

> take coin. x coin. x mattress.

Head back to the chapel:

> u. w. sw. s. s. se. n.


> put tin coin in plate. (The acolyte fetches the priest.)

> x priest. talk to priest.

> a bunnies. a priest. a acolyte. a ascetic.

> a hat. a mothballs. (Rabbits are allergic to them!)

> compare me to priest. s.

Park East

The ascetic now follows you, thinking you're another priest.

> e.

Rabbits are destroying the tents! You flee back to Park East.

> nw.

Park North

The wind rips the funny priest hat from your head. No big loss.

> n. nw.

Army Surplus Store

Rupert attacks a third time, but Auntie Ock bats him away.

> meta me. (You're yourself again.)

> compare Ock to ascetic. (She becomes an ascetic!)

> x Ock. ask Ock about grenade.

> take grenade. (+1)

> se. s. se.

Park East

Rupert enters the chapel.

> n.


The priest and acolyte tend to Rupert's injuries. You are pushed out. You are no longer welcome in the chapel.

Park East

Hiding, you see Rupert leave the chapel, head east, and then dozens of rabbits follow him down a new path, west.

> e.

Tent Community

> x body. x tents. w. w.

Park Center

> x trees. x hole. x eyes.

> put mothballs on grenade. (+1)

> pull pin. z. z. put grenade in hole. (+1)

*** Congratulations, you have survived the scourge. ***







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This game was written by Geoff Fortytwo.

Many thanks go out to my beta testers!

Thank you also the great people on R.A.I.F who give me help with TADS3 whenever I need it. Thanks!



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